(Clearwisdom.net) In July 1994, I was very fortunate to attend Master's Fa lectures in Guangzhou. That period of time was very precious and extremely unforgettable.

As Teacher wrote, "Righteous Fa spreading, Ten thousand demons blocking." ("New Life," Hongyin) This was already apparent from the constant changing of the location of during the Guangzhou lecture. At the beginning, the location was set for the auditorium of the Guangzhou General Labor Union. However, on the first day of the class, the location was changed to another place. For the second day's class, the location was again changed, and the lecture was held at the Army Auditorium on Lingyuanxi Road. Later on when I recalled this, I deeply felt the difficulties Master encountered while introducing Falun Dafa.

When Master gave Fa [universal principle] lectures, he always arrived at the class ahead of time. When I attended the class, since there were a lot of people in the audience, I got an upstairs seat. One day I arrived at the auditorium ahead of time. Since it was not time for the class yet, I went out and stood on the second floor of the entrance hall and looked outside. At this moment I saw a scene that I would not forget all my life: Master walked in by himself, wearing a neat and simple short-sleeved shirt. At that moment I was pleasantly surprised. Thinking, "Master is here!" I stood there staring blankly, and even forgot to go downstairs to greet Master.

The scene of Master walking in by himself struck my heart greatly. Why? My interest in qigong had begun in 1984 or 1985, and I had been getting more and more interested in it. I had always hoped to find a master with high gong potency [a type of energy resulting from high level cultivation practice] and high morality but had not been able to. From the late 80s to early 90s, qigong [pronounced "chee-gong' a system of traditional Chinese cultivation practice] reached its peak in China, and lots of qigong masters and people with supernormal abilities appeared all around China. I was in college then and I wrote to some of them but never received a reply. I went to search for them during my winter and summer vacations but did not achieve anything. In 1988, a qigong association was set up in my college. The association invited some local qigong masters to give qigong performances. Those people always rode a car to and from the college, and ordinary students could not even get close to them. The time when I met Master, he was already a renowned qigong master nationally; however, he did not ride in a car, nor did he have escorts. Master just walked steadily into the auditorium to give his lectures, naturally and amiably, his extraordinary bearing manifested in his gentleness.

I think all practitioners who have seen Master in person are moved by Master's every word and deed. A sentence, a smile, or a wave of hand of his, all manifest a great Enlightened Being's grand compassion and selflessness. All of these will be imprinted in every being's memory, forever and will be held as most precious.