(Clearwisdom.net) On November 10, 2003, Dalian Forced Labor Camp authorities formulated a plan to systemically brainwash more than 20 determined Dafa practitioners by separating them into groups. In order to block any news of this plan, they moved the persecution venue to a new building in the labor camp.

The plan was implemented by hanging the practitioners up for long periods of time by their cuffed hands, and depriving them of sleep. If the practitioners dozed off, the perpetrators beat and kicked them. Then collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have turned against Dafa due to torture and brainwashing], both male and female, tried to brainwash them practitioners. They also force-fed the practitioners with alcohol.

The perpetrators who carried out this persecution were hand-picked. Division head Guo Peng, instructor Jiang Chongjiu, group heads Luo Xiaochen and Sheng Rui, and several guards were transferred from government positions and other divisions. The instructor was from Division Eight. Seven inmates including Li Yue, Yu Yefeng, and Pan Yunlong were chosen from the "Four Defense Division." They were all moved into the new building to prepare for the persecution.

This particular story began on December 15, 2003. Each of the three sessions consisted of three Dafa practitioners, nine in all, and lasted 15 days. The three practitioners in the last session remained in the new building for 28 days. The perpetrators first tricked the practitioners into coming to the new building, then sent them to solitary confinement rooms and cuffed each hand to a bed, one to their left and the other one to their right. They were made to sit in a small chair, had to wear a weighted hat, and were deprived of sleep during the day and night. Two inmates would beat the practitioners if they noticed them sleeping. Guards and instructors patrolled the rooms. If they found a practitioner sleeping, they would extend the inmate-instructor's term of sentence. Faced with this situation, the inmates dared not slack off, and they beat and kicked Dafa practitioners every time they dozed off. Hao Wenshuai, head of the labor camp, Zhang Ziliang, deputy head, and Yao Shanggang, head of the Economic Inspection Office, often went to the building to check out the situation. Sometimes they personally participated in the persecution. Under their orders, the abuse and torment of this persecution was extremely severe.

Dafa practitioner Chen Shenghu's experience: On the first day he was cuffed between two beds and deprived of sleep. Beginning on the second day, female collaborators attempted to brainwash him. On the third day the guards removed the chair and forced him to half-stand with his hands cuffed. He was forced to stand in this extremely uncomfortable posture for three days, until his feet became so swollen that his anklebones were invisible and his feet turned black. Persecutor Yao Shanggang said, "You'll lose your feet if you don't move them around for 24 hours." The perpetrators knew the consequences of such torture, but they continued regardless. On the eighth day, instructor Jiang Chongjiu beat practitioner Chen Shenghu and ordered collaborators Li Yue and Yu Yefeng to brainwash him. Li Yue made Dafa practitioner Mr. Chen Shenghu lower his upper body and raise his derriere with his hands cuffed, and then beat and kicked him. On the ninth day, the gaurds met to plan their next tactics. They decided to interrogate Mr. Chen and extend his sentence by three months.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Shi Yueli held a hunger strike for four days to protest the persecution. On the fifth day, instructor Jiang Chongqiu and division head Guo Peng ordered the collaborators to force-feed her nine or ten ounces of hard liquor.

On February 10, the third and last group of practitioners was deceived into coming to the new building. In the first 15 days the persecutors used sleep deprivation, hanging, and beatings, but failed to "reform" the practitioners, so they started another 15-day session. Division head Liu Zhongke shouted, "We have to reform them, no matter what we have to do to them!" With his order, the inmates burned practitioner Mr. Lin Weizhu's hands with a cigarette lighter until his hands turned black. After this torture, pressing his hand would create a hole in the skin. Inmate Pan Yunlong beat Lin Weizhu with his slippers until his face was covered in blood, but Lin Weizhu kept a smile on his face throughout the ordeal, and the inmates couldn't help but admire him privately. When asked whether he would reform, he said, "I'm not afraid to die; but as long as I live I'll always practice Falun Dafa." The persecutors felt that most people couldn't last a week in this torture, but Lin Weizhu exceeded their expectations. They thought he was insane and planned to send him to a hospital. But because Lin Weizhu persisted in Dafa practice and remained steadfast, the perpetrators' plan failed. The brainwashing officially ended on March 9, 2004. All persecutors who took part in the brainwashing returned to Division Eight. Dafa practitioner Mr. Lin Weizhu is still under watch, but he is now permitted to sleep. Persecutor Guo Peng was promoted to labor camp deputy head, and Jiang Chongjiu was promoted to head of Division Eight.

In late 2003, Dafa practitioner Mr. Gong Fajiu, 52, refused to cooperate with the evildoers and defied their order to work. The persecutors sent him to the "strictly monitored group." At first, they made Gong Fajiu sleep on a bed with sparsely spaced metal rods, without a bedspread. His hands were cuffed to two edges of the bed. Thirteen days later, Mr. Gong Fajiu held a hunger strike. The inmates dragged Gong Fajiu out of bed and hung him between two beds for a whole afternoon. Gong Fajiu vomited and his abdomen convulsed violently. He eventually passed out.

Division heads make the decisions whether or not the practitioners are allowed to sleep, and how much sleep they get. They also decide how many handcuffs are put on them. Liu Zhongke, head of Division Eight, and Luo Xiaochen, another group head (both have since been transferred out of Division Eight) and others, must therefore take responsibility for this segment of the persecution.

Their goal was to make Dafa practitioner Mr. Gong Fajiu apologize for practicing Falun Gong and then force him to turn against Dafa, but thanks to the power of Dafa, although Gong Fajiu had not slept for 40 days, he didn't feel too drowsy. The perpetrators uncuffed one of Gong Fajiu's hands at the time of Chinese New Year. After the 2004 New Year, Gong Fajiu held a hunger strike for one month. The guards force-fed him once a day. Prior to each force-feeding, inmates Li Yue and Yu Jingkang would beat him. Sometimes the inmates would grab Gong Fajiu's foot so he was in an upside-down position while still cuffed to the beds. Then they threw him on the ground. Other times they hit his face with a dirty broom. After several months of no washing and no shaving, Gong Fajiu's face looked horrific, in addition to all the filth they brushed on his face.

Lawless officers Liu Zhongke and Guo Peng went to a conference and studied several persecution techniques. Around January 1, 2004 they started an additional round of persecution.

On November 28, 2003, group head Luo Xiaochen sent Dafa practitioner Gong Fajiu to the "strictly monitored group." Upon his arrival, inmate Wang Dianming beat practitioner Gong Fajiu. Labor camp officials encouraged Wang Dianming, and declared, "he represents the government," even though he violated the law and injured another person. At practitioner Gong's insistence, Wang Dianming apologized publicly and agreed to pay 100 Yuan in medical exam fees. Group head Luo Xiaochen was partially responsible for the beating. Gong Fajiu had felt ill since mid-November and the hospital wanted to transfer him, but persecutor Luo Xiaochen grew angry and delayed the transfer. Later, he locked Mr. Gong Fajiu into a small room, claiming he didn't have money and could not work. Luo Xiaochen and several inmates pinned him to a metal bed and handcuffed him. They began to "strictly control" him.

Labor Camp Affairs Public Policy states, "Strict control cannot exceed seven days and handcuffs and shackles cannot be worn for more than ten days. Unreasonable extension to inmates' terms, strict control, torture and beating are prohibited." Mr. Gong Fajiu was aware that Luo Xiaochen and the group authority's behaviors violated the law, therefore he held a hunger strike on December 12. He stated that Luo Xiaochen should take responsibility for his wrongful actions. Division Head Liu entered and confronted Gong Fajiu and also read the "Labor Camp Policies and Disciplinary Rules" in front of him. When Gong Fajiu asked him to read the Public Policy for Labor Camp Affairs, Liu walked away. Three days later in the afternoon, two inmates broke in, hung Gong Fajiu by his handcuffed wrists, and began torturing him. In the evening, Gong Fajiu became unconscious and was taken down. When he came to, Luo Xiaochen ordered the inmates to hang Mr. Gong up again. Gong Fajiu vomited and passed out once more. When he was taken down and came to, they hung him up a third time. Gong Fajiu constantly vomited but eventually just gagged. He again lost consciousness, and when he came to he began convulsing.

The law-violating persecutors then cuffed Mr. Gong Fajiu's hands to two beds and forced him to sit on a small stool on which he was not allowed to move. They began sleep deprivation torture, which lasted more than ten days. Whenever Mr. Gong Fajiu dozed off, they hit his face or kicked him.

Dafa practitioner Qu Fei has been under strict control for two months, during which time he was handcuffed with his feet in the air. At one time his four limbs were cuffed and shackled and he was not allowed to sleep or move. His legs and feet became severely swollen. In March, inmates beat Mr. Qu Fei until he passed out. His heart stopped beating, so the inmates carried him to Chunliu Hospital on a wooden board. Afterwards, the group head asked Qu Fei to sign a document, ordering his father to pay for his treatment. Dafa practitioner Mr. Qu Fei is around 26 years of age and his father is an army corps commander. Qu Fei was on the brink of death. Many Dafa practitioners were detained in solitary confinement on the second floor of the new building. Two inmates monitored each practitioner. The practitioners are cuffed between two beds and not allowed to sleep. The inmates beat and kick the practitioners until their faces are covered with blood. Sometimes they even force-feed the practitioners with liquor through tubes roughly inserted into their throats through their noses.

Dafa practitioner Mr. Liu Xiyong, 63, lived in Shihe, Jinzhou District. On October 1, 2003, a dozen perpetrators pushed, beat, and kicked Liu into a small room, where they subsequently force-fed him. Liu struggled and broke free of the handcuffs, but perpetrator Liu Zhongke put a dirty rag into Liu Xiyong's mouth and knocked out two of his teeth.

Dafa practitioner Mr. Sun Shizhen, who is in his 50's, worked at the Dalianwan Fishery Company. In March 2003 he was beaten to the point of passing out several times. The inmates pinched him until he came to, then they started beating him again. They put a sack over his head and beat him and knocked out a tooth. Mr. Sun Shizhen was given medical parole because of his severe injuries.

Criminal inmates Li Yue and Yu Jingkang visited practitioner Gong Fajiu at lunchtime. If Gong Fajiu refused to eat, they would beat and force-feed him. They put a hat on Gong Fajiu's head and savagely beat him until he had dizzy spells and excruciating pain all over his body. Sometimes they beat him until he vomited. Sometimes the persecutors kicked over the stool Gong Fajiu was sitting on. Then they grabbed Gong Fajiu's legs and threw him to the ground with his hands still cuffed behind him. Mr. Gong Fajiu was afraid at first, but later he was determined and was not afraid of being tortured to death. His mind grew calm. One month later, every time he remembered Master's words, he felt the benevolence and the mighty power of the Buddha Fa. The group head then told him he was not at fault, that the labor camp would pay for his medical exams, and that he would be sent back to his original group.

Many other Dafa practitioners are still being persecuted in this labor camp. Let us join in our efforts to suffocate the cruelty and completely eliminate the evil with our purest intentions.

Note: This manuscript was prepared in the labor camp by first hand witnesses.

May 7, 2004