June 2, 2004


I was sent to the Dabei Women's Prison of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province in 2003. On the day of my arrival I received inhumane treatment. The prison guard ordered prisoners to threaten me and violently stripped off all of my clothes. They tore the bedding that I had brought into pieces and stole everything I had with me, including several hundred Yuan. I was given only one blanket, a washbasin and two handbags. I was offered no food all day. The treatment received by some other practitioners was even worse. Dabei Prison was divided into 10 sections. All sections used violence, torture, threats and intimidation to persecute Dafa practitioners. The following are some of the crimes they committed.

1. Falun Dafa practitioner Cui Xuejun was tortured with many methods in the 8th section of the prison. The prison guards forced her to write a repentance statement. (In this statement the practitioner is forced to admit remorse for practicing Falun Gong, promising to give up Falun Gong, and never again associate with other practitioners or go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.) She had been tortured by being forced to sit on a small bench, shocked with electric batons, forced to crouch for extended periods of time, forced to sleep on the ground and forbidden to eat, etc. The head of the section was called Gu Yaxing.

2. Practitioner Jin Shunnu, held in the 8th section of the prison, was subject to forced labor every day. Whenever she could not complete her assigned quota she was punished by section head Gu Yaxing and the group head Guo Guijie in their office. They would take off all of her clothes and shock her with electric batons. They intentionally shocked the sensitive parts of her body. They even stuck the electric baton into her mouth to shock her, causing her mouth to swell and making it impossible to eat. She suffered from cruel tortures every day, however, she still persisted in her belief in Dafa.

3. The prison guards used every chance to extort money from Dafa practitioners. They allowed the practitioners to meet with their family members who were then told to deposit money for practitioners with them. However, the deposit was gradually extorted by them under the pretext of the practitioner being fined for "failing to complete the labor quota."

4. Practitioners were purposefully exposed to large numbers of mosquitoes. The biting from the mosquitoes caused the flesh to rot. After charging money from the practitioners, the prison police would send them to the hospital for "treatment," but there was no such thing.

5. One day a Falun Dafa practitioner was called to the office of group head Jiao, where she was shocked with electric batons and slapped in the face for two hours. Criminals were ordered by prison guards to monitor, beat and torture practitioners, for which they would receive a reduction of their sentences. The shocking of the above-mentioned practitioner was administered because she spoke to another practitioner and was reported by a criminal inmate.

6. Falun Dafa practitioners were forced to fill out forms and to be disrespectful of Falun Dafa's Teacher when the superior officers came to inspect the prison. The practitioners who disobeyed the order were shocked with electric batons and tortured with different instruments.

7. One practitioner felt she would rather die than obey an order from the guards. To punish her for not obeying, the guards stuck a piece of paper with words defaming Dafa on her back and forced her to crouch with her head down and her hands cuffed behind her back in plain view of others. At the same time, the guards poured cold water on her and shocked her with electric batons.

8. Some practitioners from the 6th section went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution and were sent to a hospital where they were cruelly beaten and tied to hospital beds for forced-feeding. Lou Yan from the Laocan Group was tortured to death after she went on a hunger strike. After her death was exposed the murderer was "restricted" and his superiors blamed inmates for the murder.

9. Falun Dafa practitioner Han Xuejun had been force fed for quite a long time. Her life savings of several thousand Yuan had been stolen and now her life is in danger. At first the facts of her persecution had been exposed, but then they were blocked again.

On April 11, the police ordered some criminals to disguise themselves as Dafa practitioners. After wrapping their heads, legs and hands with gauze, the police videotaped them and fabricated news to try to deceive the Falun Dafa practitioners. They played the videotape to the practitioners, but the false news did not work.

The stories above are just a small part of the persecution carried out in Dabei Prison, Shenyang City.