Searching in the sea of people,

Waiting for years

All of you, the other part of our predestined connections

Are the biggest concern of our hearts


Using our limbs and bodies to show you the unbearable suffering,

Using our hearts to tell you of the tremendous tribulation

With the deepest call from our hearts

We created this unusual connection between us.


Faces with grief and indignation

Tears bursting with sorrow and woe

Eyes filled with boundless sympathy

We see the true thoughts embedded in your heart for so long


Remember this: you have witnessed this moment.

Treasure it, it is your opportunity for the future

We wish you a bright future,

The choice of your precious conscience.


[Editors note: Photos show spectators' genuine sorrow and grief upon seeing the exhibit of torture methods used by Jiang's group against Falun Gong practitioners in China.]