(Clearwisdom.net) Little Tong is 4 years old, and she loves listening to the recordings of Teacher's lectures. I often read the Fa (Law and principles; the teachings of Falun Dafa) to her too. Yet she is also very playful, and she could never sit down quietly to listen, so I wasn't really sure if she has truly listened or not.

Tong often flips through the pages of Dafa books. She doesn't recognize the characters written in there, and she just flips them page by page. When I asked her what she is reading, she said, "Mom, this book is so interesting, so wonderful, there is no other book worth reading more than this. Look, there are countless number of Falun, lotus flowers, Fashen, celestial maidens. It's so beautiful, so colorful and shining like gold, and so much more."

Tong often said, "If I read good things, they will be stored in my head. When I read Dafa books, there will be good things stored in my head." So I told her happily, "You are storing gold!"

One day, I read the Fa to her aloud. Tong said to herself, "My brain has stored gold. It's true, Teacher put gold into my head, then they transformed into Falun, lotus flowers, golden stars, and they rotate." Later she said, "Another bag of gold, and they transformed into golden flowers and grasses, they are so beautiful."

Today, while I was reading the Fa, Tong was playing while she listened; soon she ran to me and pointed to a line in the book and said, "This word flew into my brain and became a golden character." Later she ran over and pointed at the character "Buddha" and said that word flew into her head, and was shining with a golden color. A while later she requested me to read Hongyin II (collection of Teacher's poems). After I finished reading, she said, "Teacher put the whole book into my head, and it became a book in gold color. I don't need to read that book anymore, I can just read the book inside my head, I can go to whatever page I like and find the section which I wanted to read... Mom, this book is so precious!"