(Clearwidsom.net) A huge fire, the likes of which had not been seen for years, merged into a sea of flames on May 18, 2004, in Xianghuangsan Village, Youngan Township, Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province. Over a dozen houses were engulfed in flames. An old lady, crying and feeling totally hopeless, realized that her house was in middle of the flames. There was nothing she could do to save her house. All of a sudden she recalled a Falun Gong flyer that had been posted on her door not long ago, telling the following story:

"A boat, sailing on the ocean, encountered a level twelve typhoon. People on the boat were in danger. A tragedy could happen anytime and everyone was in fear. The captain ordered to abandon ship when necessary. One sailor sincerely shouted out, "Falun Gong is good!" A miracle happened - the wind gradually subsided."

When the old lady thought about this, she knelt on the ground and shouted, "Falun Gong is good!" Soon, her whole family joined her. After the firefighters had put out the fire it became obvious that all her neighbors' houses were gone. The firewood near her house was gone, but her house remained untouched! People in the village were shocked by this miracle saying, "Falun Gong is good!"

This is a true story that has just happened. The power of Falun Gong made everyone in the village believe that "Falun Gong is good!"

My Friend Experienced the Power of Falun Gong

By a Dafa practitioner from Toronto, Canada

In November 2003 I called a friend in China. I had not contacted her for over six years. She and I talked about economic circumstances and living conditions in China. When we brought up the subject of her suffering from an illness, I told her my Falun Gong cultivation experience. She said that that she felt good hearing from me and asked me to call her more often.

She had been suffering from back pain, had partially lost the feeling in her hands and had been seeking medical help, but there was no cure. I told her, "Falun Dafa practitioners cultivate Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. Dafa is the law of the universe. We must assimilate to the Fa. If you could remember that, "Falun Dafa is a righteous Way," you will have a good future." Listing to what I was saying, she asked her husband to write these sentences down and asked me what she should do. I told her to sincerely repeat them.

My daughter called her two months later. My friend had told my daughter that her illness was completely gone and she started gaining weight. She felt that Falun Gong is magnificent and our Master is great. She wants to learn Falun Gong. I am so happy for her.