(Clearwisdom.net) On June 6, 2004, Boston practitioners participated the 100th anniversary grand parade in the Dorchester area for the first time. The gallant waist drum team and the graceful celestial maiden dance won warm applause and high praise from the civilians, hosts and police. Furthermore, the float decorated with pink lotus flowers won the "Best Art Design Award" for its unique design. Moreover, practitioners handed out many truth-clarification materials along the two-hour parade route, introducing Falun Dafa as well as exposing the truth of the persecution in China.

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The float that won the "Best Art Design Award"
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The waist drum team
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Group picture with the appraisal committee members

Bestowed with "Best Art Design Award"

Before the parade started, many people had already come over to admire the float, and asked how the lotus flowers were made. After the parade, the appraisal committee honored our float with the "Best Art Design Award" and asked to take a picture with practitioners.

Practitioners' noble demeanor does not falter in the pouring rain

Soon after the parade started, it began to rain. The rain was so hard that practitioners were soaked immediately. However, from five-year-old children to elders in their sixties, not a single person fell behind. The young practitioners sitting upright on the lotus flowers remained motionless, and the waist drum team's drumming became louder and louder. A practitioner in the drum team said afterwards that he felt very uncomfortable when he was all wet, and his feet were soaked in cold water. His glasses were covered with water, and he could not even see the road. But when it occurred to him that the practitioners in China were subject to unjust persecution, he realized that he must treasure this opportunity to expose the persecution and clarify the facts of Falun Gong to people in the Dorchester area, so he beat his drum with even more determination despite his uncomfortable situation.

Policeman: "My heart is with you"

A policeman told a practitioner that, "Your group is wonderful. Come back next year." When a practitioner told another policeman about Falun Gong and the persecution in China, the policeman said, "It is such a wonderful practice, I want to learn it too. I am very sympathetic about the persecution you have suffered. My heart is with you forever."