(Clearwisdom.net) The purpose of this article is to expose more facts regarding the persecution crimes occurring at Shandong Province's No. 1 Female Forced Labor Camp's against Falun Gong practitioners.

1. Slave Labor, Oppression and Exploitation, Cheating and Deception

After October 2000, a large number of Falun Gong practitioners living in Shandong province were abducted by the authorities and sent to this concentration camp where they were persecuted for their belief in Falun Dafa and the principle of Truth, Compassion, Tolerance. In the early stages, except for occasional labor work, the Camp did not force detained practitioners to do heavy forced labor. Instead, they were forced to watch videos that defamed Falun Dafa and study political theories and propaganda such as "Labor Education Personnel Moral Training," "Common Sense of Law," "Patriotism," and "Special Materials for Falun Gong Practitioners" all published by the Shandong Province Labor Education Bureau. The Camp used to proclaim ideology reform first and reform through labor second. But while beating the detained practitioners, the camp police now are fond of using the saying, "It is all right to punish our own kids when they do something wrong." Later the Labor Education Bureau encouraged all forced labor camps to run the labor camp businesses for profit, each with its own specialties in manufacturing.

Since then, this camp has turned its attention to production, contracting with outside industries for business, and connecting with manufacturing plants in the Shandong east area in order to produce various quilts and bedspreads for export to the USA, Japan, and Korea. Among the businesses and locations involved in giving the Shandong No. 1 Female Forced labor camp production orders are Changyi District, Weifan District, Wendeng District's Wande Enterprise, Jinan District's Tianyi Printing Ltd. Inc. The detained practitioners are primarily forced to work on pasting trademark labels on herb packing boxes such as Two Cranes Drug Enterprise's Heart-Brain-Herb for treating hypertension, sewing silk embroidery for quilt covers and pillow towels, and stringing together appliqués for wedding dresses for export (one cent for 4 or 5 pieces) as well as seaming sections and sewing quilts, etc. For the packing boxes, one box has 1200 sheets and a larger one has 2400 sheets. The camp requires every detainee to paste up 5 large boxes or 8 small boxes. The plant manager says that this speed is for quick workers who can earn 80 to 90 Yuan (1) per day plus overtime pay at their site.

Seaming and sewing the quilt requires 5 to 6 stitches per inch, with compact and even stitch spacing for various patterns (triangles, waves, animals, trees, and flowers), mostly joining pieces of heavy fabric. The plant's quality inspectors at the camp measure the stitch spacing and send back any that don't measure up. They also report to the camp on the workers behaviour. The plant personnel also come to the camp to train the workers with very specific instructions, and put much pressure on the workers. As a result, the practitioner's fingers are cracked and bleeding after a day of work.

For slave labor, practitioners are usually worked until 10:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m., or even midnight on a daily basis. One time we pasted labels till 2:30 a.m., and were forced to start at the regular labor time the following day. In this way we were working continuously. And everything was done in a rush. The plant's demands for slave labor keep increasing and add fuel to the fire in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Sometimes several plants representatives descend on the camp at the same time, all demanding that the work be done immediately. Practitioners are worked for up to 18 or 19 hours per day, but the complaints don't stop. This also spawns competition between teams and among camp police; finally all the pressure gets dumped on the emaciated and haggard practitioners detained at the camp. In the workshop, the camp police frequently shout, "No talking!" and "Work harder!" Older detainees are stressed by the sudden shouting and some suffer abnormal heartbeats. Sometimes the plants push for the work, but after finishing the work in a rush it will not be picked up for several days; meanwhile other work comes, so the detainees don't get any days off from the slave labor. On extremely hot summer days, the detained practitioners previously got to rest for a short while during the lunch break. But then some resident plant representatives pressured the camp to enforce a no resting during lunch time and enticed the camp police with overtime pay. So fearing offending the plants and losing the money connection, the camp police continued to pressure the detainees.

Many detained practitioners are so exhausted by the slave labor they suffer abdominal pains, aching arms, and cervical vertebra (neck) problems. The camp will not allow any time off, not even to recuperate from an illness. Prior to 2002, the camp was more lenient to the old and the sick with regard to the fixed labor work. But now, camp officials don't care about practitioners' physical conditions or their age, and extend the detention period or label them as having an "ideology problem" if they don't work hard.

Each batch of work is recorded and ranked on the blackboard in the workshop for competition and efficiency. The team that is ranked last attacks the old and the weak for holding the team back. The group leaders blame the detainees, "Your bad work will discount my rewards" and this increases the heavy mental and physical pressure and causes the detained practitioners to be subjected to many tortures.

During the Lunar Chinese New Year holidays, the detainees were gathered for a talk from the authorities. Already seriously violating labor laws by excessively over-working the detainees, camp directors Jiang and Yang, and administrator Tian pushed for higher output by lying to group leaders to get them to push practitioners even harder. They claimed practitioners were slow because they didn't want to work!

In 2002, almost every day we had to work late, until 10:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m. One night we got off earlier, but administrator Tian Wei reprimanded the brigade leader, "With so much unfinished work, why stop working so early."

Even though we have such a heavy load of forced physical labor, the meals are still terribly poor in nutritional quality. Almost every day the same food is served; boiled outer leaves of Chinese cabbages with a little salt in the water. One team leader said quietly in private, "We are trying to save money for a new boiler so people have to work hard and eat meagerly." A team leader who knew the real situation commented, "The camp is experimenting to see how much detained practitioners are able to suffer." With this type of mistreatment or abuse, no one is allowed to complain. If any one complained, then the person would be labeled as having an "ideology defect". The team leaders would shout, "You are exhausted? We are with you. Aren't we tired?" However, the team leaders only sit and watch the detainees working.

In November 2003, some auditors from the higher authorities came to the camp and requested some detainees to answer a survey. There was a question, "How often do you take a bath?" and "How many hours of work per day?" The No. 2 Team Leader Cao Dongyan told the selected practitioners, "answer one bath per week and work 8 hour days." Any person who dared to reveal the true conditions in the labor camp was punished by having their sentences extended.

The sweat and blood of the detained practitioners brings large profits to the plants and the camp. Camp police and plant supervisors comment, "Falun Gong practitioners work so fast and so well. They can endure hardships and they are the major labor force for the work. Once they are due for release from the camp, where can we find quick workers like them?"

In less than 3 years, using the profits generated by the output from the detained Falun Gong practitioners, the forced labor camp has built a 5-story office tower. Each office is air conditioned, and has computers. For each of the five brigades, every office has two PC's. There are hot water heaters, officers have cellular phones, the camp bought several compact cars, and the second floor has been expanded to add a clinic and a reception room as well as make a bigger mess hall and a larger grocery and provision store. Also the front yard was remodeled, and in back of the tower a dormitory is being built to house camp personnel's families. Surveillance lights and monitors have been installed on the enclosing walls. There are monitors in the workshop as well as on every floor of the brigades' offices. There is even a color monitor in the TV machinery room and in the main camp office to watch activities in the hallway. There are also video and audio monitors in the four camp offices for further surveillance.

The new equipment enables the camp to continuously watch the 16 detained female practitioners, including dressing and undressing, and using the toilet (at lunch time and during the night). The greatest humiliation to the detained female Falun Gong practitioners are when the male camp police sit in the office and monitor them in their quarters.

Because of intensive monitoring and administration, and a shortage of staff, the policemen there hired newly graduated university students. Some of them passed "government employee tests," some of them were transferred from the back office, and some of them were transferred from Wangcun Forced Labor Camp.

Among them, some were comparatively nice. They treated Dafa practitioners kindly, but this resulted in their being severely reprimanded by their supervisors, and blamed for treating practitioners "too kindly" and not strict enough, which was labeled as lacking in their responsibilities. Some policemen didn't like this kind of mental control and corruption. Some requested to be reassigned quickly. Some were resigned and some were absent, taking sick leave. Some felt depressed all day long. Some of these young adults even felt so depressed about the work they were forced to do they shed tears. Most of those frontline policemen took turns on duty. Some had to work overtime along with practitioners. They were exhausted and had no time to look after their private lives including taking care of their children.

Some policemen frequently remarked: "Your detention in the forced labor camp has a termination date, ours are life sentences. We sincerely hope that the state redresses you good people as soon as possible. When all of you go home, we can have a good rest. Otherwise, if it continues like this, we will become mentally ill soon."

In fact, from the management team to the staff level, people's hearts have changed as well. One team leader said openly: "Since Falun Gong practitioners started coming to our detention center, the level of competency of these team leaders has improved a bit." But there are also people who were poisoned very deeply by Jiang's regime, and tried to get promoted by intensifying the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners.

When it comes to competing for job postings in the forced labor camp, there have always been people who persecute Falun Gong practitioners relentlessly, were credited for that, and were promoted in a short period of time. These people not only have developed hatred towards Falun Gong, but also achieved promotions. The people who persecuted Dafa practitioners who were steadfast in their beliefs escalated the persecution against them. This included Tian from the management office, grand team leader surnamed Cao, a person surnamed Wang, and Kong, Sun, and Wang Yunyan.

2. Forcing practitioners to renounce their belief

Practitioners who came into the forced labor camps all steadfastly held on to their beliefs. No matter whether they were shocked with electric batons, or tied up with ropes, they refused to renounce their belief in Falun Gong. Representatives from the government sponsored Buddhism Association and spies from the "610 Office" (2) did some research on the book, Zhuan Falun, [main teachings of Falun Gong] by taking advantage of some practitioners who didn't study the principles well and had attachments, and made up some lies. They ended up deceiving some practitioners. They then used these lies to try to force other practitioners to renounce their belief.

Some policemen tried persuading steadfast practitioners using deception, "Look at the others, they are so smart, while you are so foolish. They have only superficially renounced their belief, although in their hearts, they are still practicing Falun Gong. The 'Repentance Statement,' 'Guarantee Letter,' 'Three Statements' or 'Five Statements' [all renouncing Falun Gong] are only formalities. While you are here, you can't study, or practice. But if you sign the statements, and renounce your belief, you will demonstrate good performance, you can try to reduce your sentence and then you will be able to go home early. Then you can do whatever you like in terms of practicing."

In 2002, a comparatively large-scale anti-transformation effort emerged. Some who had been forced to renounce their beliefs woke up during their attempts to force other steadfast Dafa practitioners to renounce their belief, and came back to the Fa-rectification process. Some woke up in their hearts although they didn't admit it openly. Some were conveying teacher's new articles while being monitored by team leaders and collaborators (3). So more and more people became clear-minded. They began to collectively oppose the efforts to force them to renounce Falun Gong and affirm the government propaganda. Practitioners from the No. 1 and 3 teams opposed being "transformed," and wrote letters to the forced labor camp to resist the persecution. They pointed out that intensive hard labor brought about by excessive work hours and requirements, and implemented by the forced labor camp, is against the "Labor Act." Many people who were forced labor camp stars before, were claimed as being officially "transformed" in the most complete way, and received the largest reduction in their terms, awoke after they were released, and returned to their belief in Falun Gong. All these were heavy blows against the authorities persecution campaigns and achievements against evil.

Because more practitioners were returning to their belief in Falun Gong, the leadership team and policemen in the forced labor camp realized that they could not fool people by using force, or forcing people to write so-called "Three Statements." In the end, the authorities efforts were completely fruitless. Confronted with the fact, the leadership from the forced labor camp told the steadfast Dafa practitioners, "We do not want you to be "transformed" against your will. We will not force you anymore. We look down on those who act differently in their hearts and on the surface, and lied to us. You are steadfast to your belief. We can't do anything about that. It's impossible for us to change your minds. If it is true, you will be able to endure the test of time. Let's see what happens." Therefore, since 2002, the environment for steadfast Dafa practitioners has improved.

During the almost three years of adverse circumstances, many practitioners who fell down stood up again. The common approach was that policemen forcing Dafa practitioners to give up cultivation would have collaborators take turns watching them, and deprive them of sleep for 10, 20, or even 30 days. If they didn't agree to renounce their belief, they weren't allowed to sleep, or use the washroom, or brush their teeth, or wash themselves or their clothes. The practitioners were handcuffed and detained in a guard room for several days. Police guards tried to come up with various means to persecute Dafa practitioners. When the policemen saw that coercion couldn't change their hearts, they then switched to forcing Dafa practitioners to work overtime, kept them on a very busy schedule, and worked them to the point of exceeding their capabilities. They were made so tired that they couldn't think about their problems. As Dafa practitioners, we should resist persecution at all times, but at that time, the silent endurance of Dafa practitioners toward the forced labor work was also a factor that helped escalate the persecution.

When they were first sent to the forced labor camp, Dafa practitioners, no matter old or young, were all in great shape. Because they were not allowed to study the Falun Dafa principles and practice the exercises, and forced to work lots of overtime, practitioners have been suffering from mental and physical torture for a long time. Within a year, their bodies began to suffer to varying degrees. All appeared ill, even those practitioners as young as 21 or 22 years old. They all suffered from high blood pressure, vomiting, and heart disease. They include practitioners Wang Yan (from Zao village), a person with surname Zhang (from Qimeng District), a person with the surname Wang (from Qidao City), Huang Yan (from Qingdao City), including those senior practitioners.

For those who had written the "Three Statements," in their hearts still believe in Dafa. They are reluctant to say words defaming Dafa in public. The policemen from the forced labor camp reprimanded them and humiliated them in front of everyone. Some couldn't work because they were either tired or sick in bed. Some policemen said that they were faking it, and would even grab those practitioners by the hair and pull it out, punish them other ways, or extend their terms. When they were very upset, their yelling was so loud that it would hurt people's ears. The No. 2 team leader surname Cao said openly, "You should be clear about your identity. This is not a home for senior citizens. This place is hell in the human world!" Cao received karmic retribution a few months ago; he ended up being hospitalized and undergoing surgery. But he didn't regret it, instead, he humiliated steadfast practitioners. As to those senior practitioners, whom he considered as not fundamentally renouncing their belief, he terrorized them, and used every means to force Dafa practitioners to commit crimes against Dafa.

There was a practitioner, surname Yang, whose mother was seriously ill, so he asked Cao if he could use the phone to call her. Cao wouldn't give him permission. After his mother passed away, Yang again asked if he could call his mother. Cao still refused.

During the Spring Festival of 2004, the forced labor camp had a dormitory area opened to visitors. Family members were also granted permission to visit practitioners. What appeared in front of visitors' eyes were decorations in the hallways, such as balloons and colorful streamers. The atmosphere was festive. However, practitioners were still working overtime on Chinese New Years eve, until 11:00 p.m. or midnight. They finished work and went back to their dormitory, and were already exhausted. They finished hanging the steamers around 12:30 a.m. and didn't go to bed until 1 o'clock in the morning.

In the TV room, they set up a TV set, VCRs, chess, poker, and all the decorations. There were many newspapers, magazines and novels, but practitioners never opened them. There is also computer room with over 10 computers. Even though it said that it was a computer training room, some active members took pictures besides computers. It was never open to practitioners. There is also handcraft room. There is also a spacious factory room, a bright dormitory, a wide sport field, a basketball court, gym equipment, and more. When you first take a look at this place, you would think it was a paradise. How can it be said to be a living hell? People with clear minds, including those who work there, understand that this is a show. It is for the purpose of deceiving others and hiding Dafa practitioners' physical and mental pain, blood, sweat and tears.

Shandong Province No. 1 Female Forced Labor Camp
Address: No. 20, Jiangshuiquan Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province
Postal code: 250014
Persons in charge: Liu Yulan, Yang Ping
No. 1 team: Wang Shuzhen (Captain), Sun Xiufeng (Vice Captain)
No. 2 team: Xu Ruiju (Political Instructor), Cao Dongyan (Captain)
No. 3 team: Liu Ruiqin (Political Instructor), Wang Yueyao (Captain)
No. 5 team: Niu Xuelian (Captain)
Management Division: Tian Wei

Related Telephone Numbers:
An Zhonghua: 86-533-7681991, Xu Wenhe: 86-533-7680368
Shi Guangzhong: 86-533-7681008, Ren Fuyuan: 86-533-7683012
Shi Zhiqiang: 86-533-7682488 or 86-533-7683868, Bian Rongxiang: 86-533-7680525
Xu Wenjiang: 86-533-7680242, Zhang Shouye: 86-533-7681526
Shi Zhijun: 86-533-7682118, Shi Zilin: 86-533-7681997
Bian Mingyuan: 86-533-7682513, Liu Jifu: 86-533-7681773
Bian Mingshun: 86-533-7681737, Lu Zhongli: 86-533-7682991
Zhang Shouhua: 86-533-7681516, Bian Wenyuan: 86-533-7681730
Zhang Zhongtian: 86-533-7682739, Liu Jibin: 86-533-7683179
Bian Hengchang: 86-533-7682716, Wang Tingli: 86-533-7683221
Shao Xinhua: 86-533-7681011

(1) Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.

(2) "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

(3) Collaborators are former Falun Gong practitioners who have turned against Dafa due to brainwashing and torture.