(Clearwisdom.net) In a small city in northern Mainland China, there is a factory manager who has a good attitude towards Falun Dafa, and his factory is operating better and better.

About two or three years ago, this factory was not booming at all, similar to the other enterprises in the nation. The profits were not good, and spirits were low among the workers. They came late and left early. Some did not even come to work. The higher level management wanted to merge the factory with others or sell it out. In this situation, a certain Dafa practitioner (we will refer to him as 'A') did not drift with the current. He did what he supposed to do. He came to work regularly, and was very strict with himself all the time, in every aspect. He did not come late or leave early, always took on the dirty and heavy work and never bargained over his salary.

However, he did gather some opposition among his co-workers, who were upset with the factory. Those co-workers felt that 'A' was foolish. He wouldn't give the manager a hard time like they did. They thought it was alright not to work since they did not get paid enough. However, some co-workers who had a sense of justice, and especially the factory managers, had all silently thought over in their heart about the important role 'A' had played. From their admiration, one could see that they thought workers like 'A' were really the factory's mainstay. They commented, "Those who have learned Falun Dafa are really good."

Practitioner 'A' was later arrested twice by Jiang Zemin's regime as part of the persecution of Falun Dafa. He was sent to a detention center. The factory manager went everywhere, tried everything, and asked others for help by any possible means in order to free 'A' because he had done so well at work and had made such a good impression. The manager even went to the police station and other related official departments for help. When 'A' was still imprisoned, the manager was very worried and got sick. Without even waiting for an intravenous injection in the hospital to finish, he continued to run around trying to find ways to get 'A' out of the detention center, and he did not rest until 'A' was released.

After 'A' got out of the detention center, he returned to work as usual. But due to persecution from local authorities, his duties had been changed, and his monthly salary was dropped from 1,700-1,800 yuan (1) to 200-300 yuan. After several months, 'A' didn't think too much about it, since he took money and wealth lightly. But the manager felt sorry for 'A,' and was afraid that he would leave the factory. So he talked with 'A' several times to comfort him. He urged 'A' over and over again, "You should never give up Dafa. You should surely continue to practice." The factory manager knew in his heart that Falun Dafa is good. He thought that as long as 'A' continues practicing Dafa, he would try to keep 'A' from leaving the factory. The manager often told others, "Everyone who's learned Dafa is good! If every worker in our factory learned Dafa, that would be wonderful! It is a pity that there are only two practitioners here!"

Because 'A' and the other practitioner in the factory often clarify the facts about Dafa, and spread the teachings of Dafa in the factory, and also because the manager highly praises Dafa in public, Dafa truth clarification materials can be sent to everyone in the factory, from the manager to the common workers. No one reports on the practitioners.

Since the manager treats Dafa and the Dafa practitioners well, he has been rewarded with good fortune. While many other factories in the city are not running well, this factory prospers, and the economic profits increase day by day. Customers come to order goods in an endless stream, the workers' wages have all been increased, and the public sentiment is also positive.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the factory manager was not in good health before. He took a lot of medicine, and was known as a "medicine basket" (2). Now he is in great condition, and no longer needs to take so much medicine.

(1) yuan: Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 yuan.

(2) "medicine basket": the term is used to describe someone who takes all kinds of medicine all the time due to illness.