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Torture method 14 - Handcuffing and shackling so that the body is forced into a painful position and makes the victim move from one cell to another

Falun Gong practitioners have been brutally tortured in Chinese detention centers, prisons and labor camps (lao gai) because they refuse to give up their beliefs, and peacefully appeal for their most basic human rights. One of the torture methods is to handcuff and shackle practitioners so that their bodies are forced into painful positions, and then make them move from one cell to another, intentionally inflicting even more humiliation and pain.

The policeman said to the woman inmate who helped practitioners to pass around Master Li's articles, "crawl into each cell and tell everybody that you were wrong to pass around Falun Gong articles.

When using this method, the police handcuff a practitioner's hands behind their back. The practitioner is forced to kneel down with both feet shackled. At the same time, they connect the handcuffs and ankle shackles in the shortest possible distance so that the practitioner is unable to move into a different position. This causes enormous pain. This method is insulting and humiliating, inflicting psychological abuse on top of the physical abuse.

In the past, this method was only used on male criminals who committed serious offenses. But now, it is used to torture innocent Falun Gong practitioners, even women.

The guards force practitioners to kneel down and move from one cell to another. By using this humiliating method, they attempt to create a negative image of Falun Gong. According to an earlier Clearwisdom.net report, after learning the truth about Falun Gong, one inmate who had been sentenced to one year in prison (a non-practitioner) came to understand that Falun Gong practitioners are innocent and are being persecuted. She helped practitioners to pass around Master Li's articles. After the wardens found out, they used this method to torture her. She was handcuffed and shackled, forced to kneel down and move from cell #1 to #4 and then again from cell #4 to #1. They opened the door of every cell in order to humiliate her. Some criminals shed tears out of sympathy and they were beaten up by police.

Torture Method 15 - Burying alive

One of the torture methods is to bury practitioners alive.

The police said, "If you die, it will be counted as a suicide."

This method is so heinous that they have to do it at night so that no one will see their crimes. Over half a dozen police officers drag a practitioner to an open rural area. They start a fire for light. Then they dig a hole and push the Falun Gong practitioner into the pit. They shine flashlights directly into the practitioner's eyes so that he cannot see them. They bury the practitioner up to his chest. At the same time, they constantly use electric batons to shock his head. They use this method to threaten and torture him, trying to break his spirit and make him renounce his belief.