(Clearwisdom.net) In the weeks leading up to the Sixth Human Rights Conference of the United Nations in Geneva, the Jiutai City Forced Labor Camp put on a show of so-called humane management. In fact, the forced labor camp inhumanely persecutes Falun Dafa practitioners. They deny their release once their sentences have been served, prolong the sentences without reason, and so on. The practitioners continue to write letters to the camp leadership, clarifying the facts, as well as to expose incidents in the camp that were against the law and regulations on human rights.

The camp officials didn't stop after their misdeeds were exposed. Instead, they claimed that the discussions held amongst practitioners and the facts they presented were attempts to stir up trouble. The officials claimed that the call for the protection of basic human rights, the other actions taken by the Dafa practitioners, and everything that they assessed as not being in line with their demands, were considered as rebelling against the rules and regulations and that the Dafa practitioners were taking advantage of, and trying to bully, a weak administration.

Between April 26 and May 26, 2004, the Forced Labor Camp engaged in a so-called reorganization. In reality, actions were taken to continue the suppression and extend the persecution to a higher level. During the reorganization, individual police officers took the opportunity to escalate the persecution. For example, meditation was banned, no one was allowed to close their eyes, no one was allowed to have any conversation, even hunger strikes were banned, and so on. Anyone not conforming to the rules was subject to "severe disciplinary action," or immediately sent to solitary confinement for immediate persecution.

The following are a few examples of the persecution suffered by Dafa practitioners at the Jiutai City Forced Labor Camp Agriculture Division. The Agriculture Division directed police officers Gao Ke, Feng Wei and Zhao Fengshan to employ the most despicable means. They were ordered to incite non-Falun Dafa detainees, Wang Shuyu, Wang Baojun, Mao Xindong, Tian Dejun and other depraved inmates to immediately assault, intimidate, and threaten Dafa practitioners when there were no other people around to watch. The police officers took "severe disciplinary action" against Dafa practitioner Jin Junjie. Jin had his detention extended illegally, during the "discipline reorganization" period. Under the instigation of the police officers, Wang Baojun and others abused and assaulted him, deprived him of sleep, and did not allow him to go to the toilet. When the police officers considered that someone was likely to incite others, they, as well as the steadfast Dafa practitioners, would be transferred to other locations. Internally, they would lie to others that these people had been sentenced to seven or eight years in prison.

The police officer Wang Dawei often savagely assaulted Dafa practitioners. In May 2003, during the so-called forced transformation, many detainees were severely beaten up by him.

Jilin City Dafa practitioner Wang Zhongfu had his arm fractured during the assault. When Wang Xifeng reported for duty and reported his number incorrectly, he was severely beaten up by two non-Falun Dafa detainees. Wang Dawei violently kicked the head of Wang Xifeng more than ten times, severely injuring his head and face.

Police officer Li Xiaofei, an instructor, was most savage in his assaults on Dafa practitioners. Whenever he opened his mouth, he abused Dafa practitioners. Whenever he lifted his hand, he beat up Dafa practitioners. Once, when Jin Fengxue dropped some radish seedlings, Li Xiaofei immediately threw him to the ground. Jin Fengxue's face was beaten out of shape and his mouth was badly swollen. The police officer Feng Wei instructed the non Falun Dafa detainees to keep practitioners from falling asleep. In front of everyone he hypocritically announced: "No one is allowed to deprive Dafa practitioners of sleep." But he told the usual detainees: "Do not allow them (meaning the Dafa practitioners) even one minute of sleep."

The Director of the Sanitation Department, Wang, was also extremely evil. One time, when Dafa practitioner Jin Junjie was force fed, Wang actually force-fed Jin with urine. The leader of the Supervision Section, Zheng Hailing, regularly hurled obscene remarks, threats, and intimidating and rude language at Dafa practitioners. The main police officer in charge of "transformation," Gao Ke, claimed himself to be a "high tension wire" and nobody should ever touch him. The usual detainees discipline officers, Tian Dejun and Liu Shengmin stole from Dafa practitioners, "borrowing" money from the practitioners but never repaying them, yet Gao Ke ignored their crimes and protected them by informing the practitioners that action had been instituted against the offenders. But nothing was ever posted on the public information board. In fact, the repeated offences were never investigated or any action taken. The police officers not only persecuted the Dafa practitioners, they did not consider human rights when dealing with the criminal detainees. On top of that, they even made use of them to persecute the Dafa practitioners.

If the police officers were not beating up the Dafa practitioners, they were abusing them. Police officer Gao Chunbo would kick and punch the practitioners when they reported for work and he decided that they were not doing their work as required. He would often use willow branches to whip them. The officers of the Agriculture Division were the most cruel in the whole Forced Labor Camp. They consistently forced Dafa practitioners to perform excessive manual labor. The practitioners were forced to be on duty for twelve hours, beginning work at six o'clock in the morning and finishing at six o'clock in the evening. There was no rest period during the morning session. They had to work continuously until noon and were allowed ten minutes for lunch. Frequently, the practitioners could not finish their meals but had to resume work. There was no rest break in the afternoon. The practitioners were forced to work in the rain. There was an occasion when the weather was very cold and everyone was putting on padded clothing, when it began to rain. The practitioners were forced to continue working in the rain. When the rain soaked their clothing, the wind began to blow, and the chill went through to the bone, the practitioners were forced to continue to work. Only the warmth from their bodies dried their clothes. Often, though they were injured, they were required to continue to work. No rest was allowed. After working for the whole day, their bodies were soaked in sweat, but there was not enough time allowed for bathing as they were limited to eight minutes for a rinse and visit to the toilet.

Dafa practitioners were forced to do manual labor daily, but they were not given proper food. It went as far as performing manual labor while starving. They were fed twice daily with unnourishing meals that were practically inedible. During the "May 1" (International Labor Day) holiday period, the practitioners were only provided with two meals of plain cooked rice daily. Yet, they had to perform manual labor. The Forced Labor Camp claimed that the meals had improved, but all that was done was add two slices of meat to the soup. Lunches were eaten in the open fields, and on windy days, the dust churned up by the wind would end up in the food. The containers for the cooked rice were filthy. None of the officials bothered with that, but instead, the inspection of the hygiene of the living quarters was especially stringent, with one or two inspections daily.

At the Jiutai Forced Labor Camp Agriculture Division, referring to the so-called civilized management was, to all intents and purposes, just a whitewash. No human rights were adhered to, laws were non-existent and civility was replaced by brutality, hypocrisy and deceit.