1. Ms. Chen Chuanying is a 60 year old practitioner who lives at Shapu Village, Shijiang Township, Yueyang City. She started to practice Falun Dafa in 1998. In 2001, she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong and was arrested and detained at the Pingjiang Detention Center for 35 days.

In the detention center, when Ms. Chen and other practitioners practiced the exercises, the police officers forced them to stop doing the exercises by using electric batons to shock them. Police officer Chen Meihua also forced them to do push-ups and stand for a long period of time. Ms. Chen suffered and endured many verbal and physical insults and tortures during her detention. Her home was illegally searched and she was fined 5000 yuan (1). Unable to pay the fine, her husband almost committed suicide. Under the constant threat of police officers, the elderly couple asked their friends and relatives to lend them money. The Police have also harassed them at their home and ruined their normal life.

2. Ms. Ou Liuying is 53 years old. In January 2000, she went to appeal in Beijing, but was arrested and detained at the Pingjiang Detention Center for 49 days and extorted 5000 yuan by the Public Security Bureau. In the beginning, her family members were not supportive of her practicing Falun Dafa and frequently stopped her from doing the exercises or reading the books because they believed in Jiang's defamatory propaganda. Still she persevered in clarifying the truth about the persecution and the practice to her family and friends. Now they support her practice.

3. Mr. Ou Shenqiu is in his 60s, and is from the Nanjiang Township, Pingjiang County. On November 6, 2003, the county police brigade arrested him to the county detention center and interrogated him, using threats. They poured cold water on him and he was beaten up by the criminals in jail. The county police brigade tried to force him to write a guarantee letter to quit practicing Falun Gong and defame the practice. They also asked for 8000 yuan from his son-in-law without giving a reason or a receipt.

4. Ms. Zou Siying is 52 years old, and a resident of the Qingchuan Village, Yuping Township, Pingjiang County. She has been practicing Dafa for seven years and has never been deterred when Jiang's regime started persecuting Dafa in July 1999. She has appealed to the Chinese government twice and that has resulted in being sentenced to two years in a forced labor camp where she suffered much. The Yuping Township Police Station paraded her through the streets many times while she was tied up with ropes, and cruelly beat her. After she was released from the labor camp, she continued to clarify the truth of Dafa and expose the persecution to the public.

One morning in October of 2003, the township police officers again illegally searched Ms. Zou's home. They confiscated Dafa articles and truth-clarification materials, and arrested her. That afternoon, they bound her up and paraded her around the entire Qingchuan Township. In the evening, police officers tortured and interrogated her at the station.

Liu Dengke and five other people pressed a wooden chair into her back, and took turns stepping on the chair using all their might. They stopped only when they got tired. Ms. Zou told them, "I am a good person, a practitioner of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." By now, you should know that Falun Dafa is good, and the government is wrong. You will be punished for persecuting good people." Liu replied acidly with, "I'll torture you to death even if I die of karmic retribution tomorrow."

They tortured Ms. Zou until midnight, and then locked her up in an empty room with only a stone bench. It was a cold winter night and she was allowed to only wear two thin shirts. Her body had injuries everywhere. The next morning, the police officers continued their cruel torture; they used a broom to hit her face and said it was to "wash" her face. Then Liu used books to smash Ms. Zou's occipital bone near the eyebrow area. After that, they handcuffed her to take her to the county detention center. When they arrived at the detention center, Ms. Zou could not walk and had to be carried by several people. She was in a horrible state, covered all over with sand and mud. Eight practitioners who were detained at the center were in tears after witnessing the scene. With all her injuries, Ms. Zou's hands were too weak and she could not remove her clothes by herself. But with the help of Dafa and the protection from Teacher, she recovered quickly. She was released in early December of 2003.

5. Ms. Tang Gemei, 49 years old and an employee of the Dajiangdong Power Station, Pingjiang County attained Falun Dafa in October 1997. Since the persecution began in 1999, she has suffered much just because she tells people the truth about the practice and its unjust persecution. In October 2001, Li Sansheng, the Deputy Director of the Power Station, organized people to write slogans to defame Dafa. Ms. Tang went to stop them, but Li called the police from the County Police Brigade and had her arrested. Her home was also searched without a warrant. Ms. Tang was illegally detained at the Pingjiang Detention Center for 37 days. She was in solitary confinement and handcuffed for three consecutive days and nights because she persisted in practicing the Falun Dafa exercises at the detention center. During her solitary confinement, the people at the center also poured cold water over her three times. For her release, her relatives had to pay a fine of 1000 yuan and another 400 yuan for the so-called room and board fee.

In August 2002, she was abducted again. Her home was searched and the door of her house was broken into. At the Police Brigade, officers interrogated her for four days and nights, not allowing her to sleep or sit. Instead, she was forced to kneel down on the hard floor or stand up for a long time. Ms. Tang refused to kneel, so policeman Li Jianzhou beat her brutally with sticks. This time Ms. Tang was detained for close to seven months and was forced to pay a fee of 1000 yuan for room and board before being released on February 27, 2003.

In the evening of November 4, 2003, the Police Brigade, Nanjiang Police Station, and the Nanjiang Township Government ordered several people to search Ms. Tang's home again for the third time. They abducted her to the County Detention Center and detained her for 30 days where she was handcuffed and shackled by police officer Chen Meihuan.

Police officers at the Qingchuan Township, Pingjiang County who are responsible for persecuting Dafa practitioners:

Wang Xunhui: 86-13973023488(Cell), 86-730-6981398G

Wu Yanliang: 86-13807409230(Cell);

Xu Xiangping: 86-13973068488(Cell), 86-730-6981468G

Li Zhanliang: 86-13874046449(Cell), 86-730-6981363G

Yao Jun: 86-13574009195(Cell), 86-730-6288559G

Chen Wenlin: 86-730-6222071, 86-13807409777(Cell);

Liang Songlin: 86-730-6226356.


(1). Yuan: Chinese currency, the monthly salary of a Chinese urban worker is about 500 yuan.