May 9, 2004


On April 2, 2004, at 10 a.m., during regular business hours at Beining City's Post Office, in Liaoning Province, Dafa practitioner, Ms. Jin Junli was conducting business in the business hall. At the time, several people led by a policeman broke in and violently arrested Ms. Jin Junli. They grabbed her hair and threw her into a police vehicle without giving any notice to her work unit. It happened so suddenly that Jin Junli, who was busy with her work, didn't even have time to change out of her work uniform. In the process of her abduction, the policemen gave no explanations. Jin Junli was directly taken to the Beining City Detention Center.

The violent behavior of the police caused an uproar within the business community, not to mention the people who were present and witnessed the violent arrest. The policemen didn't officially inform the post office of her arrest until two or three days later.

After kidnapping Jin Junli, the police body-searched her but found nothing except the key to her home. The head and director of the local police station, Cui Zhangang, then privately led several others into her home and ransacked her house without any of her family members present. Before they left they vandalized her home and took away her personal property including a TV set, a VCD player, a digital stereo, a tape recorder, CD disks and all of her Dafa books. They also confiscated all other expensive appliances and left her home almost with nothing inside.

At noon of that day, Jin Junli's husband came home as usual. He was shocked to see the scene before his eyes when he opened the door: The house was a complete mess and many items of value were gone. His first thought was that the family had been robbed. However, after asking others, he learned that his wife had been arrested and everything missing in his home had been taken by the police. Later in the evening, the policeman Cui Zhangang, along with several others raided Jin Junli's storage space.

Ms. Jin Junli is a Falun Gong practitioner who lives her life according to the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. She is a good worker in her work unit and is respected by others. At home she is a good wife and a kind mother. She only wanted to be a better person and treat others according to the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, but now she has been sent to a detention center by police, a place that is supposed contain bad people. She was deprived of her personal freedom and her constitutional right to freedom of belief. In addition, her husband's visiting rights were denied. Her husband was not permitted to visit her while she was detained by police from April 2 to the end of April. Then he learned she was sentenced without any trial to 3 years of forced labor at the notorious Masanjia Labor Camp in Liaoning Province.

After the incident, those policemen involved in persecuting Jin Junli and other Dafa practitioners were given awards. Those who did not receive awards were angry because they thought they had been treated unfairly.

The policemen abuse their power and their authority by making false arrests and persecuting innocent people, abusing public safety, illegally searching a resident's home and stealing private property. Viewing their actions, we ask, "Who on earth is committing a crime?" This is the reality behind the facade of Jiang's claim that this is "the best period of human rights in China."