(Clearwisdom.net) On July 20, 1999, Jiang's regime started a nationwide campaign to slander and persecute Falun Gong. In October 1999, I went to Qinhuangdao City from Beijing along with several fellow practitioners. We planned to exchange experiences with fellow practitioners there and encourage more people to step forward to validate Dafa.

All the practitioners showed up at the designated time and location. We began by sharing experiences together. Everyone shared his or her own stories of clarifying the facts. We had a good discussion based on the Fa (1). The energy field was sacred and peaceful. Because all the fellow practitioners viewed themselves as Dafa disciples, our minds were completely occupied by how to validate the Fa.

After the experience sharing, I learned that many practitioners in Qinhuangdao had done a lot to clarify the truth. Their strong determination and faith in Dafa moved me deeply. They had suffered from all kinds of persecution. Some of them were arrested on their way to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa, and they were beaten and detained; some were placed under high-alert surveillance; some were threatened with being dismissed from their jobs. However, facing all kinds of persecution, their determination in Dafa was not shaken.

One and a half hours later, a fellow practitioner who just arrived told me that there were many undercover policemen outside the restaurant we were in. There were also some police vans parked there. It seemed that they were ready to arrest us.

I will never forget that moment. When we heard the news, no one had the slightest fear. It seemed that everyone's mind was filled with the same thought: we are the disciples of our Teacher. Only our Teacher can make the final decision. Everyone's expression and tone of voice were peaceful, rational and as determined as ever. Our minds were focused on how to walk a righteous path in the future and how to better safeguard Dafa. It was a realm of collective improvement. Even if someone were to drop a mountain on our heads, there could not have been any disturbance.

I felt that our hearts were connected as one. We were surrounded and empowered by Dafa. I could truly realize how fortunate I was to be a Dafa particle. We didn't differentiate between one another. Everyone was thinking about Dafa. At that moment, I suddenly saw auras of seven colors above everyone's head. It was sacred, beautiful and illuminating.

I was deeply moved by what I saw. Right then, I truly realized how magnificent and glorious life can be under the power of Dafa.

After our experience sharing was over, we walked out of the restaurant. The undercover policemen watched as we left. It seemed that everything had stopped moving. Our energy field took control of everything. We left safely under the police watch. We didn't forget to leave the police with the impression of our compassion.

Even now when I recall that moment, I am still moved to tears by the great power of Dafa and Dafa disciples.

About five years have passed since the persecution started in 1999. Dafa practitioners have experienced so much savage persecution and indescribable hardship. Their heroic stories, most of them untold, will forever be remembered by history.

May 30, 2004

(1) Fa: Law and principles; the teachings of Falun Dafa.