(Clearwisdom.net) The perpetrators act in the name of law in carrying out the persecution directed by Jiang's regime, but in fact, it is they who are breaking the law.

The authorities arrested my wife from our home on April 8, 2003. They sent her to a labor camp without following any due process of law to undergo brainwashing. I wrote letters to various government departments in protest. I pointed out in the letters that their arrest and brainwashing of my wife were against the law. I requested that they release her unconditionally. A year later, after writing over 100 letters, I had not received any reply from any of the departments. But the "610 Office" did send many people to threaten me. I wrote letters regarding this matter to several legal experts. I asked them how it was that after more than 20 years of China's so-called "openness and reforms," and after we had shouted the slogan "govern the nation in accordance with the law" for many decades, that we still have the "610 Office" overriding the law like the leaders of Cultural Revolution did? Why is it that the "610 Office" can order the police around and arrest people at will? Why are there brainwashing classes being conducted throughout the nation, much like the mandatory "ideology studies" from the Cultural Revolution era? Is there any place for the law in China?

But not one of the legal experts wrote back. Later, I phoned one of them and he told me that they are just experts, and they can only do research, and I have to contact officials regarding my wife's situation.

Regarding Falun Gong, only those in power are in control. They only talk about politics, not law. Those that talk about law only have laws in their books, but they don't have the power. Thus Jiang's regime persecutes Falun Gong and laws are just tools used by the politicians.

After my wife was sent to labor camp, I went to the law office in city hall and submitted my petition. A month later, city hall overruled it.

Then I took the petition to the area court, but the judge said, "The court doesn't accept Falun Gong problems." I asked them why not, and the judge said that it was because there are documents saying that any claims for Falun Gong are not to be accepted. I said that practitioners are people, and if the practitioners are killed, won't the court accept it? He said, "We are not accepting practitioners' cases, and that's final."

Then I went to the court which the "City Labor Educational Committee" belonged in, and submitted the petition. When they saw that it was a Falun Gong case they said, "Don't come to us, you have to go to the Supreme Court." I said, "This has to be examined in local court because the defendant belongs to this district; who else can I go to if not to you?" They said, "We can't accept any Falun Gong cases unless our higher ups give permission." I said, "If you won't take this case, then give me a written statement that you are not going to accept the case." They said this was not possible. They would not accept it, and there's nothing I could say to change it.

Then I went to the city court and explained that the area court wouldn't take the case, so I had to go to them. Seeing it was a Falun Gong case, the judge that received me said he had to discuss it with the staff. When he came back he said that they would take my prosecution petition, and get back to me after they had discussed it.

Chinese law is being trampled by Jiang's regime. Everyone, not just practitioners, live under the terror of Jiang's brutal policies. Let kindness arise in people hearts and reveal these immoral deeds. Please help the judges and police in China!