(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Yao Hui lived in the Qincheng District of Tianshui City in Gansu Province. He was sentenced to a forced labor camp for two years and two months because he went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa. On January 18, 2004, Qincheng District police kidnapped Yao Hui and ordered camp prisoners to brutally beat him. Afterwards Yao Hui suffered mental collapse.


On December 2000, he went to Beijing to appeal. He was detained for a few days and then sent back to the local jail. A month later he was sent to the forced brainwashing class. Since he didn't give up his determination to practice Falun Dafa, Yao Hui was sent to Lanzhou's No 1 Labor Camp on March 9, 2001. On the way to the labor camp, the police told Yao Hui that he would be forced to do slave labor for about one and a half years. The police didn't tell his family, causing them great distress.

He was still a high school student at the time he was sentenced. During his labor camp term of two years and two months, he was brutally tortured by both the police and other prisoners. In March 2003 he was released and allowed to go home.

On the morning of January 18, 2004, Qincheng District police officers Pei Guilin and Wang broke into Yao Hui's home without any identification and searched it. They bound Yao's arms and legs, put him into the police car, and took him against his will to the Qinchen Police Bureau's second floor office to question him.

Pei Guilin, Zhang Baoyong, and another person conducted the questioning. The officers asked him who had hung a certain little Falun Dafa banner. Yao Hui said he didn't do it. Police asked him to take off his shoes and said, "This shoe is not (the one that was worn by the person who did it)." Finally, at eight o'clock at the night, Pei Guilin said, "Jail him first." They sent him to Luergou Detention Center overnight. They didn't have any evidence when they arrested Yao Hui. It is that easy to detain, harass, and beat a citizen in China.

The next day, police prepared arrest documents and called his mother. When they first tried to force Yao Hui to sign the certificate of detention, he refused. They then threatened Yao Hui that they would send him to labor camp again. Several officers forced his hand to sign the paper. After that, they sent him back to the cell and ordered two prisoners to brutally torture him.

They broke the middle finger of his left hand, and even now there is still a mark on it. Four of his teeth were knocked out. His head was beaten, and he lost his consciousness. His hair was shaved. In this brutal environment, Yao Hui was tortured until he lost his senses. The police were afraid of having to take responsibility for his condition, so they sent him home. By then, Yao Hui could not even speak clearly, and he has lost the ability to live independently.