(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Gao Fen. I am 32 years old and I live in Jiabo Village, Gaojiaai, Jiulong Town, Jiaozhou City. I had the good fortune to have first learned Falun Dafa in July 1997. Not long after, my migraine headaches and anal fissure disappeared without further medical treatment. I personally experienced the miracle of Dafa. Later, I helped my mother to learn Falun Gong. She used to be very frail and sick frequently, yet she now eats and works well. Moreover, she no longer argues with my father anymore.

In October 1999, a fellow practitioner from Ducun Town and I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. However, before we even reached the appeals office, a swarm of plainclothes officers pushed us into a police car. We were taken back to the local police station, where I was detained for 15 days. When I was released from custody, without notifying my family the local town government sent me to a detention center where I was detained for another two months. A staff member from the town government, Zhou Guangrong, forced my family to pay a fine of 2000 yuan before I could be released.

In June 2000, I was arrested again for no reason and taken to Fuan Police Station. I was locked in a metal cage. The policemen did not allow us to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom. They groundlessly detained us for seven days, after which the Jiulong Town Government sent me to be tortured at the Jiaozhou City Psychiatric Hospital.

The psychiatric hospital has three stories. There were Falun Dafa practitioners detained on each floor. Doctors there forced me to begin taking medication as soon as I arrived. The drugs were apparently toxic because I felt constantly dizzy. During my menstruation, dark-purplish blood clots were expelled. Due to this same manner of torture, Dafa practitioner Xu Yanzhong's expression became dull, his movements became sluggish, his thought processes were slow, and he drooled uncontrollably. If you refused to take the medication, the doctor would get several large mentally disturbed patients to force-feed you. I tried to reason with the doctors. They said coldly that there was nothing they could do and these were their political duties. Under such brutal torture, I wrote the "guarantee letter" against my own will, so I would be released.

In October 2000, to further clarify the truth and clean away the stain from writing the "Guarantee Letter," I again walked on the path to Beijing. I was recognized by a person with the last name of Sui from my local political and judicial committee, and was taken back to the local police station. There were three practitioners from Jiulong Town taken back from Beijing. They were Li Qisheng and Wang Yiexiang (both were over 60 years old) and Dong Xiaozhuang (about 30 years old). They all came from Baiguoshu Village.

The policemen did not give us anything to eat. They even handcuffed Li Qisheng to a metal pillar. When he became tired, he sat down on the floor. The nights in October had already become very cold. Finally, Li Qisheng was tortured until the point when he could no longer use his legs. Despite his condition, a man named Cao Shangyi continued to torture all of us. He forced us to crouch down in the courtyard, and beat us one by one. Men who were over 60 years of age were beaten with a hand fan until their faces became red, and their ears were pulled. He beat us and cursed us, full of foul language. Wang Yiexiang was also shocked with an electric needle by a villainous man named Gao Chuangyi from Gaojiaaipo Village.

At one point, I miraculously broke free from my handcuffs, and escaped under Teacher's protection. Later, I heard the news that Li Qisheng died from persecution. Now I no choice but to live on the streets, unable even to return to my own home. I heard that the villains from the local town government frequently come to our house to harass my family members and threaten them.