The Chenzhou Military Prison in Hunan Province cruelly tortured Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Li Zhigang from the National University of Defense Technology in Hunan Province.

Mr. Li was detained in a room of over one square meter from the end of November 2003 to mid February 2004. Even in the middle of winter, there was neither a bed nor bedding. He was not allowed to bathe nor change his clothes, and he was not given enough food to eat. It was too cold at night for him to sleep. During the day, he was monitored and forced to do heavy physical work such as carrying manure, etc.

Later, he was again detained in a small cell for fourteen days, from the end of April 2004 to mid-May. This time the room was as again about one square meter in size. Since there was neither faucet nor drainage in the cell, he could not even relieve himself. He was deprived of toilet paper or sanitary bucket in which to relieve himself. The authorities even refused to let him have a plastic bag. The urine discharged in the room could not drain away, as the floor was concave and caused it to form a puddle in the middle. The stench was too terrible to endure in the hot summer. Flies and mosquitoes bit him constantly. Their maggots writhed in the urine on the floor. Having no place to defecate but on the floor, Li Zhizhang tried to hold it. The meals delivered to him in the cell were very dry and hard to swallow and ate very little in order not to have to defecate. As a result, what he had from three meals in one day was hardly the equivalent of one ordinary meal. After fourteen days, he was in a bad physical shape due to this torture. He lost 7.5 kilograms (16.5 lbs) of weight. Fourteen days without defecating caused a serious prolapse of his rectum. Under the circumstance of this serious rectal prolapse and his extremely weak condition, he was still forced to do manual work, which caused him to collapse. On May 14 they transferred him to Jin City Prison, Hunan province. The administrators in the prison gave him assistance to walk in the prison since he could not stand and walk on his own. He has not yet recovered his health.