(Clearwisdom.net) When sharing experiences, practitioners often mention that it is relatively difficult to change the attitudes of family members and relatives. I often had the same thought, but now I have a new understanding after helping my father obtain the Fa.

Family members have a great predestined relationship with us. There must be reasons behind such arrangements. Even though I cannot see them, it is our responsibility to help them obtain the Fa and save them. It is very hard, but if we constantly look inside ourselves and elevate our own levels, we will succeed. I realized that when we use our kindness and mercy to save them, Master will do everything for this.

In March this year, my 77 year old father was diagnosed as being at the late stage of liver cancer. He was retaining water and his belly was very bloated. His liver area was hard and painful. His nose often bled and he had difficulty walking. In his condition, any medical treatment was useless. So I decided to bring him into my home from my younger brother's place where he had been staying. Everyone in my household practices Falun Dafa. We had to think carefully about this. First of all, we cannot violate the requirements of Dafa. My father was a terminally ill patient, what should we do to help him? We could let him know that Falun Dafa is good and thus give him a chance to practice in the future. During the last period of his life, he could at least have reduced pain due to the cultivation energy generated in my home.

Since 1996, we asked my father many times to join the practice, but he refused. I know his character really well. Cultivation is a serious decision and many issues require self realization. One must restrain oneself from saying or doing wrong and control oneself. The most important thing is to let him understand the Fa and its principles. It was quite a challenge to my father since his hearing was poor and his sight was fuzzy too. Could he practice cultivation? But he is a kind person and he suffered a lot in his life without complaint. Why was it arranged like this?

Remembering that our Master doesn't give up on us even when we get so terribly lost, we should also try our best with our greatest efforts in order to save people, and save more people. If we can do that, we shall not regret it in the future. So we don't need to worry about the end result.

When we cleared our minds, we started to send forth righteous thoughts towards my father to (1) eliminate all factors in the other dimensions that prevented him from obtaining the Fa and denying the arrangements by the old forces; (2) let the pure part of his mind play a role as well and inspiring his wisdom. After 20 minutes of sending forth righteous thoughts, we sat together with him. All of sudden, he said to himself: "I have to practice, otherwise, it is going to be too late." We were very pleased to hear that and confident that we chose the right path. In the meantime, we deeply felt our Master's grand mercy.

The next day, we began to teach our father to study the Fa and practice. Three of us took turns teaching him. No matter how difficult it was, we didn't stop. In the afternoon of the third day, he said joyfully, "Hey, my belly seems to be softer and not painful any more. Your place is very good." We now had more confidence.

In the following few days, his condition was pretty good. He could walk upstairs and downstairs himself and he could eat much more than before. But then he started to get confused again after a while. He said, "You tricked me with this because you didn't want to spend money on me to go to the hospital. I don't want to stay at your place and I want to go home and go to the hospital to treat my illness." I said to him, "Aren't you better now?" He replied, "Won't it be getting well faster if I also take medicine?"

I clearly felt that this was interference to force me to give up on him. I struggled with what I should do? I had to continue to raise my Xinxing (heart/mind nature) level and treat him with even more kindness and mercy. I sometimes felt that his other side bullied my kindness on purpose and intentionally gave me a hard time. I felt that the biggest obstacle for him to obtain Dafa was exactly the weakest place in me where I needed to improve. For example, I lack patience when I do things and like to finish it the first time from beginning to the end. But when I taught him the practice, I had to correct his every movement many times. When we studied the Fa, I had to pay attention to every sentence because he always read it wrong. Sometimes he even say it in the opposite meaning. When we corrected him one day and he would forget it again the following day. I said at that time that if I taught him to read once through the book and then lead him to listen one more time, them I would be done with him. What he would do afterwards was up to him. My father must have felt what I thought and said, "I need to read the book only once, that is it." My other family members reminded me, "You just want to finish your work. But his life could be destroyed by evil spirits."

Yes, now that we were arranged to be in the same family, no matter whether it is for him to obtain the Fa or for us to improve, Master is giving us the best as long as we elevate our xinxing level. I was not patient enough before, this time I had to be very patient. Not only did I have to teach him the practice, but I had to also let him understand the Fa principles. I needed to tell it to him again and again without running out of patience. How could Dafa disciples be baffled by such difficulties? I wanted to save his life. If I wasn't confident enough, other people would supplement [me]. He constantly came up with new obstacles and our xinxing levels improved as well. We did not give up when we encountered any hardships.

Dafa brought us endless compassion and wisdom. After a dozen days like this, he said, "I always have diarrhea, you must send me to the hospital." Others also agreed that we needed to take him to the hospital to comfort him for the moment. I agreed to take him to the hospital as well. When we arrived at the hospital for ultrasound examination, the doctor still said that his liver was at the late stage of liver cancer. In fact, the cancerous area had become larger than before. It was 65mm x 75mm originally, but now it had become 85mm x 95mm. However, all his symptoms had disappeared.

In the beginning, I used some nutrition products boiled with water and tricked him by telling him it was medicine. Afterwards, he read the explanation booklet and knew that they were not medicines. He became angry and stopped drinking them. I also realized that I should not have handled the matter in this way. I should have let him know that only Dafa could save his life and let him see the power of Dafa. Thus, we got rid of all supplementary methods and just focused on cultivation practice. We increased our time for studying the Falun Dafa teachings and practicing the exercises. A month later, my father's liver cancer symptoms all vanished. One day, he became encouraged after he looked at the mirror and said, "I am getting a little fat, I also look younger now. I even have dark hair growing. I didn't think that my illness could be cured. From now on I have to practice really hard."

Two months have passed, and my father appears to be a very healthy person. He can easily walk up four flights of stairs just like a young person.

The course of my father's change and what we showed during this period has been observed clearly by my sisters, brothers and other relatives and friends. Some of them have already started to learn and practice Falun Dafa now.

June 3, 2004