(Clearwisdom.net) The persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners was very severe in one of the local Townships in Jilin Province. After Teacher's article, Exposing the Evil Happening Locally to the Local People (With Master's Comments) was published on Clearwisdom, several practitioners wrote their personal accounts of being persecuted and exposed the local police and other perpetrators' conduct. At the same time, they found information that exposed some criminal actions of the local authorities and published it as part of the truth clarifying materials. Large quantities of posters and banners saying, "Falun Dafa is good," "Falun Dafa is Righteous," "Bringing Jiang to Justice Around the World" were also produced. Several dozen Falun Dafa practitioners acted together, posting these materials all over the Township Government areas and the Police Substations in each village.

A few days later, the Township Government and the Police Substation sent representatives to several severely persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners' homes. They openly apologized for their past misconduct, and even sent flour and oil to these families to express their sincerity. Many Township Officials and police found the truth of Falun Dafa, and their regret for their misdeeds helped the local residents see the power of justice.

People automatically went to practitioner's homes seeking information on the truth Falun Gong and some even started to practice Falun Dafa. This atmosphere also encouraged local Falun Dafa practitioners. More and more practitioners have been able to put away self-interest and go out into the community to clarify the truth, saving sentient beings. Practitioners cooperated together to form one harmonious indestructible body. This also influenced and encouraged fellow practitioners in the surrounding area.

The practitioners did not stop there, but went further in spreading the truth of Falun Gong and the persecution. One man went to the Township Government, requesting that they reimburse him for the money that had been extorted of by the authorities. Knowing the truth of this situation, the Township official is contacting the upper levels in the city government on his behalf, and is trying to solve this problem. Some practitioners wrote a heart-felt open letter to all of the Township officials and sent it to the Township Office. In the letter they told these officials that even though Falun Dafa practitioners are facing a persecution of historic magnitude, we as cultivators do not have any hatred for or grievance with anyone who was involved, including those who conducted the torture. Practitioners' only wish for them is that they can come to know the truth. The letter also revealed how Falun Dafa has spread widely in the world, and it included some true stories of good being rewarded with good and evil being met with retribution. The compassion of Falun Dafa practitioners moved each official's heart. This letter is being passed around each department in the Township.

There used to be a very wicked director in the Township Police Substation. After local and overseas practitioners revealed his brutal and illegal actions, his wife questioned him. He first told his wife that he never did bad things. But his wife said, "That seems impossible. If you did not do any bad things, why are so many practitioners calling our house from overseas, let alone local practitioners giving us flyers? They told us that good is rewarded by good and evil is met with retribution. They are trying to persuade you stop doing bad things and to treat Falun Dafa practitioners kindly, and mend the bad deeds with good ones." The director could not speak a word during his wife's questioning. One day he said loudly in a farmer's market to all the people there, "I will never do harm to Falun Dafa practitioners again."

There is a police officer that used to beat Falun Dafa practitioners. Once when he went to have a police vehicle repaired he happened to see that a Falun Dafa practitioner he had beaten up before was having a tractor fixed. That police officer recognized him and dared not raise his head, parking his vehicle off to the side. The repairman wondered, "How come he dares not raise his head in front of you?" The Falun Dafa practitioner replied, "He dares not show face to people since he has done so many bad deeds."

At present most Township workers understand what Falun Dafa practitioners are doing. Some officials have told practitioners quietly that their truth clarifying materials will be very safe if they are posted around the Township offices. The materials have been there for several months now and no one has touched them.

There is a small remote village that used to have an environment that was very negative toward Falun Dafa practitioners. After the group effort of clarifying the truth, Falun Dafa practitioners are now doing the exercises openly and in public places. Under the righteous energy field, all of the village leaders that had joined in the persecution have been voted out, and all the new village leaders are supportive of Falun Dafa.