(Clearwisdom.net) During a prison meeting at the Tiantanghe Female Prison, practitioners Yuan Lin and Gong Ruiping courageously stood up and exposed the evil. Their brave act truly shocked and amazed all the prison police present at the scene.

On May 20, 2004, the prison held a singing competition. As soon as the host police announced the result, Yuan Lin stood up abruptly and spoke loudly to the director of the prison: "I want to expose the fact that the head of the Tenth Division physically tortures inmates!" Meanwhile, practitioner Gong Ruiping from the Eighth Division stood up and said loudly, "I have witnessed it!" Their sudden action greatly surprised all the police and criminal inmates, totaling over one thousand people. No one expected that someone would dare to risk their life to expose the evil deeds of police under such a circumstance, especially after practitioner Dong Cuifang was tortured to death one year ago. After a short silence, over ten police officers rushed over to them and did not allow them to speak. All of the people at the scene were moved by the courageous act of the practitioners.

Ms. Yuan Lin is fifty years old and she was a teacher in Peking University. She was sentenced to seven years in prison because of her belief in Falun Gong. In early 2002 when she was detained in the Third Division of the female prison, police officer Tian Fengqing incited Li Xiaobing and her sister Li Xiaomei and other criminal inmates to brainwash Ms. Yuan Lin in order to force her to give up her belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance." Ms. Yuan Lin was very determined not to give in. As a result of severe torture, to this day she is still deaf in one of her ears and there are wounds that remain all over her body. What's more cruel is that after forcing her to cross her legs, they tied her legs up for eighteen hours so that her legs could not move, during which time she could not use the toilet or drink water. They even stepped on her neck and pressed her body down. They forced her to face the wall and spread her legs apart. Two people would ride on her shoulders so that her legs were forced into a position almost parallel to the ground. Yuan Lin went on a hunger strike to protest the cruel abuse. The police carried out brutal force-feeding and tortured her even further.

Ms. Gong Ruiping is thirty-eight years old. She was a teacher in Pinggu County, Beijing City. Although she suffered inhumane torture, she still remained steadfast in her belief in Falun Gong. In early 2004, she was transferred from the Tenth Division to the Eighth Division. Ms. Gong is now imprisoned with Yao Jie.

In the female prison, in order to force practitioners to give up their belief, police have employed various methods to torture them since 2000. At present, there are nearly 200 practitioners detained there. Except for Li Xiaobing and Li Xiaomei, who had betrayed Dafa and renounced their belief, all the other practitioners there have suffered brutal torture. On March 9, 2003, practitioner Dong Cuifang was tortured to death in the Tenth Division (formerly affiliated with the Third Division before being merged with the Youth Custody Office in 2003). She was only twenty-eight years old. The main person responsible for her death is police officer Tian Fengqing. In order to block information about Dong Cuifang's death, the prison authorities have used the excuse of preventing SARS from spreading, and disallowed face-to-face visitation by detainees' family members. On visitation days, family members are not allowed to see their loved ones. Instead, they can only talk to their loved ones on the phone behind thick glass. The prison authorities especially monitor Dafa practitioners' conversations with the family members who come to visit. At present, Tian Fengqing once again arranged many spies, keeping those prison police whom she considers to be useful and dismissing those who disagree with her.

Officer Tian Fengqing takes advantage of the families of criminal inmates and takes bribes from them. In prison there are rules that specifically do not allow police to directly contact prisoners' families. But she ignores the rules and openly requested clothes from Li Xiaobing's family. For her fame and personal gain, she blindly pursued the so-called high "transformation rate." The prison management office has a policy that if one forces a practitioner to give up her belief, they can get a 2,500 Yuan reward [the average monthly income of a Chinese worker is about 500 Yuan], and a first-class merit citation gets a 3,000-Yuan reward. Tian Fengqing made a great deal of money from torturing practitioners. After her crimes were exposed, everyone in the prison was shocked. She repeatedly attempted to shirk responsibility by saying that she did not do those things by herself. The police under her said, "If she tells on us, we will expose all of what she did!"

The prison's address:

Tiantanghe Female Prison, Daxing County, Beijing: zip code 102609

Telephone number of the Tenth Division of the prison: 86-10-60276688 ext. 8100, 8101, 8102

May 23, 2004