(Clearwisdom Net) Ms. He Xianggu, 43, is a nurse in the Emergency Room of the Hunan Province Mother and Child Care Hospital. Before learning Falun Dafa [also known as Falun Gong], Ms. He suffered from an insufficient blood supply in her left vertebral artery. She often staggered when walking, felt dizzy, vomited and had to lie down frequently. Despite long term medicinal treatment, she did not recover. At the end of 1997, Ms. He Xianggu fractured the third annular bone in her right ankle. The bone healed abnormally, making it necessary for her to walk with the aid of a crutch, and each step was very painful. In April 1998, Ms. He began practicing Falun Gong. She followed the teachings in the book Zhuan Falun [containing the main teachings of Falun Gong] and upgraded her moral character which allowed her to become a good person. She practiced the Falun Dafa exercises to keep fit. Gradually, she no longer felt dizzy or needed to walk with a crutch. She became completely well.

On July 20, 1999, Jiang began the persecution of over one hundred million Falun Gong practitioners, and Ms. He Xianggu suffered from all kinds of pressure. After serious consideration, Ms. He went to Tiananmen Square to say a just word on behalf of Falun Gong on December 14, 1999.

Ms. He Xianggu was illegally arrested and taken back to Changsha City, Hunan Province, where the police from Changsha City's Jinpenling Police Station sent her to Changsha County and illegally detained her for 15 days. At the end of this term, the Secretary of the Hunan Province Mother and Child Care Hospital, Wu Shifan, supported by the Hunan Province Hygiene Department, personally ordered that Ms. He be forcibly sent to the forth ward of the Hunan Province Mental Hospital. Although, she had no history of mental illness, in the mental hospital, Ms. He was injected with the drug Fluphenazine Long Acting Agent, which made her whole body numb and stiff and she felt weak from head to toe. She became restless and could not sleep. She also felt nauseous and vomited. Ms. He was detained in the mental hospital for two months. During this period, Wu Shifan and other leaders of the Hunan Province Mother and Child Care Hospital often went to the mental hospital to abuse and deride her, and made suggestions to the doctors on how they should abuse her.

After her release from the mental hospital, Ms. He Xianggu continued to be harassed and threatened by the authorities. In 2000, at Wu Shifan's suggestion, some persons of the Hunan Province Mother and Child Care Hospital forced open Ms. He's personal locker and confiscated the book, Zhuan Falun. She was detained again in the mental hospital for more than three months.

On April 13, 2001, Ms. He Xianggu was forced to divorce her husband by the authorities who threatened to implicate him because his wife practiced Falun Gong. The following day, the Hunan Province Mother and Child Care Hospital transferred her to a rest home, where her detention continued. Eight people were assigned to watch her around round the clock, two at a time. During that period, Ms. He was sent to a detention center twice. When she was detained by the hospital, she often suffered from violent abuse and derision. A person named Hu Hui pointed at Ms. He and said maliciously: "The nation should kill such a group of people!" Wu Yilian, the Secretary of Outpatient Department of Hunan Province Mother and Child Care Hospital, shouted: "You still want to stay in the mental hospital, do you?! If you keep insisting on practicing Falun Gong, we'll make you lose your family, son, husband, job, and money!"

In order to resist all of the imposed persecution, Ms. He Xianggu was forced to leave her job at the hospital on June 30, 2001. She moved to Buji Town, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province and washed dishes in a restaurant. At the end of May 2002, she went back to Changsha City to visit her son, and was arrested by the local police and illegally sentenced to one and a half years' forced labor education.

In Zhuzhou City's Baimalong Forced Labor Camp, Ms. He Xianggu went a hunger strike to protest the persecution. She suffered various kinds of abuse, insult, humiliation, forced feeding, and transfusion. The female warden of the Baimalong Forced Labor Camp said: "You are selfish. You only practice Falun Gong for yourself." Ms. He answered: "You also know about cultivation practice. All people know that self cultivation is to pursue goodness and purify oneself. What you are doing is persecuting a person with a heart to be a better person. Isn't it you who are committing a crime?" Ms. He went on a hunger strike for 160 days to protest the abuse she was subjected to. When she was on the verge of death, the detention center informed her family, and she was sent back to her hometown in the evening of November 20, 2002.

In the ten days after Ms. He Xianggu was sent back home, she lost two thirds of her hair; her whole body had edema causing her legs below the knees to become so swollen that the skin was tight. She had diarrhea seven or eight times a day; and was so weak she could only crawl when going uphill. She relied on her righteous belief in Dafa and one month later had her weight back to more than 100 lbs. Her face glowed with health and her family was relieved.

At the Spring Festival of 2003, Ms. He Xianggu went back to her hometown and clarified the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa to the local people. She was taken away again by the Hunan Province You County Gaoshi Village Police Station and detained in the You County Detention Center. She refused all food and water for seven days and then she was released.

On April 18, 2003, after many obstacles, the Hunan Province Mother and Child Care Hospital finally approved her return to the hospital as an employee, but she was forced to sign an agreement and was kept under surveillance. Ms. He Xianggu worked carefully and conscientiously and carried out all items of operation regulations meticulously. She never provoked disputes or conflicts. The director of the Nursing Department asked her to also take care of the department's ambulance and other emergency appliances. Zhang Cixiu, the new secretary of the hospital (Wu Shifan had since retired), did not allow her to practice Falun Gong or tell anyone that it was Falun Gong that made her become so good, under threat of losing her job.

On September 14, 2003, Ms. He went to Sifangping Residential Area in Changsha City to give out flyers that explained the facts about the persecution of Falun Dafa and was arrested. The police station demanded that her work unit pick her up, but her work unit decided to send her to a forced labor camp. On the way to the forced labor camp, the personnel who handled the case were asked to persuade the forced labor camp to take in Ms. He. Zhu Fanglin of the Hunan Province Mother and Child Care Hospital. She shouted: "I do not dare to go to that hell!"

Facing a second round of persecution in the forced labor camp, Ms. He again had to protest with the only means she had and refused both food and water. On the 28th day of her hunger strike, she was tied to a chair with bandages at her wrists, chest, abdomen, upper thighs, and ankles. Two persons pulled her shoulders back and one held her head while the other tightly pinched her nose to force her to open her mouth to breathe. A nurse forcibly pried open her upper and lower teeth and using a tongue clamp in front, opened her mouth and poured in rice soup. The nurse did not take the tongue clamp out until her throat made abnormal sounds and Ms. He almost suffocated. Ms. He then vomited the rice soup. This procedure was repeated for over 40 minutes. During the forced feeding, a young woman captain sat on a table, cursing and shouting at Ms. He. When Ms. He was given a transfusion later that day, her heart became irregular, and she started breathing with difficulty; her face and ears turned black, and she was sent to the emergency room of the Zhuhua Hospital to be resuscitated.

On December 15, 2003, Ms. He Xianggu was sent back home. After she returned home, she went to the Hunan Province Mother and Child Care Hospital three times and requested her job back, but Zhang Cixiu, the Secretary of the hospital, shouted to her: "Get out! Get out fast!" She went to the Appeal Bureau at the Changsha City Kaifu District People's Government to exercise her constitutional right and make an appeal, but she was driven out. She wrote to the governor of Hunan Province, the mayor of Changsha City and the warden of Kaifu District, but did not get any reply.

Just for maintaining her belief and clarifying the truth of the persecution to people, Ms. He Xianggu was persecuted repeatedly for four years: she was sent to a mental hospital twice and forced labor camp twice. This demonstrates Jiang's brutal persecution which has been suffered by thousands upon thousands of Falun practitioners in Mainland China.

Phone numbers of the related personnel who attended the persecution to Ms. He Xianggu:

Country Code: 86; Area Code: 731

Zhang Cixiu: 4332102(Work), 4332368(Home)

Wu Shifan: 4332107(Work), 4332318(Home)

Cao Zhangwei(Dean): 4332101(Work)

Zhu Fanglin (Deputy Director of Office): 4332121(Work)

He Fagen (Head of Security Section): 4332128, 4332317

Wu Yilian: (Former Secretary of Outpatient Department, retired)