1. Remembering Listening to Master's Lectures In Guangzhou City

By A Practitioner from Hunan Province

In December 1994, some of us from Chenxi were fortunate enough to attend the fifth session of the Falun Gong lectures held in Guangzhou City. This was the last session Master held in Mainland China. I battled extensive interference before I could attend the lecture series. I was privileged to attain Falun Dafa at that time.

The lectures were held between December 21 and 28, 1994, in a stadium close to Yuexiu Park, Guangzhou City. Master Li had received an invitation from the Qigong Association of Guangzhou City. He taught two hours daily between the aforementioned dates. I only paid 80 yuan (1) for the 8-day session. Many people from throughout the country attended. Most in the audience had heard of it from relatives or friends; some veteran Falun Gong practitioners attended too.

The Yuexiu Park stadium (demolished in May 2003 to build the subway) could hold only 4,900 people, yet between 5,000 and 6,000 people had come. This presented a problem. Hundreds of participants could not gain entry into the stadium; thus, they were unable to listen to the lectures. But none of those who couldn't gain entry complained to anyone and just sat quietly outside. In this way, they showed their respect to Master Li and their sincere wish to attain Falun Dafa. After Master had lectured for an hour he became aware of the situation. Master proceeded immediately to discuss this with the Qigong Association management. He intended to find a way for those who couldn't gain entry to hear the lecture too. The host found a conference room where they set up a closed circuit television. Everyone could hear the lecture live. At least everyone who had come was able to hear the lecture and see Master. The local veteran practitioners who had gained entry into the stadium gave up their seats to the new practitioners who could not find a seat. They went to the second room and watched the TV instead. During the lecture Master specially mentioned: "No one outside these doors will be left out" when he was teaching "What Has Teacher Given to Practitioners?"

Shi Defa, a young monk and I sat in the last row. The stadium was packed. There wasn't an empty seat to be found. Male or female, young or old, all wished to cultivate and be steadfast in Falun Dafa. The entire stadium was filled with boundless mercy, and the environment radiated a large energy field. Many among us cried without knowing the reason.

Master wore a normal black suit and leather shoes. His was simply and decently dressed. He looked very kind, modest and gentle. He exuded dignity with great grace. In the middle of the basketball court a simple table and a chair had been placed. A golden cloth hung over the chair. There was Master teaching Dafa. It was so simple and yet so dignified. The environment was filled with righteous beings listening to the Fa.

Shortly after Master arrived, he raised his resonant voice and greeted the audience. Afterwards he held both hands up in the air, turned around and waved to everyone. I had a vision in which I saw many beautiful objects flying towards us when Master waved and walked in a circle.

Master taught the Fa without any extensive notes. He glanced a few times at a single rough page that appeared to be folded many times. I guessed that there were a few topics noted on it. Master taught such profound Dafa in such a simple manner. The teaching was down to earth, to the point, easy to understand, modest and also humorous. The teachings were intense and brought forward the essence of all the things at all times and all over the world. The audience was amused and laughed at times. In such a relaxing atmosphere, many in the audience who were true disciples were cleansed and recovered from their diseases.

Master was clear on the point that Dafa only guides people in their cultivation and was not brought out for the purpose of curing people's diseases. Dafa will only purify the bodies of those who are true disciples. Some with incurable and dangerous diseases also attended the lectures. They had not told the arrangers the truth, but had come to have their diseases cured and not to attain the Fa. Master told those peoples that he knew of them and asked them to go to the hospital immediately if they should feel uncomfortable.

Later some practitioner asked Master about his previous life. I thought Master must have been Sakyamuni. I heard Master's answer: "I'm Li Hongzhi, not Sakyamuni." Then Master looked at me. Suddenly I felt a hot current run through my entire body. I felt as warm as if staying in the sunshine for a long time. I was so happy. I knew that was Master reinforcing my resolve.

Every time Master taught the exercise movements, he explained the essence of the movements. Some of our fellow practitioners showed us the movements. At the end of the lecture, some practitioners asked Master for his signature, which Master gave patiently.

Two things impressed me deeply during the Guangzhou lecture. One practitioner had just bought a new camera. One day when we walked into the stadium, he saw Master arriving at the same time. That practitioner took immediately a picture of Master. Master noticed it and quietly watched him kindly. An assistant from the Qigong Association of Guongzhou City noticed it and shouted loudly, "It is not allowed to take a picture of Master." While yelling, the assistant ran up to the practitioner and pushed him rudely aside. That practitioner almost fell down. He got really angry and was ready to retaliate. At that time Master appeared, walked up to him and said, while patting his shoulder, "Guard your temper!" That practitioner suddenly let go of his thought of revenge. Later he told me: "If Master had not reminded me, I'm sure I would have started a fight with that guy."

The second thing that impressed me deeply occurred on the 6th or 7th night of the lectures. We were standing near the Chinese Medical Institute, where we boarded while there. We were admiring the night scenery in Guangzhou. Suddenly a huge white circle showed up in the sky of Guangzhou and rotated back and forth. The clouds that surrounded the circle were of deep colors. It was such a magnificent scene. Many practitioners and students of the Chinese Medicine Institute came outside to also see it after hearing about it. Some took pictures. Some practitioners whose their third eye was open told me that it was a Fa wheel. Practitioners viewing the scene did the heshi to show respect to Master. Later some practitioner asked Master about this during the lecture. Master said, "If you saw the Fa wheel, it should not come as a surprise to you." Master also said, "The energy field covered all of Guangzhou City and it benefited all people living here."

Mr. Zhang was one of the practitioners who had come to Guangzhou with me. He had been examined at the hospital before the trip. He was diagnosed as suffering from high blood pressure. After listening to the lectures carefully and practicing for 8 days, he found during another examination that his high blood pressure had disappeared. His wife, Ms Ouyang, said that after listening to the lectures her outlook on the world had completely changed. She exclaimed that she had found the most grandiose cultivation system. From that time onwards I was sure that I would practice Falun Gong until consummation.

2. Recalling Listening to Master Teaching The Fa In Guangzhou City

By a practitioner from China

In December 1994, I finally broke through all blockages and was able to attend the last lectures of the Fa taught by Master. It took me 3 days and 2 nights on the train to get to Guangzhou City. After leaving the train station, our fellow practitioner Ms. Sun suddenly said loudly, "I feel something rotating in my abdomen!" Master had planted the Fa wheel even before the course started. Master said in one of his lectures, "It is predestined if you will attain the Fa."

It was about December 20 when I finally saw Master. I had longed for this for such a long time. Master was so noble, kind, and gentle. I felt so peaceful and safe. It was just like a long-lost child returning to its parents. I cried happily. I said to myself from the deepest part of my heart: "At last I met Master!" I didn't know how many people were listening to Master's teaching. There was no more sitting or standing room in the entire stadium. There were people even in the aisles and entrance areas. Master told us that practitioners from Guangzhou City and many veteran practitioners who had attended lectures before had given up their seats for those who had traveled here from other places and for whom this was their first opportunity to hear Master in person. They were watching the live broadcast in another conference room. During the first day, shortly after Master began to lecture the host told him that many practitioners were doing the exercises outside the stadium. They couldn't get tickets. They had come here by plane from thousands of miles away. Some of them were unable to pay for a motel room and they could only afford instant noodles. After hearing this, Master let them come inside immediately and they all sat on the floor in front of the podium. They deeply did heshi to Master. Enthusiastic applause was heard from all those in the stadium.

During the first three or four days, we often heard some strange sounds. One person just behind me often coughed with a strange sound. He coughed so horribly that it sounded he would cough out his whole lung and when I looked, I saw opaque air rising up. The arena seemed covered with dust and heavy smoke. I noticed that Master kept whisking something off his clothes from time to time. Later I understood the reason. It was just like Master wrote in Zhuan Falun:

"Whenever he brought some bad things upon me, I would just clear them up. Afterwards, I would resume my lecturing."

On the 4th day Master told us he would purify our bodies. Master asked us to get up, stamp our feet and think of our diseases. We did exactly as Master told us and stamped our right foot. When Master pushed his hands down, I felt clearly that some awful, cold stuff moved downward and out while we stamped our feet. Master cleansed us. Since then I totally left my illnesses and attitudes behind me and began my cultivation path as a healthy individual. After Master purified our bodies, I didn't hear any more coughing from the person behind me. When I looked up again, the air was so clear that it felt like it was washed. We sat on the seats behind Master. Master often turned his head towards us and told us "You all will be treated the same. I'm frequently looking at you. I will not leave out anyone sitting or standing behind me." Master told us there would be some reaction after our bodies were purified. Afterwards some of us felt chilly, had a temperature, pimples, or even had loose bowels. And some people suffered pain all over the body. Some others had a serious headache. They couldn't get up or eat any food. But the next day everyone still got up and came to the lecture. It lasted about 2 to 3 days. Afterwards everyone felt so healthy. No one felt uncomfortable. When walking it felt as if someone was pushing us.

I forgot which night it was. I heard loud cheering in the building I lived in. On the sky of Guangzhou and especially in the sky above the places where practitioners lived we saw many Fa wheels rotate. The scene was so magnificent. Many practitioners and visitors in the same hotel witnessed this scene. Many practitioners who had a camera photographed that precious scene and witnessed the miracle of Dafa.

During those few days we listened to the Fa, the Guangzhou press spoke of the unusually beautiful weather. They also mentioned an improvement in public security. We knew that was Master who brought peace and harmony to Guangzhou. To help us save money, Master finished the 10-days course in 8 days.

Whenever I recalled the happy days with Master, I would remember what Master taught in Zhuan Falun: "I think that those who can listen to my lectures in person, I would say, honestly... you will realize in the future that this period of time is extremely precious." Master's teaching let me understand the real meaning of life, which is returning to one's origins. After I found Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, the great Fa of the universe, that which I had waited for during all my lives, I began and continued to walk my cultivation path. I am returning to my true origin.

(1) yuan - 500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.