After Changchun practitioners tapped into the cable network to show videos of the truth of Falun Dafa and the persecution, I was detained by the police. While in custody at the Nong'an Center, I met someone from Changchun who committed some economic crimes. He was very keen to know the truth of Falun Dafa and asked me a lot of questions. He told me that he had watched the entire video when it was broadcast on TV. He was with friends when suddenly the TV signal was gone. As they were about to try and fix the TV when the Falun Gong broadcast appeared. And as it turned out it was on every channel so they sat down to watch it. They also made phone calls, asking friends to watch. After it was over they sat around discussing the program. They all felt that what Falun Gong said was very reasonable. Having asked me more about Falun Gong, he thanked me. I was moved. I told him, "You shouldn't thank me. You should thank those who broadcasted the program. In order for you to know the truth, they might pay the price with their lives." Then I told him Jiang Zemin's secret direction of killing without mercy. I remembered my good fellow practitioner Liu Chengjun.

Liu Chengjun had graduated from a technical secondary school. He used to work in Binhe Grain Depot in Nong'an County and later transferred to Jiutai Grain Depot. He had a scar on his forehead, resulting from a fight. He was 6 feet tall and before practicing Falun Dafa, he was a tough guy. Many people knew him and were startled to see the change.

In 1996, Liu Chengjun was part of a large Fa-study group in Nong'an we had in an empty house next to Nong'an No.1 High School. I didn't know his name at that time, but I remember once we talked about our understanding of "Forbearance." He read the section in Zhuan Falun about "heart of great forbearance."

"What is a heart of great forbearance? As a practitioner, the first thing you should be able to do is not fight back when you are beaten or sworn at--you must be tolerant. Otherwise, what kind of practitioner will you be? Someone says: "It's really hard to be tolerant, and I've got a bad temper." If your temper is not good, you should change it, for a practitioner must be tolerant. Some people will lose their temper in disciplining children and yell at them, making quite a scene. You should not be that way in disciplining children, and neither should you, yourselves get really upset. You should educate children with reason so that you can really teach them well. If you cannot even get over a trifle and lose your temper easily, how can you expect to increase your gong? Someone says: "If someone kicks me while I'm walking down the street and no one around knows me, I can tolerate it." I say that this is not good enough. Perhaps in the future you may be slapped in the face twice, and you will lose face in front of someone whom you least want to see it. It is to see how you will deal with this issue and whether you can endure it. If you can tolerate it and yet it preys on your mind, it is still not good enough. As you know, when a person reaches the Arhat level, in his heart he is not concerned about anything. He does not care at all in his heart for any ordinary human matter, and he will always be smiling and in good spirits. No matter how much loss he suffers, he will still be smiling and in good spirits without any concern. If you can really do this, you have already reached the entry-level Fruit Status of Arhatship."

Maybe he was really enlightened to it. I was impressed by his sharing. It was said that he read through all of Zhuan Falun every day.

On July 20, 1999, Liu Chengjun and many other practitioners went to Changchun to appeal for Falun Gong when the persecution started. They were detained in a school in the suburbs of Changchun. While the police were repeating the lies, Liu Chengjun stood up and said, "Stop slandering my teacher." He was immediately surrounded and beaten by the police. In September, he went to Beijing to appeal and was sentenced to one year in a labor camp. During that time, the police put all the firm practitioners from Changchun together in Fenjin Labor Camp. Once, the police used a method called "steaming the potatoes" to torture them. These practitioners sat together in a most uncomfortable position in a room with all the doors and windows shut during the hot summer. Some practitioners lost consciousness. Liu Chengjun stood up to protest the persecution and was dragged out by the police. His special torture was called "Big Hang Up" (1). He was hanging there for so long that he finally fell asleep. Once the police used military training to torture practitioners. Liu Chengjun again firmly resisted. There were many incidents like that. In his article "Walking out of the Labor Camp with Dignity after 22 Months of Illegal Detention," he gave a thorough account. In short, Liu Chengjun was outstanding in Fenjin Labor Camp, pioneering in creating a righteous environment. At moments when the evil attacked Master Li, when those who went astray spread their deviated thinking and when other practitioners were being tortured, he would always stand up to stop the evil's conduct. They always felt secure with him.

In July 2001, after 22 months of illegal detention, Liu Chengjun broke away through four iron gates and walked out of Fenjin Labor Camp with a firm and righteous mind.

After he left the labor camp, Liu Chengjun went to Song Yuan to print truth-clarifying materials. He was homeless. Apart from the printing work during the day, he also went out to clarify the truth at night. One rainy night someone knocked at my door around midnight. I opened the door and found him with another practitioner. They were covered in mud. They had driven around on a motorcycle painting phrases like, "Falun Dafa is wonderful", "Falun Dafa is the Right Way" and "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance" in eye-catching places all the way from Songyuan to Nong'an, a distance of about 100 kilometers. Several days later, I could still see the words when I went to Song Yuan. We had two experience sharing meetings together, one in Nong'an, with over 60 people And the other in rural Songyuan, also with a lot of people. Liu Chengjun also had some experience sharing with other practitioners in Songyuan.

He didn't know much about mechanics. There was an old all-in-one printing machine, which often broke down. It was hard to get anyone to fix it. So Liu Chengjun dissembled it and studied it. He finally fixed it. The machine really listened to him, for he was always clarifying the truth to it. There was also a small mimeograph. With the two pieces of equipment, he and another practitioner once printed 16 cartons of truth-clarifying materials, 8000 copies in each carton. A practitioner from Changchun once asked me, "How many copies do we need now?" I told him we needed much less than before, only 20,000. He said it was quite a lot. In other places, they only need several thousand. I said when Liu Chengjun was here, he made at least 40,000 to 50,000 a day. He smiled, "It was a matter of different Xinxing levels." He said when he and Liu Chengjun went to purchase the mimeograph, Liu was not satisfied with one machine, which could only run at a rate of 120. The old machine could run at 150, and print very good quality. That's a special power he cultivated from Dafa. His state of cultivation made him capable of solving problems in a shorter time than others, including problems in cultivation.

Once, the printing site in a city was destroyed by police and the practitioners there couldn't get truth-clarifying materials for a long time. Liu Chengjun and another practitioner worked for a whole day and printed out 128,000 copies, double sided. Anyone who has ever printed would know what the number means. The two machines kept running. Because the place was insulated and the equipment would get hot, they only wore shorts. Still, they were covered in sweat. They cultivated diligently. They got up at 3:40 every morning and practiced, then sent forth righteous thoughts, then they studied the Fa and printed the materials. In the evening, they also studied the Fa and often went out to do other Dafa work. Once Liu Chengjun had just painted, "Falun Dafa is wonderful," when he saw a man standing next to him watching. He told him, "Please remember, 'Falun Dafa is wonderful.' That man nodded. Liu kept on studying the Fa, looking within himself and took sending forth righteous thoughts seriously. In addition, he often went to other places to have experience sharing meetings, encouraging practitioners to step forward to validate Dafa and clarify the truth.

On October 1, he went to Tiananmen Square alone and shouted aloud "Falun Dafa is wonderful." (The story is on Clearwisdom.net). He went a hunger strike for 22 days and finally returned. At Beijing Public Security Hospital, the police used all sorts of methods to torture him. He laughed at their clumsy tricks. They went from being crazy in torturing him to admiring him and later begged him for his conditions to stop the hunger strike. They said as soon as he started to eat, they would set him free. He asked for the book Zhuan Falun. Under the influence of his powerful righteous thoughts, the police went through some trouble and got him Zhuan Falun. When he returned, other practitioners hardly recognized him. He said, "It's me, Dayong." [Dayong is his nick name]. The practitioner immediately asked him to come in.

At the end of November, special agent Dong Xu (of course, we also lack righteous thoughts in our cultivation), destroyed the printing site in Songyuan. After that, many practitioners were afraid. Only Liu Chengjun still traveled to Changchun, Nong'an, and Songyuan, passing out materials and clarifying the truth. At the same time, he was coordinating the reestablishment of the printing site. It's not that he wasn't afraid, nor that he did not have any feelings. But he put his fear aside and maintained righteous thoughts and behavior. In his heart, nothing is as important as saving the sentient beings. He also made time to study the Fa diligently.

During that time, he was busy transporting materials between Nong'an and Songyuan, so he had close contact with practitioners in Changchun. One day in December 2001, Liu told us that Changchun practitioners had asked him to go there. At the beginning, we didn't want him to leave, considering the tense situation in Songyuan. We were all from other places; only he stayed in Songyuan for a longer time. If he left, how could we contact the local practitioners? But he said people in Changchun insisted on his going there. And he wouldn't say why. I said, "Well, in that case, just measure it against the Fa. If you feel that they really need you over there, then go." Since then, he stayed in Changchun often, only coming back occasionally to handle the paper and other things. Gradually we got familiar with the work and built up the contacts. One day he came to my place, telling me that Changchun practitioners asked him to watch some important news. I found that the most important news was Anshan practitioners' tapping into the TV to broadcast the truth of Falun Gong. I immediately understood.

On March 5, 2002, practitioners told us to send forth righteous thoughts at 7 in the evening to strengthen and support other practitioners and eliminate the evil elements. But they didn't say for what specific matter. I understood what it was. But I didn't have a TV at my place to watch. The next day, a practitioner told me that last night's interception was a success. Many practitioners watched the program, even those living in remote areas. I asked about how Liu Chengjun was, he didn't say anything. On March 7, Clearwisdom Net carried the news about the interception and comments. On the 8th, it posted Master's new article "Look at Things with Righteous Thoughts". They continued to have news about TV interception in Changchun. Two or three days later, Liu Chengjun visited me and told me his sister had been arrested. The police tortured her severely in order to get information about him. He left in a hurry.

On March 24, 2002, Liu Chengjun was arrested. The police even shot at him in the attempt to capture him. For a while he was detained in Changchun Labor Camp Hospital (also called Public Security Hospital). One day, Liu told a practitioner that it had been 20 days (I don't remember exactly how long) before he could bring his two hands together. They had been handcuffed to opposites sides of the bed.

The head of the prison office was named Xue. We later learned that Liu had often been beaten in prison. When his family visited they saw that he dragged his leg when walking.

Liu Chengjun was forced to divorce his wife at the beginning of the persecution when he was first sent to the labor camp. His lovely son was about 9 or 10 old when the interception occurred. One day, Liu took his son to the printing site and asked a female practitioner to baby-sit him, because the boy's mother didn't allow him to study the Fa when he was at her place. The boy liked the songs "Song of Strange Phenomena" and "I am a Small Dafa Disciple". He could sing the latter. I wrote him the lyrics and he learned pretty fast. We all like the boy. Once I asked him, "Has your father returned?" He said, "My grandma doesn't allow me to talk about it." (The person he called grandma is the female practitioner who baby-sits him.) I said all right, don't tell me then. I felt that the boy was, to a large extent, bearing something even an adult couldn't bear.

Liu Chengjun had experienced torture, jail, separation from family, and homelessness, but he never showed any sign of misery or suffering. He was always smiling through the hardship. His smile had once made the police in Beijing Public Security Hospital look for the book of Zhuan Falun for him. His smile had made the Changchun police in Squad No. 7 who interrogated him say, "In a sense we admire you." His smile had changed the criminal nurse in Changchun Labor Camp Hospital, who used to take human life as ants, but has started to practice Falun Gong. His smile also broke the heart of his family who came to visit him in the hospital. It is an embodiment of great benevolence that comes from the cultivation and firm belief of Dafa.

However, once he said to me, "Looking at my son makes me feel sorry." In his expression, I saw the responsibility of a father's feelings towards the son, the perseverance to break through any barriers to do what one has to do, and anticipation of the upcoming persecution, even death, that the TV intercept is likely to face. It was complex and profound. I will never forget it.

I still remember one day before the interrupted broadcast, Liu Chengjun and I were receiving a truckload of paper at Tiebei 2nd Road in Changchun. I asked him why he chose that particular spot. He said because his school was nearby and he was familiar with the surroundings. Coincidentally, the Labor Camp Hospital and the Tiebei Custody Center were also nearby, where he was later severely tortured. What impressed me most was that he invited me to eat noodles with him in a small deli. Both of us were homeless and wondering about. The money we had was from practitioners, which was to save sentient beings. So we never went to restaurants. Both of us were silent there. I felt I was parting with him for good. We both knew that it was going to be a big event. Pity we didn't deny the old force's arrangement with righteous thoughts. We both felt that the interception would certainly bring rampant revenge. Liu Chengjun said to me, "I feel great pressure ". I understood that, apart from his own factors, there were also different opinions from other practitioners. The practitioners chosen to do the work were all "Essence of Essence" in Jilin Province. Every printing site would be affected, including Songyuan. After the interception, Master wrote, "Look at Things with Righteous Thoughts." It is obvious what the situation was in other dimensions because of the pressure generated by practitioners. Liu Chengjun was arranging and making it happen by "interfering with and damaging the Fa-rectification environment" and "personal attachment and mentality of making great achievement."

On the morning of December 26, 2003, I learned from a practitioner that Liu Chengjun had died at 4:30 that morning in Changchun Sino-Japan Friendship Hospital. I don't remember walking out of the room. It was lightly raining. I knew heaven was crying. I tried hard to hold my tears. But I heard a sound. It was the sobbing from my heart. I told the bad news to every practitioner I met. They all shed tears, but I didn't. The next morning when I was sitting in meditation, I couldn't hold it any longer and let my tears run down.

At the same time, I saw news of Liu Haibo's death on March 12, 2002, revealed by policeman Huo in Changchun. He was also from Nong'an. He used to work as a doctor in his uncle's hospital. I had heard from Liu Chengjun that he was one of the 36 practitioners who firmly held to his belief to the end in Fenjin Labor Camp. Yet he was also tortured to death due to the interception. The methods they used to beat and torture him were unbelievable.

On March 5, 2002, the TV interception in Changchun and Songyuan was like thunder in spring, awakening the conscience in millions of hearts. People like Liu Chengjun, with their flesh bodies and gold-like will, ignited the fire of TV interception, and established a glorious monument in the history of Fa-rectification, which will be recorded forever in the history of the cosmos. It shines through the great firmament, with harmony and wisdom, achieving undiminished dignity.

Written on April 27, 2004


(1) "Big Hang Up": There are two forms of this torture: 1) With both hands cuffed behind the back and only toes touching the ground, one is hung by a rope that is tied to the metal window frames; 2) One hand of a practitioner is cuffed to one bunk bed and the other hand to another bed, and the two beds are pulled in the opposite directions. One feels extreme pain as the body is pulled.