(Clearwisdom.net) The persecution of Falun Dafa by Jiang Zemin's regime has left tens of thousands of practitioners' families broken, with the separation of husbands and wives, and the separation of parents and children. One of these practitioners is Tang Yunxia, who lives in a small district of Lianhua, Chengdu City.

Tang Yunxia is not afraid of the authorities nor has she given up her belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance". Although, she was subjected to many brutal tortures by Jiang's regime over the last several years, she still persists in practicing Falun Dafa. Here is her story:

Ms. Tang Yunxia, 41 years old, is from Pengzhou, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. She rented Apt. 7 in Unit 2, Building #13 in the Lianhua Small District, Chengdu City. Due to years of hard work, she became ill with multiple diseases and her temper had also worsened. She had always agonized over her health. In August 1998, she started practicing Falun Dafa. She strictly conducted herself according to the teachings of Falun Dafa, studying the Falun Dafa materials and practicing the exercises. As a result, her trouble stomach and rheumatism disappeared without any medical treatment. She also became more peaceful.

On July 20, 1999, Jiang Zemin launched the comprehensive crackdown on Falun Dafa. Tang Yunxia went the provincial government to appeal for justice. She hoped that she could clarify the facts about Falun Dafa. Instead, she was unjustly arrested and taken to the Olympic Gymnasium of Chengdu City, and later, transferred to Banxian Police Station (now changed to Longzhou Road Police Station). She was detained there until 12 midnight. In the days proceeding, policeman Liu (now retired) from Banxian Police Station frequently went to her home to harass her.

In October 1999, several plainclothes policemen broke into Tang Yuxia's apartment to take her to the police station. The policemen tried to force her to move out of the district where she was living. At that time, she had already paid rent covering 6 months. Moreover, her son attended a school in the neighborhood.

Faced with this ridiculous demand, Tang Yunxia decided to go to Beijing to appeal. In December 1999, she arrived in Beijing. She opened a banner with the words, "Falun Dafa Is Good". A moment later, she was arrested and taken to Qianmen Police Station in Beijing. Tang Yunxia told the policemen that Falun Dafa teaches people to elevate their hearts and moral character, to be kind to others, and shared her story about how it improved her health. Later, Tang Yunxia was escorted to Chengdu City. On the train back to Chengdu, she was cuffed together with another practitioner. They were not allowed anything to eat or drink. When they were escorted to Chengdu, they were held in Qingyang Drug Rehabilitation Center. They were prohibited from practicing Falun Dafa exercises, and if found to be practicing them, they were subjected to torture. Falun Dafa practitioner Xiong Yan was cuffed to the door of the rehab center for an extended period of time for practicing Falun Dafa exercises.

The policemen extorted 1200 yuan from Tang Yunxia's parents (1) as a fine. Tang Yunxia was held for 15 days. At 11 p.m. when Tang Yunxia was to be released from the rehab center, two policemen from Banxian Police Station deceived her into going to the police station and held her there for another 15 days. Tang Yunxia was prohibited from calling her parents to bring her a blanket.

In January 2001, Tang Yunxia was taken to Nanmusi Female Labor Camp. During her detention in the Second Squadron, she was subjected to brutal beatings and torture by the prison guards. They designated two drug addicts to monitor her. When she was discovered practicing Falun Dafa exercises one day, the guard ordered the drug addicts to kick and drag her by her hair for 20 meters, and to pour a bucket of cold water on her head. Thereafter, she was kicked and punched. Finally, a guard with the surname of Huang cuffed her to a tree.

In the labor camp, Tang Yunxia and other Falun Dafa practitioners were subjected to many inhuman tortures. During her detention in the Second Squadron, over a dozen practitioners were brutally beaten by drug addicts under the order of prison guards when they requested to be permitted an appropriate area to practice Falun Dafa exercises. Their bodies were always black and blue from the beatings they received. One day, the labor camp held a meeting defaming Falun Dafa. Every sentence uttered by the speakers was attacking Falun Dafa. Tang Yunxia stood up and said in a loud voice, "You are lying! Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa!" [universal law and principle] Several prison guards dragged her to the floor and savagely beat her to the brink of death with their clubs and batons.

On June 20, 2000, the labor camp established a squadron specifically to intensify the persecution on Falun Dafa practitioners by isolating them. At that time, the practitioners were beaten three times a day. When it was mealtime, Yang Xiaoping, the Squadron Leader, brought a group of people to torture Falun Dafa practitioners. The practitioners were shocked with electric batons or kicked with leather boots on their faces.

A Falun Dafa practitioner, Bai Helin, was beaten the day before and beaten again the next day by drug addicts under the direction of the guards. When a drug addict lifted her leather boots to stomp on the face of Bai Helin, she paused when she saw Bai's face had become swollen and was black in color from the prolong tortures. However, under pressure from the guards, she stomped hard on Bai's face. Bai Helin made a sharp and loud cry before she fainted.

The persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in the labor camp has been constantly escalating. One day, policeman Yang Xiaoping noticed that Dafa practitioner Luo Xiaoyu was not wearing the defamatory poster she was ordered to wear. Luo Xiaoyu spit blood two meters against the wall leaving a big red stain as a result of the due violent punch she received by the policeman to her chest. The drug addict Mei Mei from Mainyang, Sichuan Province was rendered speechless after witnessing this attack and became so shocked that she nearly fainted.

Another incident that occurred was when prison guards Zhang Xiaofang, Li Kunrong, Li Jun, and Tan Wenxia, ordered seven or eight drug addicts including Li Xiaoling, Jiang Lian, Jiang Xiaofang, Long Ping, to beat Falun Dafa practitioners, Li Fengqin and Liu Quanfang for not wearing the defamatory posters. Two practitioners, Li Fengqin and Liu Quanfang, were dragged to an isolated room and forced to take off all their clothes to be brutally whipped with bamboo canes. They were not allowed to cry, scream, or tell anyone about the beating. They were brutally beaten until their bodies were black with bruises. To hide their crime from being exposed, the perpetrators forced these practitioners to wear long clothes covering themselves as they were forbidden from exposing the bruises.

By early July, the weather became extremely hot. Tang Yunxia and other Falun Dafa practitioners were forced to sit in the cross-legged military style on the exercise field from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. at night. They were forced to look at the sun with their back straight and motionless. There were four to five policemen, six to seven prison guards from the squadron, and more than a dozen drug addicts walking around monitoring Dafa practitioners. Anyone that moved was violently punched and kicked. The pain was excruciating from sitting with their back straight on the small hard plastic stool. By midday, their clothes were soaked with sweat dripping down from their hair. They were not allowed to wipe the sweat dripping into their eyes, which stung and hurt.

When the policemen were in a good mood, they would allow the practitioners to take bathroom trips twice a day, for three minutes each time. After they were forced to sit in military style which continued for days, practitioners' buttocks developed large sores which bled. They were not allowed to bathe for seven to eight days straight. Their skin became purplish from the sunburn.

In October 2000, Tang Yunxia was released after her labor camp term expired. However, the Banxian Street Police Station and the neighborhood committee constantly sent people to monitor and harass her at her apartment.

During Spring Festival of 2001, Tang Yunxia was planning to go to Meishan for the festival. Policeman Zhou Wen and a policewoman from Banxian Street Police Station ordered her to go to the police station and she refused. Policeman Zhou called the director of the police station. A few minutes later, several policemen came to her home and they forcibly dragged her into the police car. Tang Yuxia held onto the door to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa to them. They did not listened and dragged her along the floor. Her clothes were torn, with her breasts and navel fully exposed.

Tang's husband could no longer bear the mental strain of having the neighborhood committee and the police station constantly harassing and threatening him. He was forced to leave Tang Yunxia. After her husband left, there was no source of income for the family. Her parents needed money for the hospital, their children needed money for school, and she had to pay rent. Since her personal identification card and driver's license had been confiscated, she could not work. Her life became extremely difficult.

In July 2001, an assistant director name Qiu and policeman Li Nuobing from Baixian Street Police Station broke in her home to illegally arrest three Falun Dafa practitioners visiting Tang Yunxia. Jinjiang District Police Bureau, Banxian Street Police Station, Banxian Street Police Office, and Banxian Street Neighborhood Committee went to search her home and she refused to open the door for them.

The gang of police called the locksmith to pry the door open. They not only took away all the Dafa books and materials, they also took her cellular phone, pager, and 600 yuan. The policemen dragged her to the police car, tearing her pants and leather shoes. Her knees and feet were injured and bleeding. They also tied her hands and feet and threw her into the car. She was taken to Longquan Detention Center in Chengdu City.

A few days later, the wounds on Tang Yunxia's body became infected and bleeding. She was in excruciating pain and she could not walk. To protest the brutal persecution, she stopped eating and drinking. Seven days later, policeman Tang instigated inmates and five to six drug addicts and policemen to pull and push her down to the floor from the bed. They stomped hard on her hands and head with their leather boots to force-feed her.

During every force-feeding, policeman Tang would slap her, saying in satisfaction, "Jiang Zemin issued documents to treat Falun Dafa using any means. The more brutal, the better. See, my reward for torturing Falun Dafa is several thousand yuan per month!"

About a month after Tang Yunxia was held, policemen from Banxian Street Police Station came to see her in the detention center. They continued to deceive her, "If you cooperate with our work, we will let you go home." Actually, they sent her to the Jiamusi Detention Center in Chengdu to torture her further. At that time, the policemen asked proof of her 400 yuan certificate of deposit in the bank. The policemen told her they wanted to help her by returning 400 yuan belonging to her that was paid as a fine. Several days later when the policemen came for her, they gave her a notice about sentencing her to a labor camp rather than returning the money they had promised. The 400 yuan she had saved was confiscated by the policemen. When Tang Yunxia's father heard about her sentence, he fainted and became paralyzed and bedridden.

When the policemen brought Tang Yunxia to the transportation control station, the wounds on her feet had not fully healed from her violent arrest before and now the police re-injured them again. The wounds on her feet began bleeding. She did not have a penny with her when she was taken to the labor camp. She was not permitted to bring any clothing or daily necessities with her either. When she was menstruating, the discharge dripped down her legs soaking her pants since she was not permitted any pads. The sight of her menstrual flow, and the bleeding from her wounds and sores caught everyone's attention in the prison. It was unbearable for her as she felt bearing the pain was harder than facing death. She could not wash herself until a month later when she found a discarded toothbrush and a piece of cloth.

In early September 2001, Tang Yunxia was again sent to the Fifth Squadron at Nanmusi Female Labor Camp in Zizhong City. The leader there designated drug addicts Wei Bing and Tang Caiyun to monitor her. She was not allowed to talk with other inmates. During the anniversary of the People's Republic of China, she wrote "Falun Dafa is good" on the wall of a workshop there. Wei Bing who was monitoring her reported this to policeman Zhou Qianli. Zhou Qianli instructed Wei Bing to punch and kick her. She was brutally beaten until she was covered with black and purple marks, which were still visible 2 weeks later. They punished her by forcing her to stand all day long from rising to midnight. It did not matter that she had difficulty squatting down.

Tang Yuxia did not cooperate and do hard labor and would not agree to the police demands to give up the names of other Falun Dafa practitioners. Under the orders of the policemen, the drug addicts forced her to sit without moving until midnight. Tang Yunxia would not comply and with their persecution and went to sleep. The drug addicts would pull her down from the bed, cursing and beating her. She was sent to the labor camp wearing only a short sleeve sleeve undergarment and was entering the cold winter now. After the brutal beating, Tang Yunxia was put into a torture position called "riding an airplane" (2). Tang Yunxia did not obey. The drug addict Wei Bing beat her back with metal handcuffs, causing her back to become swollen and red. Her whole body was in pain and she had great difficulty turning her body. The prison guards had forbidden the inmates from talking to her or else they would get their prison terms were extended.

Although Tang Yuxia was subjected to inhuman torture, she did not forget about saving people who were poisoned by the lies. Whenever there was an opportunity, she would clarify the facts about the persecution of Falun Dafa. Some of the inmates told her, "We learned from your action that Falun Dafa practitioners are kind people. Had we known that Falun Dafa teaches people to change their hearts to be good people, we would have practice Falun Dafa. We would not have been imprisoned at the labor camp for committing crimes." Some other inmates hoped that their family members could learn the truth about Falun Dafa so their relatives could understand and support Dafa.

In November 2002, when she completed the labor camp term, Liao Tiance and others from the Western Suburban Police Station of Pengzhou City and Lian Town Government came to Zizhong Female Labor Camp to force her to choose between going home or going to Pengzhou for further brainwashing. They demanded her to write a statement. Tang Yunxia protested their treatment and refused to write anything. They brought a written statement listing the option of going to Pengzhou and demanded her signature. She refused and three men jumped onto her and forced her fingerprints on it.

On December 12, 2002, Yue Qigui, the head of "610 Office" (2) of Penzhou City Chen Qiang and a person surnamed Liao took Tang Yunxia from the labor camp to Pengzhou City Brainwash Center. She has been held there indefinitely after the labor camp term was completed.

In January 2003, Tang Yunxia and over a dozen other Falun Dafa practitioners requested the right to call their families for the New Year holiday. Policeman Huang Chengfang took them out and slapped them. The guards then put the practitioners in solitary confinement. In February, Tang Yunxia and other practitioners started a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Several days later, Guo Lijuan, Li Zhou, Zhang Chuanbing, and others from Lian Town Government and Pengzhou City "610 Office" tied all the practitioners who were on the hunger strike to chairs. They were force-fed through their nose by pulling their hair or prying with chopsticks to open their mouth .

The corners of Tang Yunxia's mouth were injured, her teeth became loose, and her gums bled from the brutal force-feeding. The force-feeding often left her mouth bloody. Each time when she was force-fed, the perpetrators did not stop until they broke the chopsticks. They would stomp on her stomach and the policeman would threaten to sexually abuse her if she still refused to open her mouth.

In May, a villain, Luo Jian, from the "610 Office" dragged Falun Dafa practitioner, Zhang Qinfang, who had been on a hunger strike for over four months for force-feeding. Luo dragged Zhang by her pants, completely exposing her lower body. Luo did not stop and further brutally beat her. Seeing the abuses, practitioner Tang Yunxia said, "You cannot beat people." Luo Jian pushed the door open to grab her. He dragged her out by the collar and punched her on the temples. Tang Yunxia instantly fell to the ground with her eyes seeing stars. A half hour later, she was dragged into the prison cell. She had a headache with vomiting. She fainted twice.

Tang Yunxia appealed to Qiao Lijun, the head of the "610 Office," and requested a physical check up in the hospital. Qiao Lijun not only ignored her request but said, "No one has ever beaten you."

Tang Yunxia was forcibly taken to Pengzhou Psychiatric Hospital in early July 2003 for resisting the endless persecution from the Pengzhou City "610 Office" and for going on a hunger strike at a brainwashing center. She was injected with an unknown drug in the psychiatric hospital which caused rashes of various sizes on her body. The rashes were itchy and red, and had swollen to the size of one's thumb or palm.

Despite her grave ailments induced by the staff at the psychiatric hospital, she was unjustly shackled with heavy cuffs and leg shackles. Head nurse Liu Min tied her onto the bed and gave her intravenous drips. She had to suffer further with the pain on her body, which made her unable to move.

Her repeated requests to go to the bathroom were blatantly denied by head nurse Liu Min. Several days later, Qiao Lijun, the head of Pengzhou City "610 Office", Chang Ping, and Zou Danhong, a driver, took her to a brainwash unit for further torture.

One week later, Tang Yunxia was taken to a confinement room in the psychiatric hospital and injected with an unknown drug. During this time, staff from "610 Office" and Lian Town Government forced her family members to write a statement saying that she had become insane. All her family members thought she had indeed become insane and were so terrified that they did not know what to do. However, they refused to write any statement and requested to see Tang Yunxia in person. Their request was denied without reason, resulting in a heavy blow to her family members.

Under the control and direction of the "610 Office", Pengzhou City Brainwashing Center and Pengzhou Psychiatric Hospital brutally persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners. Practitioner Zheng Weigang was a healthy and strong man when he was arrested. He became paralyzed after being held for a year in the Pengzhou City Brainwashing Center and the psychiatric hospital. When he was on the brink of death, the doctor at the ward requested the head of "610 Office" Qiao Lijun, to release him. Qiao Lijun denied his request saying, "No. I want to further monitor him!"

Tang Yunxia was subjected to brutal persecution in Pengzhou City Brainwash Center and Pengzhou Psychiatric Hospital. Her health deteriorated severely. Her weight was reduced from 132 to 90 pounds. Doctor Ceng Xiaoping diagnosed her with intestinal obstruction and appendicitis. However, the "610 Office" refused to release her.

At 3 a.m. on July 26, 2003, Tang Yunxia resisted to the evil forces with righteous thoughts and escaped from the evil place.


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(1) yuan: Chinese currency; the average monthly pay of an urban worker.

(2) "Riding an airplane" : A punishment by forcing two feet to touch each other, toes touching the wall, two hands raising upright, and chin touching the wall).

(3) "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Dafa, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.