(Clearwisdom.net) Hong Kong resident Ms. Fu Xueying was arrested for distributing materials that clarified the facts about Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted in Mainland China. Ms. Fu was illegally and secretly sentenced to three years in prison before May 1, 2004, and transferred from a detention center in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province to another place in the province. When Ms. Fu's husband, Mr. Feng, called to inquire about his wife's whereabouts, the Shenzhen City authorities told him that Fu Xueying had been sentenced to prison. According to the law, appeals should be submitted within 10 days of the sentence. Because Feng was not informed in a timely manner, the deadline for the appeal had passed. The persecutors also refused to tell her husband of Ms. Fu's current whereabouts.

Fu Xueying was arrested at the end of October 2003. The persecutors tried her for the first time on March 9, 2004, with no lawyer to represent her. The persecutors did not inform Fu's family members about the trial until after she was sentenced in April.

After the trial on March 9, 2004, Fu's husband, Mr. Feng, called the court many times asking about the date of the next trial, yet he was not given an answer. When Mr. Feng called again on Friday, April 30, no one answered the phone. A court staff member later told him that his wife was sentenced that day. Mr. Feng did not know if his wife appealed or not.

On May 10, the first work day after the "May 1- the National Labor Day" holiday period, Mr. Feng called the court once again. After many inquiries, he was finally told that his wife had already been sentenced. By that time, the appeal deadline had already passed, because the holiday period was also counted toward the 10-day deadline.

Later, Mr. Feng went to Nanshan Court to pick up the sentence notice. When he asked to see his wife, the court told him that Ms. Fu had been transferred from the No. 1 Detention Center of Nanshan to Guangzhou. When Mr. Feng further asked where his wife was detained in Guangzhou City, the court staff refused to tell him.

Since last October, Mr. Feng has only seen his wife once. He said, "I have only seen her once, in court on March 9." The judge only allowed Mr. Feng to stay for 10 minutes before ordering him to leave, using the excuse that Mr. Feng was a witness.

Thus, Fu Xueying was detained, tried, and sentenced in an environment completely isolated from the outside world.

Related phone numbers:

No. 1 Detention Center of Nanshan (in Shenzhen City) 86-755-26971574
Address: Tongle Village, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City. Post Code: 518052
Nanshan District Prosecutor: 86-755-26071635, 86-755-26071737, 86-755-26071772
Address: 3026 Nanxin Road, Shenzhen City. Post Code: 518052
Nanshan District Police Sub-department:
Petrol Team: 86-755-26523110
Operator: 86-755-26610013
Pre-trial Division: 86-755-26971752
Duty Office: 86-755-26610597
Administrative Division: 86-755-26610197
Border Control: 86-755-84466091
Monitoring Center: 86-755-84466083

Nanshan District Court: 86-755-26667142, 86-755-26562573
Judge Chen: 86-755-26568564

Phone numbers for appealing:
Nanshan Police Sub-department: 86-755-84466028, 86-755-84466017, 86-755-26568733
Letter-appealing Office of Nanshan Police: Secretary Division of Nanshan Police Sub-department, No. 1 Zhongshanyuan Road, Shenzhen City. Post Code: 518052
Nanshan District "610 Office": 86-755-84466138, 86-13509681118
Nanshan District Government: 86-755-26665155
Nanshan District Judicature Bureau: 86-755-26665784

Shenzhen City Police Department:
Political Protection Division: 86-755-84469700, 86-755-82291373
Internal Protection Office on duty: 86-755-82498704, 86-755-84465200
Operator: 86-755-84463999
The Police Service Supervising Team: 86-755-84462570, 86-755-83319020 (line open 24 hour a day)

Shenzhen City Overseas Chinese Affairs Office: 86-755-85575540
Shenzhen City Government: 86-755-82100000
Shenzhen City Bureau of Legal Affairs: 86-755-82099510
Shenzhen City Supervision Bureau: 86-755-82099316
Shenzhen City Mayor Special Line Telephone Office: 86-755-82100099
Shenzhen City Foreign Affairs Office: 86-755-83241830, 86-755-82099346 (suit phone number)
Shenzhen City Intermediate People's Court: 86-755-83535000, 86-755-83535100
Shenzhen City Prosecutor: 86-755-25868000
Shenzhen City Judicature Bureau: 86-755-25597303