(Clearwisdom.net) I have always clarified the truth to my colleagues at work. During my detention at the labor camp my company greatly expanded, and my office hired many new people. After I returned to work, I discovered that if I had not been directly working together with them I would never have had the opportunity to talk to my new colleagues. I felt that since we seemed predestined to be working at the same company, I should take the opportunity to explain the facts to them regarding Falun Gong. After having that thought, I started to come up with ideas.

The chance finally came. One day I planned to visit an old colleague in prison. He was unlawfully detained because he practiced Falun Gong. In the morning I came upon another old colleague and told her I was planning to visit him. On purpose, I talked while standing. She immediately told me to send her regards to him and also asked me about the prison and the labor camp. Our workplace is furnished with open floor cubicles. If one person speaks loudly everyone can hear. So I used a louder voice and chatted lively with her about the persecution of Falun Gong. After a short while, I heard many sighs from behind me. When I turned around I saw many pairs of eyes gazing over their cubicle walls. They were all looking at me. Because a pillar was in the way, a new colleague even got out of his cubicle and was leaning on the cubicle wall listening intently. As he saw me looking at him he said at once, "Don't worry, I am not going to report you. I just want to hear about it." I replied, "I am not worried. Our workplace doesn't have such a tradition. We are all good people!"

I turned around and started talking to everyone, and my co-workers asked all kinds of questions. One person asked, "What about the self-immolation?" I then explained the questionable points about the self-immolation incident as well as what I knew personally, and I told him about the film "False Fire" getting international awards. The colleague who asked the question sneered, "Humph! Another embarrassment for the Chinese government!"

Another person said, "They were so cruel to you. Just don't practice anymore. Don't go against a gun with your flesh." I told them stories of when Dafa practitioners were suffering with cancer or were losing control of their lives, it was Dafa that purified their bodies and opened up their hearts and saved many who were on the verge of suicide. Also, it was at their hardest times that fellow practitioners helped them through the trials and hardships. If it weren't for practicing Dafa, many people would have been dead long ago; therefore choosing to give up Dafa is like choosing to give up one's life.

Upon hearing this, everyone said, "Then Falun Dafa is really good!"

Another person brought up, "A particular Qigong master from Sichuan Province fasted for 40 days, only drinking water. Sima X insisted without any evidence that this master was a fraud. Do you think it was real? I think that Sima X's guy is really annoying!"

I answered, "I am not sure about the incident in Sichuan Province, but I was on hunger strike for almost a month without water." Another person asked, "How did you live without water?" "Well, you see that I am still alive now, right? At the time the police were writing false statements, so we were forced to carry out a hunger strike. The police wouldn't budge if you drank water. The people in the same cell were very impressed seeing that we were still okay after the hunger strike; they also wanted to practice Falun Gong. Some Falun Gong practitioners' hunger strikes were longer than mine."

"Framing you guys? That's unacceptable!"

"Looks like Falun Gong is really miraculous!"

Another colleague said, "I designed a custody center before. It was all humanitarian-focused. There was air-conditioning, every cell room had a big Fengchuan (Wind Enclosure). I was thinking to myself, how can these dregs of society have a better place to live than me?"

I said, "It doesn't matter how good the facility is. I was never let out during my detention. There were too many people in there. Five of us were sleeping on the ground within an area only about 3 feet wide; I had to direct people into their sheets one at a time every night. It's already hard when you take away someone's freedom. What right do they have to make us suffer so much pain and discomfort physically? Also the labor camps are not filled with the dregs of society, but instead with Falun Gong practitioners! They spent so much of tax-payers' money on these places, yet they imprison good people!"

"Right now the American Army is abusing prisoners of war. They make male prisoners walk in front of women naked, and they rob people's dignity."

I said, "In the labor camp where I was held, a female officer stripped a female practitioner naked, tied her to a big board and directed criminal inmates to sexually abuse her by forcibly inserting a toothbrush into her vagina and scraping with the brush. Would a human being do such a thing? They were worse than animals!"

My colleagues all said, "Oh! We know now."

I said, "Yeah, Falun Gong is protected by law in other countries. But Jiang still sent out many spies and hired personnel to disturb Dafa practitioners in those countries. At the U.N.'s human rights commission they also sent the so-called non-government organizations to spread rumors."

"Then you should sue them!"

"Of course! All these things are under litigation by Falun Gong practitioners from abroad. Some of the cases have already been won. Foreign Falun Gong practitioners also sued Jiang on a global scale, as well as other high-ranking officials like Luo Gan, Zeng Qinghong, Liuqi, etc."

At this time, that colleague who was leaning on the cubicle wall said, "Bo Xilai is also being sued!"

"How come you know more than I do?" I said on purpose.

"I receive a Falun Gong e-mail every day, but I didn't entirely believe all the written information, so I wanted to hear it from a person who witnessed it. This time it's all clear."

Another young man raised his hand and said happily, "Ma'am! I too receive a Falun Gong email everyday!"

Thus this session of truth clarification ended in people's hearty laughter. I looked at the time. More than an hour had passed.