(Clearwisdom.net) Montreal is entering summer and now there are more and more outdoor activities taking place throughout the city. Recently, the Montreal Falun Dafa practitioners participated in a street market event in the city of Verdun, because many Chinese families have moved to this city.

During the street market, the major streets are closed to car traffic and a lot of booths are set up along the streets. The organizers gave Falun Dafa a place in the most crowded street because Falun Dafa offers free instruction. At our prominent location, many people saw our exercise demonstrations and took the Dafa truth-clarification materials. Several children wanted to learn the exercises. While some of the children had trouble settling down and couldn't help giggling, others could close their eyes and became very tranquil.

One elderly lady said, "The music is so beautiful. I want to learn this exercise." An English and French teacher who taught Chinese immigrants had heard many lies and propaganda from the Chinese government and therefore had biased opinions toward Falun Gong. The practitioners talked to him for a long time about many things, from why Jiang Zemin started the persecution to how the propaganda and lies have poisoned so many Chinese people. In the end, the teacher understood and took many truth-clarification materials. He said he would tell his students the truth about Falun Gong. Many Chinese people also took our materials. Others were surprised to see many Western practitioners doing the exercises under our banner with the words, "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." One young Chinese woman at first hesitated to accept our flyer. Then she saw the smile on the practitioner's face so she took the flyer and immediately started to read. She stood there for a long time and read the flyer carefully.