There is a practitioner in Jilin Province whose nickname is Hanmei. In the last few years, because of her determination to validate Dafa, she has been harrassed and arrested by police several times. Every time she spoke to the police, she openly faced them without any complaint or hatred. She told them how wonderful Falun Dafa is and that practitioners are all good people. After all these years of her clarifying the truth to the police who were ordered to arrest her, the police gradually changed their opinion about Dafa. The policemen knew that she was a good person, but the pressure from their superiors forced them to arrest her each time they were ordered to do it.

In 2003, because some practitioners could not bear the persecution they were subjected during interrogations and gave her name to police, she was arrested once again. When police came to arrest her, she calmly clarified the truth to them. Hanmei said: "During the past few years, you are the people who have always arrested me. You all know that I'm a good person, but you still persecute me. Where is your conscience? I know that you did these things because of your jobs, but you should not persecute a good person because you want to keep your job. Even still I will not retaliate or hate you, but I would like to tell you that presently what you have done to Dafa and practitioners is against law and in the future, you will have to pay for these misdeeds. Strictly speaking you did not have any legal grounds to arrest me." The police became quiet and did not know how to answer her question. After a while, a policeman broke the silence and said: "Dear sister, it is because someone reported you. If we did not arrest you, we could not finish our work." Then the police took her to the detention center.

A few days later, she was illegally sentenced to a labor camp and the same police that arrested her were going to take her there. Right before she left the detention center, she bumped into a newly arrested male practitioner that she did not know. Hanmei saw that he did not carry any toiletries or clothing with him and then asked him: "Will your family members come to see you?" The male practitioner replied: "I do not have any relatives." At that time, Hanmei did not think about anything and immediately took half of her money from her pocket and gave it to the young man so he could buy necessary items in the labor camp. The police saw the whole situation, but they did not stop her.

After getting into the car, the police asked Hanmei: "Did you know that man?" Hanmei said that she did not know him. The police asked again: "If you did not know him, why did you give him money?" She said: "As a practitioner, if someone has difficulty, we will help him out." Hanmei continued to say to the police: "Whatever we do, it is for people to know the truth of Dafa. We gave up a lot of things, but it is for more people not to be cheated by the lies." After listening to her, some of the policemen's hearts were touched. Two of the police said: "We do not understand why we are sending such a good person like you to jail."

After arriving at the labor camp, Hanmei continued to clarify the truth to the labor camp police. After physical examination in the labor camp, the labor camp refused to accept her. The whole process took a very long time. When she walked out the front door of the camp, she was surprised to find that the vehicle that brought her was still parked there. When the police saw her coming out, one of the younger of them happily ran to her and took her stuff from her hands and said to her: "We all knew that you would be back." Hanmei said to them: "I thought you already left." The police said: "We have been waiting for you right here and have been silently praying for you, because we believed that you are a very good person and should not be detained in the jail."