(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner, Mr. Han Junqing, from the Fangshan District, Beijing was 47 years old. He was reported when clarifying the truth. Officers from the Fangshan District Police Precinct ransacked his home and sent him to the Fangshan Detention Center, where the perpetrators tortured him. According to a reliable news source, Han Junqing was tortured to death in early June. The details of his persecution await further investigation.

Before he practiced Dafa, Han Junqing was a lawbreaker and was often the cause of trouble, but he had learned to practice Falun Dafa before July 20, 1999, turned over a new leaf and became a good person.

After the persecution began, he was sent to a forced labor camp for validating Dafa. His determination in Dafa practice won him the respect of all in the labor camp. After suffering countless tortures he said to the guards, "You can break my neck and shatter my bones, but I will still practice Falun Dafa!" The guards were stunned to silence.

After persisting for eight months, though, he was eventually influenced by collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who went astray after torture and brainwashing and now aid the authorities to brainwash true practitioners] and became a collaborator himself. He reverted back to his old self. I witnessed how he tortured determined Dafa practitioners. He verbally abused and beat them, tied them up and poured boiling water on them. He also beat me and left many scars on my body. His crimes were soon exposed on Minghui Net.

After Han Junqing was released, with the help from Dafa practitioners and by reading the new Dafa scriptures, he realized his mistake. He was determined to correct his mistake and dove back into the current of Fa rectification and did his best in truth clarification. He bought a copying machine to copy truth clarification materials at home. He also delivered scriptures to many other collaborators who were able to realize their mistakes. The authorities arrested him in April when he was delivering scriptures to three former collaborators in Hebei Province.

In early June 2004, he was tortured to death at the detention center for refusing to give up his belief in Dafa.

He was previously released for assisting the perpetrators and for torturing innocent people, but was tortured to death by the authorities for turning around and being a good person again. Han Junqing's experience shows the evil nature of this persecution and the harm it brings to society.

Han Junqing's changes also teach us a lesson. I think we should really look at people comprehensively, because their actions in a certain time period do not represent their whole being. Master does not want to give up on a single disciple. If a former collaborator like Han Junqing who had committed such a great sin had the courage to start over, with a clean plate, how can those people who could not step forward, or were embarrassed for their mistakes and felt dejected not quickly catch up!

Master said in "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference,"

"you folks can't just go and abandon a person without trying hard enough. No matter what kind of mistakes someone has made, or what kind of a person he is, I still want to give him a chance."

I think everyone who has learned Falun Dafa should be cherished and everyone who has studied the Falun Dafa principles should cherish themselves. Don't make any more mistakes. Let us join hands together and take solid steps on the path of Fa rectification!