(Clearwisdom.net) Following the torture death of Dafa practitioner Zhao Fengnian in Zhengding County, another practitioner, Zhao Liuchun, died as a result of torture he suffered in the hands of perpetrators from Zhengding County's "610 Office."

Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhao Liuchun was in his 50s and lived in Zhuhe Village, Futun Town, Zhengding County. Even after July 20, 1999, he persisted in Dafa practice and the local officials therefore singled him out as one of the main targets for persecution. In the past several years he was sent to a detention center at least three times. The officials additionally forced him into a brainwashing program and fined him. His home was also ransacked. Around October 2003, he was arrested by officials from the Political and Security Division of the local police department and was sentenced to three years of forced labor without benefit of a trial. Zhao Liuchun was extremely weak from the long-term torture. His blood pressure was found to be 240 mmHg at the labor camp and the camp authorities refused to accept him due to his poor physical condition. The labor camp doctor asked the police officers, "How can you send him here when he's almost dead?" The perpetrators then sent Zhao Liuchun home.

Over the next few months, perpetrators from Zhengding County's "610 Office" and collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray after torture and brainwashing] constantly harassed Zhao Liuchun at his home, so he couldn't get any rest. Around 3:00 p.m. on February 26, 2004, collaborators Cao Zhuo and Gu Yuehong again went to Zhao Liuchun's home under orders from Hu Jun, head of the "610 Office." Cao Zhuo and Guo Yuehong tried to force Zhao Liuchun to renounce his belief in Falun Dafa. Zhao Liuchun's condition exacerbated and the two collaborators left. With help from neighbors, Zhao Liuchun was sent to the county hospital. Around 4:00 p.m., the doctor did a CT scan and said, "He's dead. All the blood vessels in his brain have burst." At 10:00 .pm. Zhao Liuchun passed away.

The residents of Zhuhe Village are angry with collaborators Cao Zhuo and Gu Yuehong for persecuting Zhao Liuchun. None of the perpetrators who persecuted Zhao Liuchun will escape just punishment.

The persecution against Dafa practitioners in Zhengding County is very severe. Two local practitioners have been tortured to death. Many practitioners were sentenced to heavy prison terms, forced labor and detention; they were fined, tortured and paraded through the streets wearing defamatory signs just like during the cultural revolution. Dafa practitioner Shang Kunfeng, the former deputy head of Zhengding County's Standing Committee was forced to leave home to avoid persecution. He was subsequently arrested and sentenced to ten years in prison.

We call upon Dafa practitioners around the world to help stop the persecution in Zhengding County.

Work units responsible and phone numbers: (area code is 311)
Zhengding County Party Committee office: 8022202 or 8021199
Zhengding County government office: 8022012 or 8022013
Zhengding County Police Department: 8022062
Zhengding County Political and Judiciary Committee: 8022289

Perpetrators and phone numbers:
Niu Zhengui: secretary for Zhengding County's Party Committee, 8022072
Jia Yuying: head of Zhengding County, 8021741
Ma Yongjiang: Zhengding County Police Department chief, 8021274 (office) 5051833 (home)
Hu Jun: Zhengding County Police Department assistant chief and head of Zhengding County's Police
Department "610 Office;" 8022276 (office) 8023755 (home)
He Guifen: wife of Hu Jun; works at Zhengding County's Credit Union, 8022121
Wang Jing: wife of Sun Xinfang, head of Zhengding County's "610 Office." She works at Zhengding County's No. 6 Middle School, 8022506
Cao Zhuo: collaborator; works at Zhengding County's Statistics Bureau, 8022843 (office) 8028064 (home)
Qu Xingzhong: wife of Cao Zhuo, works at Zhengding County's Land Tax Bureau, 8020530
Gu Yuehong: collaborator, resident of Nanhua Village, Zhengding County
Zip code for Zhengding County: 050800