(Clearwisdom.net) On May 29, 2004, Taiwan legislator Lu Xiuyan hosted "Do something for Moms - Compassion Community Fair" on Jingguolinyuan Avenue in Taichung City. From a children's drawing contest to a model mom's award ceremony, from a charity bazaar and free medical consultation to talent performances by various groups, the event was very lively and attracted many people from the greater Taichung area.

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Practitioners performing the dance "The Light of Fa from Heaven"
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People absorbed in performances
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Audiences taking Falun Gong materials

Falun Gong practitioners in central Taiwan composed several musical pieces and created dancing programs to present at this event,. They were scheduled to perform after 2:00 p.m., when the event was near its conclusion. People were beginning to leave by this time.

However, as soon as the first dance "The Light of Fa from Heaven"--an exquisite performance depicting heavenly beauties--started, the crowd came back. Many people in the audience had their children with them, and were watching with much interest. The young Falun Gong practitioners' performance, "Heavenly Kids Dance," also attracted much attention from the audience. Falun Gong practitioners concluded their performance by singing a lively song together.

A young father commented that Falun Gong practitioners' performances were very refreshing. The performance gave people a peaceful and serene feeling. All the materials quickly ran out.

Falun Gong practitioners said that in view of the fact that many contemporary performing arts have been distorted so much and thus can't present to people the true beauty of the art form, they composed this elegant music and dance of traditional flavor. Falun Gong practitioners believe that beautiful arts can improve the human heart.

Dr. Lin participated in the free medical consultation. She also recommended Falun Gong to the crowd. She said that one must temper one's mind nature in order to obtain true health. As Falun Gong emphasizes cultivation of mind nature, it can indeed help people to achieve ultimate mental and physical health.

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