(Clearwisdom.net) In the past, people all knew the principle that applied regarding whatever one did as: "heaven and earth know it." In addition they were also aware that a person could only be confident that no one knew something about you, only if you didn't do it. Knowing these moral principles thus persuaded people to not commit wrongdoings, as one must always repay what one has done.

The following are reports of some cases in which people who persecuted Falun Dafa in Sanhe City suffered karmic retribution.

Feng Baocai, the former head of Qixinzhuang Town, 52 years old, participated in the persecution of Ms. Jia Xueyun when he worked in Qixinzhuang Town Government in 2000. Ms. Jia Xueyun was mentally traumatized from the persecution and still cannot take care of herself without assistance. When working in the morning on March 23, 2004, Feng Baocai suddenly had a heart attack and died from a failed medical treatment.

Tao Degui, the former head of Yangzhuang Village, Yangzhuang Town, reported, beat up, arrested, and persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners many times. In late 2002, Tao Degui suddenly died from a severe illness.

Meng Jianguo, the former head of Police Stations in Yangzhuang Town and Xunyang Town, actively persecuted Dafa practitioners. In late 2002, Meng Jianguo was dismissed from Party Membership and government service.

Wang Qiang, the former Party Secretary of Nanguan Village, Xunyang Town; Yang Chunping, the former Party Secretary, Li Yongqin, the former acting Party Secretary, Li Zhenfu, the former Director of Zhuge Village, Yanjiao Town, all actively persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. They were all dismissed from their positions one after another. Some of them were involved in traffic accidents, some were dismissed from their jobs and underwent probation of Party membership because of their corruption and were ordered to refund the illicit money that they obtained by corrupt acts. To this day, these people's illegal behavior is still being investigated.

Many other people were also suddenly attacked by severe illnesses or ran into misfortune after they participated in the persecution of Falun Dafa. Karmic retribution for one's wrongdoing is not what we Falun Dafa practitioners would like to see. The ancients said that retribution is God's warning to people to not commit wrongdoing. Committing wrongdoing must end in bad results. This is like parents teaching children and being fully responsible for the children, although harsh words are unpleasant.

Phone numbers of persons responsible for the persecution of Dafa practitioners:

Country code: 86 Area code: 316

Sun Diangao, Secretary of Sanhe City, 3212422 (office)
Li Zongyi, Chairman of People's Congress in Sanhe City, 3212519 (work)
Chief Secretary of People's Congress in Sanhe City, 3212558 (work)
Li Liancai, Deputy Secretary of Sanhe City, 3110208 (home)
Zhang Shanglin (Chief director in persecuting Falun Gong), the former Deputy Chief of Police Department in Sanhe City, 3213963 (home)
Liu Fuqiang, the former Director of "610 Office", the present Deputy Chief of Police Department in Sanhe City.
Li Ping, Deputy Director of Education Bureau in Sanhe City, 3138388 (home), 13503165803 (cell)
Liu Baolai, Li Ping's brother in law and Liu Fuqiang's relative by marriage, Secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee, 3228188 (home)
Yan Jianshu, Instructor of National Security Team in Police Department, 8113271 (mobile), 3130866 (home)

Phone numbers of related organizations:

Police Department (Chief: Xu Jingwen; Commissar: Kang Jingyu): 3212231, 3212391
Judiciary Department: Director's Office: 3212871; Deputy Director's Office: 3220652