(Clearwisdom.net) Guards at the Jiutai Labor Camp in Jilin Province have been cruelly persecuting Falun Gong practitioners since they began detaining them. To the outside, they claimed that their policy was "Education, Reform, and Salvation," however they were actually following the policies of Jiang. Namely, "It doesn't matter if you kill a Falun Gong practitioner," and "those who are killed can be counted as suicide."

In March and April of 2002, to achieve the rate of "reform" assigned by their superiors, the Jiutai Labor Camp used violence to force Falun Gong practitioners to renounce their belief. The methods of torture they used included shocking the practitioners with as many as 6 electric-shock batons simultaneously, beating them with plastic pipes, kicking their heads, chest and back, etc. During that two-month period, Dafa practitioner Sun Shizhong from Songyuan City was beaten to death by the detained criminals under the instigation of the political instructor, Gao Ke.

Since October 2003, the labor camp has illegally extended the sentences of numerous Dafa practitioners. The Dafa practitioners whose sentences have been extended include: Liu Guangrong from Jilin City, Bai Ruisong from Dehui, Wang Zhihui from Shangzhi City in Heilongjiang Province, Song Youzhi from Jilin City, Guo Yanxiang from Jiutai, Liu Zhenli from Tumen, Zhang Wenjun from Wangqing, Chen Ji from Shulan, Cheng Hongyuan from Jilin City, Zhang Jingshou from Longjing, Zhou Xinghai from Yanbian, Dong Guangwen from Huinan, Zhou Junzhu from Jilin City, Jiang Wei from Jilin City, Jin Fengxue from Shulan, Wang Kai from Jilin City, Zhu Zhaoshui from Shulan, Zhu Dechen from Daan City, Hao Jingchun and Liu Guangzhi from Jilin City, Liu Changyou from Jilin, Li Xin and Mou Changlin from Zhaonan, Shao Changpu from Fuyu, Jiang Lin and Jin Junjie from Longjing, Sun Liwen from Dalian, Wang Yingjia from Wangqing, Lu Xiaodong from Gongzhuling, and Zhang Jinguang from Shulan.

Since March 2004, guards at the labor camp have also been fabricating documents and cheating practitioners because authorities there agreed to pay them 400 Yuan for "reforming" a practitioner. The guards first took fingerprints of the illegally detained practitioners, telling them that they would be released for doing so. Then they made fake documents of "reform" with the practitioners' fingerprints on them.

Sometimes the practitioners were forced to fingerprint fabricated materials. When Dafa practitioner Jin Junjie refused to do this, the guards directed other detainees to beat him violently. Jin struck his head against the window to protest the persecution. Later, he was put into a small cell for two days. Jin was still handcuffed when he was released.

Practitioners protested their sentences being extended and requested unconditional release. But deputy director of the labor camp, Wang Qinghe, and administration section chief Zheng Hailing ordered prison police to handcuff these practitioners and jailed them in small cells. The practitioners who were sent to small cells include: Liu Guangzhi, Dong Guangwen, Bai Ruisong, Zhou Junzhu, Wang Xibao, Shan Fuying, Zhao Litang, Wang Shaofu, Yan Guohen, Shao Changpu. While being detained in the small cells, practitioners were given only a small piece of steamed bun and some soup to eat every day. Each day practitioners were handcuffed and forced to sit for 16 or 17 hours.

The following are the recent facts of persecution in the labor camp:

  1. On the evening of May 1, 2004, Dafa practitioner Wang Jiaolong was called out for a talk with political instructor, Zhang Guoxin, and a team leader, Wang Weibin. Wang Jiaolong refused to co-operate with them, so they took out an electric baton and intended to shock him. When they found out the baton was not charged, however, they started to beat and kick his head with their fists and feet. Wang Jiaolong was beaten to the ground and his eyes bled. Because there was a chance their crime could have been exposed, they detained Wang in a separate place, not letting him have contact with any other people.
  2. Gao Dequan, 63, was persecuted to the point that he developed high blood pressure (190/120) and had a stroke. Half of his body was paralyzed. Still, the guards forced him to read books slandering Falun Dafa. After Gao refused, a guard named Guo Yiping forced him to sit in a fixed posture for hours. Later, a guard named Zhang Ming ordered him to sit against a wall for an even longer time as punishment.
  3. Dafa practitioner Sun Zhangang was deprived of sleep for a whole night. The second morning he was still forced to work. The guards also ordered 4 detainees to keep Dafa practitioners Zhu Yujun and Zhu Dechen from sleeping.
  4. Dafa practitioner Shang Fuying was imprisoned in a small cell because she read articles written by Teacher. After she was sent back to her regular cell, three guards, Li Chengzhou, Zhang Mingcai, and Guo Yiping, beat and shocked her with a 500 thousand volt electric baton.
  5. Guard Guo Yiping asked Sun Daqing and Ding Shuangren to put a copy of Teacher's article under Dafa practitioner Shao Changpu's bed. Afterwards, they brought a false charge against him saying he had articles written by Teacher. On May 4, 2004, Guo Yiping called Shao Changpu into the office and handcuffed him. When Shao said that this was illegal, they put him into a small cell. Seven days later guards Li Chengzhou, Zhang Mingcai, and Guo Yiping tortured Shao saying they found an article under his bed. Shao was terribly wounded. Afraid that the crime would be exposed, they detained Shao individually for 3 more days. They also kept a tight surveillance on Shao to block the news of his torture.
  6. Dafa practitioner Zhao Litang was put into a small cell for writing a letter about human rights abuse to the head of the labor camp. To prevent the facts from being released, they transferred Shao to another location.
  7. A newly established labor team was given the task of welding iron cables without any safety protection, and the glasses of Dafa practitioner Liu Guangzhi were damaged by a spark. Liu strongly protested the maltreatment and was, thus, sent to a small cell. He was later transferred to the Huanxiling Labor Camp in Jilin City.
  8. To prevent those practitioners whose detentions had been extended from opposing the persecution, they transferred them to other labor camps.
  9. Since last October, the practitioners were given moldy rice as their main food. Moreover, they had their meals reduced from 2 meals a day to only one meal a day. The dishes the detainees bought for visiting family members, however, were very expensive--more than 30 Yuan an item. In addition, the portions were only 1/3 or ¼ the normal size. The shop in the labor camp is monopolized by the authorities, and the goods there are mostly fake. Still, prices are several times higher than normal. In addition, they limit the number of family visits and prevent the detainees from revealing what they know to the outside world.

In November of 2003, the higher-ups of the labor camp came to inspect the camp and ask if the labor camp provided meat at least once a week. No one dared tell the truth. In fact, they rarely provided meat all year.

These persecution facts are only a small part of the persecution. More facts are yet to be investigated in the future. We hope all kind people will pay attention to what is happening in the Jiutai Labor Camp, and that they will denounce the persecution while supporting justice.