(Clearwisdom.net) In April 2004, at the 60th session of UNHRC in Geneva, a Falun Gong practitioner, Yoko Kaneko, who was released from a Chinese labor camp not long ago and invited to give a special speech at the UNHRC, recognized a Chinese official who was attending the UNHRC under the guise of an NGO called the "Chinese UN Association." This delegate had instigated the cruel torture and brainwashing of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

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Wang Yusheng sat in the NGO section of the UNHRC and held a folder in an attempt to avoid being photographed by Falun Gong practitioners. Please note that the badge on Wang's left lapel is an NGO's nametag. The two people sitting behind Wang and to his right were also from the Chinese government-controlled 'NGO'.

Yoko Kaneko, now living in Japan, was arrested in Beijing and put into Beijing women's Labor Camp without trial because she distributed literature about Falun Gong. She suffered persecution for one and a half years. Yoko Kaneko was brutally tortured in the labor camp. She recalled that during her detention in their, a policeman had played a video in which Wang Yusheng spoke. In the video, he summarized the methods of brainwashing to transform Falun Gong practitioners and especially advocated the use of sleep deprivation as an effective method.

Lawyer Mr Berthossa said, "Both China and Switzerland signed the United Nations' Anti-Torture Convention. Any signatory country has the responsibility to arrest and detain the related criminals."

Lawyer Hayard said, "If the defendant enters Switzerland again, he will be sued."

Through photo identification, this person has been recognized as the general secretary of the "Chinese Anti-Cult Association," (CACA) Wang Yusheng. Accordingly, Swiss Falun Dafa Association immediately contacted the "World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong" (WOIPFG), who indicated that they have been monitoring this individual for a long time.

According to the WOIPFG report, Wang's official title is the president of the "Chinese Science and Technology Hall". He is one of the initiators of the "Chinese Anti-Cult Association", vice-president and secretary-general; however, he is the real organizer as well as the real person in charge of the association. Both the "Chinese Anti-Cult Association" and the "China Care Association" are under the management of the "Chinese Science and Technology Hall". Wang Yusheng is the legal representative of both associations.

According to a report by WOIPFG, "The Chinese Anti-Cult Association uses its members' religious or academic status to propose the means to suppress Falun Gong, invent theories against Falun Gong, and directly participate in various persecution activities such as 'transforming' Falun Gong practitioners."

Wang labels himself as a scientist in public, but actually he is the media scoundrel of Jiang's group to persecute Falun Gong. His energies are mainly used to incite hatred of Falun Gong both in China and overseas, and covering up the illegal persecution of Falun Gong. He is the primary culprit of stirring up hatred and propaganda against Falun Gong in Jiang's group. Since 2001, Wang has come to the UN Human Rights Conference in Geneva every year to spread hate propaganda and cover up the truth of the Chinese authorities' persecution of Falun Gong. However, because of a lack of first-hand evidence, he was not a candidate for being sued before now.

According to the testimony provided by Yoko Kaneko after consulting with lawyers, and considering the fact that Wang Yusheng's is a party to torture, he has obviously been violating the rules of the International Anti-Torture Convention. The Swiss Falun Dafa Association immediately started the judicial procedures to file a lawsuit against Wang Yusheng. Their lawsuit action received a positive response from the Geneva legal community. Seven lawyers submitted six criminal lawsuits to a Procuratorate in eight days on behalf of different Falun Gong practitioners who had suffered from the persecution (one case is a joint effort by two lawyers) Wang Yusheng was sued for cruel torture and genocide. They asked the Procuratorate to arrest Wang Yusheng and conduct the necessary investigations. Another lawyer submitted a condemnation to the UN as well as the Swiss Embassy. The eight lawyers who accepted the lawsuit cases against Wang Yusheng are listed as follows:
Mauro Poggia, Philip Grant, Doris Leuenberger, Delphine Gonseth, François Canonica, Olivier Cramer, Yaël Hayat, and Yves Bertossa. Among them, lawyer Philip Grant is the president of the NGO "Track Impunity Always".

On April 16th, the representatives of this group of lawyers held a press conference at the UN and formally issued the details of this case. In the press conference, attorney Mr. Berthossa said: "Both China and Switzerland signed the United Nations' Anti-Torture Convention. Any signatory country has the responsibility to arrest and detain the related criminals."

Attorney Ms. Hayard said: "the Geneva State procurator has accepted this lawsuit." According to the viewpoints from the related officials in the Swiss government, due to Wang Yusheng coming to Switzerland with NGO status, he doesn't have any prerogative of mercy and cannot claim immunity. Once the arrest warrant is issued, they can carry out the arrest immediately.

However, Wang Yusheng hasn't shown up at the UN in recent days.

Lawyer Hayard said: "If the legal process lasts too long, the defendant could escape from the country upon becoming aware of the lawsuit against him. Nevertheless, if the defendant enters Switzerland again, he will be sued again."

In 1998, at the request of a Spanish judge, the UK police arrested former Chilean President Pinochet who was seeking medical advice in the UK. Pinochet was sued for the crimes of murder, torture and genocide. In 2003, a German court signed and issued a warrant of arrest against three defendants, including the former Argentinean autocrat Videla who was involved in murder. At the end of January 2004, in compliance with the arrest warrant from Germany, the Argentinean police arrested the three defendants. Videla was held in house arrest because he was 78 years old.

In addition, in the year 2003, a Rwanda international criminal court sentenced three Rwanda media officials for genocide as well as crimes against humanity. Two people were sentenced to life imprisonment and one person was sentenced to thirty five years imprisonment. This case created a precedent for punishing people who stir up hatred.

In the UN human rights commission meeting this year, human rights education has become an important subject. The delegates talked about "hate education being the fundamental reason for the long-term racial and regional conflicts." But stopping the persecution of Falun Gong and punishing Wang Yusheng and others like him who stir up hate has even more important implications. The ultimate purpose of this persecution of Falun Gong is to eradicate this spiritual belief. It is more than just a major human rights violation. This hate-propaganda and the attempt to eradicate the traditional moral values of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance" are the major reasons for the moral decline and instability of present day Chinese society.

The experts pointed out that because Wang Yusheng had violated the tenets of international law, all the countries that had signed the international conventions could sue him.

Source: http://clearharmony.net/articles/200405/19399.html