Practitioners Send Forth Righteous Thoughts

Since New Year's Day of 2004, practitioners detained in the First Section of the Heizuizi Women Forced Labor Camp have been sending forth righteous thoughts every hour. Police officers and those who assist in attempting to brainwash practitioners have been unable to stay in the section ever since. Whenever they come, they are only able to stay for a few minutes and leave shortly afterwards. Therefore they have ordered the cellmates to monitor the practitioners.

VCDs that Slander Falun Dafa Cannot be Played

During the Chinese New Year of 2004, the police of the First Section at the Heizuizi Women Labor Camp held brainwashing sessions to persecute practitioners. The practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the evil forces and as a result, when the police attempted to play a VCD with slanderous contents against Falun Gong, the VCD player broke. Then they asked a person who gave up the practice of Dafa to read the materials. After the Chinese New Year, whenever the police attempted to play the VCD, the VCD player would have problems such as the electric power getting disconnected, the VCD pausing for no reason, the images getting lost, or the sound being muted.

May 21, 2004