(Clearwisdom.net) In April 2002, I was illegally arrested by the local police while explaining the facts about Dafa in public and then was sentenced to forced labor for two years. In the labor camp, the guards and criminals tortured me so brutally that my arms were broken and crippled; my whole body had scars from the electric shocks. Eight months of persecution deformed my body and I was reduced to a skeleton. The staff in the labor camp didn't release me until my health was in critical condition because they didn't want to bear any responsibility if I died under their care.

In order to expose the persecution which was being committed under Jiang's directive, I went to the provincial procuratorate with strong righteous thoughts to file charges against the authorities who were responsible for committing such crimes. I strongly requested the procuratorate to place the case on file for investigation and prosecution, and punish the offenders severely. I also requested that the offenders compensate me for my financial losses as well as my emotional suffering.

Inside the procuratorate, I lifted my clothes to reveal the scars all over my body and my broken arm. I also showed them the X-ray film that was taken at the hospital, especially the film taken after I was beaten fiercely. The person in charge in the procuratorate was astonished upon seeing the evidence. He said with anger, "It is way too cruel. I can imagine the situation even without you having to describe it to me. If one violates the law, he or she should be punished according to the law. How did they dare to beat you? You are not appealing here; you should file charges against them. Take good care of the evidence."

Later, another section chief came in. Upon learning the overall situation of the case, he accepted all my accusatory legal documents without hesitation. There were several other non-practitioner complainants present. They were outraged after they saw the evidence I presented. One of them said, "Once while I was on a business trip in Beijing, personnel from the "610 Office" [1] in Beijing thought that I was a Falun Gong practitioner and they arrested me and beat me. Those policemen are merciless and they beat you barbarously. They have beaten many people to death."

In "Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference," Master told us,

"Have righteous thoughts! However you think something should be handled, just go ahead and do it, and when you run into problems you will naturally know how to solve them. If your righteous thoughts are strong, everything will work out smoothly and it's guaranteed you'll do well."

From this experience, I came to understand that it was indeed so. Only by firmly believing in Dafa and having righteous thoughts can we put down all notions that are for "self" and do things according to Master's teaching unconditionally. The evil will indeed get frightened if we are able to do so.

At that time, we had four Dafa disciples going to the procuratorate and we kept sending forth righteous thoughts on our way as well as inside the procuratorate. When I described the persecution that I had suffered in the labor camp, my fellow practitioners helped add what I forgot to say. We kept sending forth righteous thoughts and my fellow practitioners kept helping me until the complaint was accepted. Everything went very well.

I know that this was only the first step, but I have confidence. With righteous thoughts and righteous actions, and doing everything according to Dafa's requirements, we are bound to do well in every step we take.

From this experience of filing a lawsuit, I realized that it is very important for Dafa disciples to keep the evidence of the persecution, because the judiciary puts most emphasis on evidence. Evidence is most convincing. It is very useful for filing a lawsuit.

I also realized that Dafa disciples who understand law or who are lawyers themselves should help those Dafa disciples who have been persecuted write materials for filing accusations. When we Dafa disciples are writing the materials, our godly side is at work and we carry energy with us. As for non-practitioner lawyers, we need to contact them more. It is a good opportunity to clarify the facts to them. If they are willing to represent us for a certain lawsuit, they will listen to our stories and will ask questions. We will thus be able to help remove the poisonous impact Jiang's slander had on them from their minds, clear away their misunderstanding of and hatred against Dafa. We will also be able to wake up their conscience and righteousness. The lawyers we have clarified facts to will be very powerful when they help us file a lawsuit and can therefore be saved. We must also remember to clarify the truth with wisdom. As long as the lawyers understand that we are striving to be good people and we are being persecuted, they will support us immediately.

Currently, government agencies from all over the country are carrying out the order from the Highest People's Procuratorate and seriously investigating the criminal cases of government personnel's involvement in human rights violations using their authority. My understanding is that nothing is accidental in our human dimension. Everything exists for the Fa and everything is arranged for the Fa. It is the result of cosmic changes in the Fa rectification. All the advantageous environments for Fa rectification are created by Dafa; all of it is an ordered arrangement. Master has expounded on the Fa principles in this respect numerous times.

It is absolutely correct if we validate Dafa using everyday people's procedures and methods when we cultivate in human society. Therefore, as Dafa disciples, we should not adopt a wait-and-see attitude: if others have proven it to be good, I'll do it; if they encounter any problem, I will not do it. This is not one's own cultivation. As long as we are firm in our righteous thoughts, as long as we have studied the Fa well, we ought to do whatever we have enlightened to and we will be able to do it well.

Indeed, there isn't much time left. As Dafa disciples, we must lose no time and make good use of the opportunity Dafa has created for us to bring all persecutors and murderers of Dafa disciples to justice. It plays a major role in stopping the persecution of Dafa and Dafa disciples in Mainland China.