(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Ms. Zhou Caixia and I was the former Party Branch Secretary and Director of Jiaozhou City's Rubber Factory. My work performance and popularity were well known among my co-workers.

I learned Falun Dafa [also called Falun Gong] in the spring of 1996. My mind and body was purified and many stubborn conditions such as headaches and other illnesses that often plague women during child-bearing years were lifted. My chronic appendicitis, inflamed gall bladder and other diseases that had bothered me for years were swept away. I truly experienced the joy of life without illness and my body felt light. I felt I had been purified to the bottom of my heart and I really knew what it meant to be a good person, an even better person. I had spoken with the secretary of my office and said to him, "Since practicing Falun Gong, both my mind and body have been purified. Being a good person, being a person who benefits others - what's not good about this? The factory's accounts are correct and honest; you can go and check! I can guarantee there isn't a mistake of even one penny. Why do you want to force me to give up such a wonderful practice that teaches people how to be good?"

The constitution gives every citizen the basic right of appeal. Nevertheless, each time after I appealed, the persecution I was subjected to became even more cruel. Since the beginning of the persecution of Falun Dafa, I had gone to Beijing to appeal. I was escorted back by personnel from the Jiaozhou City Police Department and detained for seven days and nights. The authorities deprived me of sleep during the entire time so they could break me down and force me to say words on TV to renounce Falun Dafa. They mentally tortured me in an agonizing way. In October of the same year (1999) as I was studying the Falun Dafa teachings with others in a group, Zhongyun Police Station personnel abducted me and handcuffed me for four days and nights. Later I was transferred to a place they called the "House of Refuge," a place where Jiaozhou City authorities were using to detain Dafa practitioners from the beginning of the persecution. The location was in a few old and broken-down rooms at a wing of the Nantan Village Committee. In a room less than 120 sq ft., 17 Dafa practitioners were being detained. We all ate and slept there, under extremely crowded conditions. Each one had to pay a daily "fee" of 50 Yuan for living expenses. The food consisted of one small steamed bun and one small piece of salted vegetable. Sometimes drinking water was not provided.

By December 27, 1999, no one was released, until they had 5,000 Yuan extorted from them by the authorities who called it a "fine."

Newspapers and television fabricated even more wild and terrible lies and viciously defamed and attacked Dafa. The authorities unreasonable persecution against Dafa had escalated, but even so, they inspired our determination to appeal and clarify the truth about the persecution to the public. In May 2000, I went to Beijing again to ask for justice for for Master and Dafa, resulting in even more savage persecution. Zhongyun Police Station officers detained me four days and nights and deprived me of sleep. Because I would not renounce my belief in Falun Dafa or give up my cultivation practice, Wang Zhongxiao from the office directed Luo Qingchun to take me against my will to the Jiaozhou City Mental Hospital to be subjected to further torture.

Normally, a hospital is a place of healing, containing doctors who are supposed to be humanitarians that redeem and rescue others. This hospital, however, was a living hell used by Zhang Yuanfu (former Jiaozhou City Committee Secretary), Liu Zuojing (former political and judiciary committee secretary) and others to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. The people at this hospital indiscriminately commit crimes and torture good people. A nurse, without moral constraint screamed, "Give me money! I will even kill people if you tell me to." How could this kind of person deserve to be on the hospital staff! Using medication on a healthy person in an arbitrary manner will poison that person's body or will lead to paralysis or even loss of life, particularly if strong medications for treating mental illnesses are given in abnormally high doses to practitioners who are not mentally ill.

The injections designed for use on mental patients are usually administered only once a month, but the Dafa practitioners were injected with them daily, and some were even continuously injected seven times which had the effect of severely destroying the practitioner's central nervous system and gave them a strange and frightening appearance from the side effects which caused them to lose control of their basic functions such as speaking, and motor coordination.

Jiang Dengfa, the head of the facility, and doctor Yang Chengchao in particular were responsible for many incidents of abusing Dafa practitioners. Several people held Dafa practitioners down and forcedly injected them with drugs. I refused to cooperate with this kind of medical mistreatment and pulled their needles out. Since they used very large-diameter needles for Dafa practitioners, blood spurted from the hole where the needle had been pulled out, spraying onto the ceiling. Administrator Jiang Dengfa used this to terrify and intimidate other Dafa practitioners saying, "Did you see this? The blood on the ceiling came from Zhou Caixia; no one can escape!"

Yang Chengchao beat Dafa practitioner Wang Weihe to the ground then kicked him with his leather boots, dragged him out of the room by his leg into the hallway and dragged him back into the room. He then tied Wang Weihe to a metal bed with his arms and legs stretched out tightly for eleven hours. The medical staff administered drug injections to him throughout the day and night for a total of seven times. This kind of drug makes the person lose consciousness very quickly. Their internal organs are in extreme and unbearable pain. The medical staff has tortured Dafa practitioners with these drug injections causing practitioners eyes to stare, unblinking. Practitioners bodies became completely rigid after receiving these injections and they could not move with their neck vertebrae because it became stiff. Their bodies remained frozen tight in hunched over positions with bent legs. The drugs caused them to be paralyzed in these positions and at night their eyes stayed wide opened during sleep and their fingers were stiff and could not close.

Wang Weihe was tortured so severely that he didn't dare to open his mouth for a long period of time; once he opened his mouth, the saliva would run uncontrollably down to the floor. He could not lift his arms, and could not even pick up a rice bowl. Later, Wang was transferred to the Zhang Jiatun Brainwashing Class. The political and judiciary committee deputy secretary Liu Xuedong threatened him, saying, "If you don't obey, we will send you to the mental hospital again." These vicious authorities use the mental hospital as a place for torturing and terrorizing Dafa practitioners until they agree to renounce their belief.

Jiang Dengfa, the mental hospital facility head, often beat Dafa practitioners. Once head judge Xiao Zhirui from Jiaozhou City's Court practiced the exercises with practitioners. Jiang Dengfa suddenly kicked his back and slapped him violently. When I started to protest this kind of barbaric abuse with a hunger strike, the vicious people maliciously force-fed me. Chief nurse Guo Xiumei and five other people started to insert tubes down my throat. When they pried my mouth open, they smashed down four front teeth (I can't eat easily, even now), both my mouth and nose bled very badly, soaking a big roll of toilet paper. Nearly 40 Dafa practitioners were tortured there by those people.

Zhang Yuanfu, Liu Zuojin and a gang of other people changed the hospital -- they made it from a place of healing into a place to fiendishly torture Dafa practitioners. Using this mental hospital to torture Dafa practitioners by following Jiang's persecution policies against Falun Dafa was the first such example in the nation, and the staff was awarded distinction by the Jiang's regime. This became one of the big "political credits" which gave Zhang Yuanfu his start in Jiaozhou City.

I was tortured in the mental hospital for almost five months. I strongly felt that we were innocent, and we should not be persecuted! This was not where Dafa practitioners should remain. Under Master's protection I walked safely out of that evil place with the power of righteous thoughts. The hospital staff searched for me everywhere and attempted to arrest me. The methods they used were vicious and base.

During the 2001 Chinese New Year I was taking care of my 83-year-old aunt in Qingdao City. Unexpectedly, two hours later after I received a message on my pager; six or seven plainclothes officers broke in, grabbed my belt and tried to make me to go with them. They lied and said that my colleagues wanted to see me, then they took me against my will to the Zhongyun Police Station. Chief Jiang Yansheng used two pairs of handcuffs to cuff my hands and hung me up from a metal cage (specifically made for punishing Dafa practitioners); my feet barely touched the ground. The enforcers didn't allow me to eat or drink and forbid me to use the toilet for three days and three nights. During this cold weather I was forced to relieve myself into my clothing, making me even colder and more uncomfortable. Later, from my family member's request, captain Li Jianxun then allowed me to use the toilet. Eventually the police caught an escaped criminal, but he was cuffed only on one hand and could freely eat, drink, and use the toilet. When Jiang Yansheng got drunk he made things worse, because he verbally abused us and did not conduct himself at all like a police officer.

Ten days and ten nights of being hung in handcuffs made my legs and feet swell. When I was transferred to the Zhang Jiatun Brainwashing Class, as I walked up the stairs I fell suddenly and landed on the stairs on my bottom which broke some ribs. I could not take care of myself for nine days and nights. My family members urgently requested that I be permitted to go to the central hospital for treatment. An examination revealed that I had sustained a lumbar vertebra fracture and my white blood cell count had reached 13,000, three to four times more than a healthy person. After Liu Zuojin found out he came to the hospital and yelled at the doctor, criticizing his treatment of me. After the upstanding doctor protested, Liu Zuojin grudgingly permitted me to be treated for nine days.

Later, I was escorted back to the Zhang Jiatun Brainwashing Class. This was actually a secret prison that Zhang Yuanfu and Liu Zuojin had established. It was known to the outside as "The Study Class." The Chief of the "610 Office," Liu Xuedong, and the assistant chief Wang Qiang (formerly Deputy Chairperson of the Treasure and Political Bureau), were even more debased when torturing practitioners.

Liu Xuedong was an army police officer from Weifang. He cuffed Dafa practitioner Xiao Zhirui on the corner of the bed and slapped him across his face. When he got tired he took a rest and then slapped him again. He didn't stop his brutal behavior until he learned that his wife had come and he was afraid of revealing his true, vicious nature.

Wang Qiang likes to get drunk more than he enjoyed handcuffing and beating practitioners. Later, when my mother died of an illness, under my family's request, the authorities allowed me to pay my last respects to my mother. However, before I could be released the authorities extorted a 10,000 Yuan deposit before they let me see my mother. That deposit has never been returned. After paying my last respects, the authorities immediately escorted me back to detention and continued to torture me.

I was tortured to the point that I could not take care of myself. But I thought, I am not a prisoner! I am merely a cultivator trying to be a good person! I should enjoy the basic rights of a person; but earlier they had even deprived me of this small right to visit a doctor!

In May 2002, the scoundrels extorted 3,000 Yuan again from my family before releasing me home. I endured a lot of gross abuse, mistreatment and torture under this persecution during those two years! Is being a good person a crime? But I suffered this kind of torture. Is this the so-called "Spring Wind and Gentle Showers"? Is this what the government calls "China's best human rights period"?

My husband, also a practitioner, likewise had to endure persecution. He was the former deputy director of the Zhongyun Office Appeals Bureau. Before he returned to civilian jobs he had been honored as a war hero, an airplane pilot who had flown for thirteen years. He had also benefited from Dafa. Before practicing Dafa he had broken a vertebra in his neck from an accident and spent a lot of money to treat it without success. Much of his medical expenses were not reimbursed. After he practiced Dafa, his problem with this vertebra went away. Everyone in the Zhongyun Office knew about this. After I was detained and persecuted for practicing Falun Gong, he was also implicated and persecuted and his salary was stopped.

In order to fabricate some accusations against me and defame me, the former Zhongyun Office Secretary Wang Zhongxiao and Luo Qingchun gathered city and office staff to conduct an audit of the rubber factory. After auditing for a few days - not only were no irregularities or problems discovered, they also saw that the bonus the office had issued me was untouched and was left in the account, making them express great admiration. Wang Zhongxiao said to others many times, "Truly it is worth being a Dafa practitioner! Truly remarkable! If all the officials could be like this, that would be great." This had already spread throughout the office. This again validated that Falun Dafa is good, and that our Master is good. Only such a good Master and Dafa can teach and produce such good disciples.

Wang Zhongxiao and others even expressed such heartfelt thoughts, but because of Jiang Zemin and his levels after levels of secret orders for persecution and the ruling Party's various level's implication policies made for a bad situation. Coupled with the temptation for notoriety, recognition, fame, interest and power, Jiang lost his basic human nature. That is why the persecution of Dafa practitioners had intensified, manifesting in continued arrests of Dafa practitioners. He is bogged down deeper and deeper from his crimes.

The Jiaozhou City Rubber Factory is a privately enterprise. I am the biggest shareholder and the president of the board. During the period that I was incarcerated during the persecution, Wang Zhongxiao, Luo Qingchun, in collusion with retired workers, including Zhang Zhongwen, Pang Baolan, Liu Huazhen, Sun Hongxiang and others, sold off the factory's equipment, inventory, and property that belongs to the entire shareholders' group, and confiscated all the profits. When handling this, they didn't go through the process of holding a shareholder's meeting, a board meeting or any legal procedures; they stole citizens' legal property, having no regard for law. In over four years, I have not received one penny of my salary. The corporate worker, Dafa practitioner Zhuang Zejie, was also sentenced to forced labor and his salary was stopped.