(Clearwisdom.net) At about 9 a.m. on July 2, 2002, Huang Weiguo, Wang Jiushan, and two other people from the Qiaocheng District Police Department in Haozhou City of Anhui Province, broke into my office. They took me to the Longhua Hotel and tried to force me to confess that it was illegal to talk about Falun Gong and the persecution to others. They continued to persecute my family and me for 6 days and finally sentenced me to 5 years in prison.

I. Persecution methods

1. Denied sleep and change of clothes

From July 2 to 7, I was not allowed to rest for 140 hours continuously. Every minute there were at least two people who kept interrogating me continuously. I did not even have time to blink my eyes in between questions. There was not one minute left for me to think calmly about the questions asked, and it was impossible for me to remember anything that happened or anyone from the past. The police officers were torturing me in order to coerce me into acknowledging things they wanted to force upon me. When they arrested me, I had just returned from a business trip and had not slept for 2 days. I was tired already and after 6 days of torture, I was exhausted and numb. My thoughts stopped flowing and my head felt like it was going to explode. Towards the end, I had no idea what they were saying and what questions were asked. My head was pounding and my eyesight was blurry.

It was very hot in July when I was illegally held in the Longhua Hotel for 6 days. The police officers were taking turns torturing me. Whoever came to the hotel room would turn the air conditioner to the lowest temperature. I was wearing a short-sleeve shirt and a skirt and was not allowed to move around the room. I felt cold all the time, especially during the night. They would not allow me to put on extra clothes. Once when I requested permission to change my underwear, Officer Wu Xianbin said, "No, you only get to change clothes when you confess." One night around 11 o'clock, Wang Jiushan and Wu Xianbin came to the hotel room after they had their meals and complained the room was too hot. They turned up the air conditioning and I was freezing. I asked to cover my legs with a blanket. Wang said no and pulled the blanket I had away. I was shivering the entire night, and I had diarrhea for the next few days.

2. Threatening, humiliating, and slandering

During the 6 days, they told of all kinds of torture means they could use, and threatened, "If you keep on insisting on your right to practice Falun Gong, I will hang you up with your hands cuffed behind the back (1). I have done that to other practitioners, you should experience it too."

Wu Xianbin and Yuan Lei told me many times, "If you keep on insisting on your rights like this, the city has expressed that as long as you don't admit the crimes, your daughter and husband will not be released. You daughter will not be allowed to take exams to be a government official, and you will be sent out of town to be interrogated. You don't have a choice."

Yuan Lei even said, "Even if you don't think for yourself, you have to consider your family members. If you don't do what the government wants, your daughter will not be qualified for the exam this year. Think about the consequences."

When I refused to answer the questions the way they wanted me to, the vice director of the city police department, Ma, put pressure on me by saying it was from the government. Huang Weiguo reprimanded me not for taking care of my family because of Falun Gong. I practice Falun Gong, following the principles of "Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance," and I was living a happy life with my family. These people arrested my entire family and persecuted us and said that I did not take care of my family because of Falun Gong. That was unbelievable, especially of Wang Jiushan, who persecuted good people and was proud of that. He even humiliated me personally.

3. Bribery during the interrogation

When I refused to answer questions the way they wanted me to, they got anxious. Wu Xianbin gave me a few people's depositions and wanted me just to read them outloud. One of the depositions was from Shi Leimin. I refused to do so. Wu called people to interrogate Shi. In the afternoon, Wu got a phone call saying Shi had denied what he had admitted earlier. Wu immediately got upset and asked to interrogate Shi again. Later that afternoon, they called again and said Shi would not change what he had admitted. I could hear the conversation clearly when Wu was talking over his cell phone. I heard Yuan Lei on the other side of the line saying nobody is tougher than iron.

When I heard that, I told them that it was illegal to interrogate using torture. Practitioners are good people and they did not harm anyone or society.

Wu said that it is legal to use torture devices and still wanted me to read Shi's deposition and admit to the crimes accused. Yuan Lei said, "Nobody is forcing you. We've got time. Only your husband is waiting to be released, and your daughter is waiting to be able to take the exams."

4. Persecuting my innocent daughter, who is in high school, and was arrested and threatened

As they were persecuting me, they arrested my husband and threatened my daughter. My husband, Yang Xiqin, worked in the Economy Trade Commission and is an honest person. In order to put pressure on me, they intentionally filed false charges against my husband and put him in detention for 5 days. At the same time they arrested my daughter. The police interrogated and threatened both of them using all means to force them to confess to a crime they did not commit and had no idea of.

My husband was terrified and shocked. Even though it has been a year now, he is still badly traumatized. He dare not and would not bring me things to the prison during the daytime.

The person who interrogated my daughter threatened, terrorized, and verbally abused her. My daughter was trembling and could not stop crying. The person threatened her that she would not be allowed to take the exams. My daughter was traumatized mentally and physically. She cried the whole day after she got home and often woke up from nightmares. She would not eat or drink.

II. Illegal conduct by several officers from the Qiaocheng District Police Department in Haozhou City

1. The "Criminal Law" in China states in Procedure 43 that it is strictly prohibited to obtain evidence through torture methods during interrogations, and to threaten, bribe, or deceive in order to collect evidence.

In the process of persecuting my family, all means used by the police from the Qiaocheng District were illegal.

2. The People's Republic of China, "Criminal Law," states in Procedures 117, 222, and 115 that the public security institutes cannot confiscate a person's savings before the sentencing is announced by the People's Court.

When the officers from the Qiaocheng District Police Department came to confiscate my house properties, they also took away 100,000 yuan (2) of my personal savings. On July 7, they locked me up outside of my hometown and continued to persecute me. At the same time, they tried to take another 45,000 yuan. My husband resisted and requested a receipt and notice of action from them. Yuan Lei from the Division of the National Security of the Qiaocheng District Police Department used his personal title and casually wrote on a piece of paper.

3. When they forcibly took me away from my office on July 2, I had 4,500 yuan cash in my bag. They logged it in the list of objects taken from the office at that time. However, when my husband later asked Wang Jiushan for this amount of money back, Wang told us that it belonged to the police. To date this money has not been returned to my family.

4. Before they confiscated my house property, I had 5,000 yuan in cash and seven Falun buttons in a black bag sitting in a drawer underneath the bed. After they confiscated my house properties, I did not see these items in the bag logged in the list of confiscated objects. My family found only the bag. The money and Falun buttons were gone.

5. In the afternoon of July 7, they sent me to the Henan Province Luyi County Detention Center and locked me up. The Luyi County Detention Center refused to take me because the police did not have the outside-arrest approvals from the Henan Province Police Department and the Haozhou Police Department. Huang Weiguo and Wu Xianbin persuaded the director of the Luyi County Police Department and the Political Security Bureau to have the Luyi County Detention Center take me temporarily by promising to get the paper work done the following day. However, when the Zhoukou District officials examined all the detention centers in the Zhoukou District in December and found no paper work for the outside-arrest approval had been done, they immediately informed the Qiaocheng District Police Department to take me back. When Wu Qianbin and Yuan Lei came to the Luyi County Detention Center to pick me up, they did not want to pay 1,500 yuan for my living expenses there and thus went back to Haozhou City. After they returned to Haozhou City, they asked my husband, Yang Xiqin, to go to the Qiaocheng City Police Department Political Security Bureau. There Wang Jiushan told my husband with a barbaric attitude that I owed 1,500 yuan in medical expenses in Luyi and that must be paid by my family. My husband told them that I was never sick after I practiced Falun Gong and the Luyi County Detention Center never mentioned anything about me being sick. He questioned Wang where the medical expenses came from.

I was sentenced to 5 years in prison illegally. I will not acknowledge the illegal sentencing and imprisonment. I demand to be released immediately!

(1) Hung up with hands cuffed behind the back: With both hands cuffed behind the back, both feet off or only toes touching the ground, one is hung onto the basketball support or house beam with the handcuff. Both hands and arms will soon lose sensory perception. In addition, both hands will go dead from lack of blood circulation.

(2) Yuan: Chinese currency, 500 yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.