My son was illegally detained in a labor camp for a few months. One day, I received a letter from him. After reading it I felt uncomfortable and distressed. My son had been brainwashed and now appeared to have gone astray. What should I do? I suddenly felt a brightening in my heart when I realized that Teacher's Fa lectures are being studied in various dimensions. Practitioner's flesh bodies in the surface dimension could be far away from each other, but they can be linked to each other in other dimensions. I thought, why don't we send Teacher's Fa lectures to practitioners who have gone astray by using other dimensions, which would help them become stronger on their aware sides and urge them to become clear-minded on their human sides?

After thinking of this, my heart was calm. After discussing with each other, my wife (a fellow practitioner) and I decided that we would send forth righteous thoughts every night at 4 a.m. We would eliminate the evil for ten minutes and then continue to be tranquil until there were no mixed thoughts. Then we would visualize only our son and those other practitioners illegally detained. It was as if they were in front of our eyes. Indeed, we could clearly see them, and would say to them: "You must firmly believe in Teacher until the end. You cannot betray Teacher's great expectations and painstaking mercy. If you do not acknowledge who Teacher in this human world is, you are not a Dafa practitioner. If you cannot cultivate to consummation in this period, you will never have another chance, and you will never be able to have a seat in the new universe." With that, we would then read to them Teacher's articles, and begged Teacher to add more support. We wanted the practitioners in the labor camp to hear, receive, and accept them. We mostly read "Suggestion," "Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples," and other related articles, and we did this every day without interruption.

Two months later, I went to visit my son. Before I got a chance to ask him, he said, "Dad, I was wrong; I have come to understand now. I am sorry to Teacher." I asked, "What about them (the other fellow practitioners detained with my son)?" "They are all like me and have understood. My fellow practitioners said that during their sleep, someone was telling them Fa principles and reading Teacher's books." My tears rolled down and I spoke, "Thank you Teacher." When my son saw me crying he asked. "What's the matter?" I replied, "It was Teacher who saved you!" When I explained everything, my son's eyes also were moist with tears.