(Clearwisdom.net) During the appeal to bring Jiang to justice that took place in Chicago this past week, I realized that all kinds of evil elements, close and numerous, layer upon layer, were mingling together and gathering like a spider web in Chicago. I saw that sentient beings in many cosmic systems of the colossal firmaments were sending out the thought, "Bring Jiang to justice." They are eliminating relevant evil beings, degenerated things and impure elements in their own cosmic system. With the eradication of evil elements in large quantity, their cosmic systems are becoming more beautiful and pure, shining with boundless radiance.

The evil elements tried to divert the attention of those practitioners who attended the Fa Conference with trivial things. They also tried to wear down practitioners' righteous thoughts by means of making them feel tired or sleepy. As for practitioners, especially those in China, who did not go to the Fa Conference in Chicago, the evil elements tried to get them to ignore sending forth righteous thoughts and to not attach importance to the event of "Bringing Jiang to Justice."

To be more accurate, many beings did not realize that "Bringing Jiang to Justice" is once again an opportunity for all practitioners to participate in Fa-rectification as a whole body. Consequently, they were taken advantage of by the evil elements.

Speaking from the perspective of everyday people, Jiang usurps state power and kills his own people. As part of the Chinese nation, every Chinese person should judge Jiang in his or her own court of morality and conscience. As a practitioner, the part that has been cultivated well (the divine side) is eliminating evil elements in other dimensions. The part that hasn't been cultivated well enough yet (the human side) should also do so, from the heart, with righteous thoughts so that powerful righteous thoughts form a field of justice throughout the human world. When positive elements fill the whole cosmos, the evil elements will naturally disintegrate.

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