May 19, 2004

( The persecution of Falun Dafa in our area is very severe. In order to ensure that fellow practitioners get to read Master's new lectures in time, so that we are able to understand the Fa from the Fa, and do well in validating the Fa, my wife and I managed to overcome many difficulties and purchased a computer, a second-hand printer, and some supplies.

I did not have any knowledge of computers, nor did I have the opportunity to learn from fellow practitioners. All I had was the firm belief that we have the Fa with us. Considering what I would need to do with the computer, I learned some basics from the installation personnel, such as how to switch on the machine, copy and paste, how to use the mouse-- right-click, left-click, and double-click, etc. In the beginning, the computer was extra slow when displaying Dafa websites. Error messages appeared often and I had to keep refreshing the display. There were also many other messages that needed a response, the firewall and other installed software packages also came up with many messages or reported interceptions of data packets, and so on. I had to continuously close the message windows.

Later, I enlightened to the fact that I am a Dafa disciple and that I am accessing Dafa websites. These pages are sacred and nothing is allowed to interfere with them. I would not allow the Dafa pages to be infected by viruses. With this thought, I removed many unnecessary software packages the installer gave me. Also, each time before I switched on the machine, I would send forth righteous thoughts to clear factors of interference within my own space. I purified myself and focused on reading Dafa pages and downloading truth clarification materials. Things became smooth thereafter. Later, I also installed software to provide reminders on the hour, allowing me to keep up with sending righteous thoughts during work. The result was ideal.

There was a period of time in the past when my printer had a lot of problems, such as the paper jamming, having messed up encoding, etc. After studying Master's teachings in "Teaching the Fa at the Discussion on Creating Fine Art," I enlightened to the fact that although my printer was old, it became my Fa-implement when I chose to use it, and it is under my command. But I also need to get to know it, to understand its characteristics and temperament. Since we have a predestined relationship, I also should look after it. So I give the printer a cleaning before we started working. I would hand-feed the paper, sheet by sheet, telling it not to give up on itself just because it is old. This way, not only did I save a lot of paper, I also stopped running into various technical difficulties.

When I was printing Hong Yin II (collection of Teacher's poems) a couple of days ago, I felt that the printer was working very smoothly. Perhaps I could let it work independently on its own. Not realizing that I had grown complacent, I lay down on a bed to relax a bit. Upon closing my eyes, I saw a spinning Falun above the computer table, bright and colorful, spinning to become bigger and bigger, and very beautiful. It spun and grew to fill my room, and then rose above the building I lived in, shining golden light upon our entire area. At that moment dark clouds attempted to close in, shading an area of bright, starry sky beneath the large and small Faluns. Immediately, I recited the Fa-rectification verses Master bestowed on us. The dark clouds instantly dispersed, becoming drops of pus and dark blood. I was awakened and became alert. I checked and found abnormality in the printing. Words were enlarged and characters were printed upside down. I realized that my cultivation state at the time was affecting the computer and printer. When one relaxes one's mind, one's Fa-implements won't work well. Master's teaching of "It is not a Job, but Cultivation Practice," (Essentials for Further Advancement) resonated in my heart. Master has so compassionately reminded us again and again.

These experiences clearly indicated to me that during the Fa-rectification period, we cannot relax even a tiny bit in our righteous mind and righteous actions. We should study the Fa with a focused heart, purify our thoughts, and maintain our righteous mind. Let's fill every layer and every level of our spaces with righteous thoughts every minute, not leaving any gaps to be exploited by the old forces and the evil dark minions.