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A miraculous story

I got to know Lao Li in a forced labor camp. Since I had heard about the "brainwashing" that goes on in the camp, I was quite concerned about having any conversations with the guards. One day I was sitting beside Lao Li during a meal, and he cheerfully told me, "Good news! Officer Zhang is coming." Seeing my confusion, he explained the situation.

After he arrived in the labor camp, he volunteered to talk to the police one by one and clarify the truth to them. At the beginning, the police were very pleased because it was just what they wanted, feeling they could use the opportunity to "transform" him. However, Lao Li talked to them, from shallow to deep, with easy and understandable words to explain the facts and even about principles of the Fa. Later they realized Lao Li was "transforming" them. Through the conversations, they could see that Lao Li's words were very reasonable and felt that his arrest was wrong. Finally the division leader realized that such conversations eventually might end up with the guards practicing Falun Gong. Therefore, an informal rule was made that there would be two people present during any conversations Lao Li had.

Lao Li didn't have a chance to meet Officer Zhang and therefore could not talk to him. Now the opportunity came. How could he miss it? Lao Li approached Officer Zhang and said, "How are you, Officer Zhang? I would like to share my thoughts with you. Can you make an appointment with me today?" According to the regulations in the labor camp, the police should not refuse such an invitation by an inmate. Officer Zhang agreed ambiguously. Apparently, he was trying to avoid such a talk.

It really opened my eyes. Usually practitioners would all be alert before having any conversations with the guards. However, Lao Li was looking forward to such an opportunity. The guards in the division tried to hide from Lao Li in order to avoid talking to him. Then, in other dimensions, the divine side of Lao Li must be just like what Master said, "It's like sharp swords shooting out together from their mouths" (From Hong Yin II) and manifested powerful supernormal abilities. Of course, some of the police on night duty would call Lao Li into the office and have a long talk with him until they felt satisfied. One time, an officer called Lao Li in and talked for more than five hours until 2 am. Both Lao Li and the officer looked very pleased.

I asked Lao Li whether he could explain everything clearly. Lao Li told me, "If a question is hard to answer, I will tell them that I need more time to think it over and will give them the answer later. Then I will come back to do further thinking. Normally it is because I have something unclear on the Fa. Dafa creates all. How can anything not be explained. As long as we are clear on the principles of the Fa, everything can be explained." Therefore, through clarifying the truth, Lao Li became more and more clearheaded on the Fa and more and more steadfast on the Fa; fewer and fewer questions could stump him, even temporarily. His abilities and wisdom became greater and greater.

Later, Lao Li manifested his powerful supernormal abilities in clarifying the truth during the "brainwashing class" that the forced labor camp held. The "brainwashing class" used despicable means to torture the practitioners. Many practitioners were confused by collaborators [Former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] and compromised with them. Therefore, practitioners told each other, "Do not talk to those collaborators." The evil then started using the "hard" ways to torture practitioners. Practitioners suffered a lot. Lao Li was taken there too.

Nine days later, Lao Li returned from the "strictly-monitored" group without being "transformed." He told me he had been questioned over 100 times during the nine days. The collaborators had been switched several times because the guards realized that they were very close to being "transformed" by Lao Li and thus had to be sent away.

The following story was told from that time. The police arranged a drug offender who had a severe conflict with Lao Li before to monitor Lao Li. Apparently they hoped he would give Lao Li a hard time. However, one day when the police and the collaborators were not there, the drug offender told Lao Li privately, "Be quick. Have a nap on the desk. I will watch for you." In those days, Lao Li only had three or four hours sleep per day. He was helping Lao Li! Since he had to accompany Lao Li every day and had a chance to listen to him, he realized Lao Li was truly a good person. Only Dafa disciples have the power to change people toward goodness and to frighten the evil.

Several days later, Lao Li was sent to the "Psychological Clinic" of the labor camp (where practitioners were persecuted). Lao Li was not afraid and just eliminated the evils while being there. This time, the evils sent some "key" collaborators to brainwash him. Eighteen days later, they had no effect on Lao Li and he was left alone.

The two darkest "black dens" in the labor camp were nothing in the face of Lao Li. In fact, conditions in this forced labor camp were very bad. Practitioners were deprived of sleep, were punished standing straight for long hours, were hung up for several days and nights, and suffered by being beaten and other tortures. All those who persisted to the end suffered much. One practitioner who had gone on a hunger strike for 100 days eventually compromised under the influence of an unclear mind.

Every day Lao Li ate and slept as usual. If the evils used "soft" ways, Lao Li would clarify the truth clearly and deeply, which left the police and the collaborators with nothing to say. If they took "hard" approaches, Lao Li had powerful wisdom and supernormal abilities, and thus they couldn't do any harm to him. The guards hated him so much but couldn't do evil in front of him. Several times when inmates were doing bad things, Lao Li stood up to stop them (for more details, see the article on the web, http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2004/3/17/46117.html)

Lao Li was due to be released. The labor camp was not willing to release him like that. They had planned to send him to the mental hospital to torture him. Lao Li replied with his conventional expression, "Isn't this doing evil?" and he thought, "I am not going to the mental hospital at all. If I were sent there, I would turn it upside down and then come back out." Every day Lao Li sent forth righteous thought for this. It is really "when your thought is righteous, the evil will be disrupted." [3] Soon after this, we didn't hear about their plan anymore. Lao Li walked out of the labor camp nobly and with dignity. It seemed that the mental hospital was really afraid that Lao Li would go there and turn things upside down.

When I told Lao Li's story to another practitioner, he didn't accept it as right, "Of course, he has supernormal capabilities." In other words, he meant that other people did not have supernormal capabilities, thus could not have achieved the same.

From ordinary people's point of view, Lao Li did not have supernormal capabilities either. You could always find some ordinary people's explanation for his stories of displaying huge supernormal capabilities. You could also say that he had no supernormal capabilities, because he looked just like most of the other practitioners who couldn't see what supernormal capabilities they have, nor did they know the form of the supernormal capabilities. But he believes, and he doesn't doubt his own supernormal capabilities.

Whenever he had bad thoughts in his mind, no matter when or where, his first reaction was always to send forth righteous thought to eliminate them. He was even eliminating the bad thoughts when he was in his dream. If he didn't eliminate the bad thoughts in his dream, he would do it the first thing when he woke up. Often he would send forth righteous thoughts for at least a dozen times a day to eliminate his bad thoughts. He was truly following what Master said. At critical moments when there was persecution, his first thought was always to use supernormal capabilities, that others and even he could not see or feel. These are god's thoughts. Because he believed, he could be different from those who could not believe, and could make great use of his supernormal capabilities in dreams and the illusion of this world to eliminate evil and save people.

What I want to discuss with other practitioners here is not to make a "model" that is too high to reach. Like many miracles in Dafa, a lot of practitioners admire such fellow practitioners or feel they themselves are not good enough after they read about these others. If that were the case, this story would have no meaning.

As a matter of fact, Lao Li is a very common practitioner. Compared to other practitioners, he did not have any special supernormal capabilities, nor could he see any special scenes that others could see. He had a lot of attachments too. Some of his attachments were rather strong. There were times that evil could take advantage of his gaps. And sometimes he accepted the persecution to different extents. For such a practitioner, what he had been doing was the same as the other practitioners, which is as simple as clarifying the truth and sending forth righteous thoughts.

My fellow practitioners, please don't assume that others can do certain things because they have cultivated well. Please don't deny yourselves by thinking, "I have no supernormal capabilities and I am not good enough." There is no such saying that one can only show supernormal capabilities after he has got rid of all of his attachments, not at all. During this special period of humans and gods existing simultaneously, we will have attachments until the last moment. The key is to have the god's side control us.

The feeling that "he has supernormal capabilities, but I'm not good enough" has many human attachments, inferiority, and jealousy etc. Probably you can show many supernormal capabilities already. You are Master's disciple. You are a great god. Why should you admire others?

My fellow practitioners, Master has given us all of the supernormal capabilities that can administer heaven and earth. Everything is within the Fa Rectification Verses, and within the word "Mie." [note: This is the last word in one of the formulas, and means "cleaned out," "eliminated," "purged," etc. It is pronounced "Myeh."] It depends on how much we believe and how firmly we believe. The firmer we believe, the greater our supernormal capabilities and the greater our wisdom. As long as you firmly believe in Dafa, you can do anything. It is as simple as this.

I have realized that the Fa rectification has entered a new stage. After Master published the article "Eliminate the Dark Minions With Righteous Thoughts and Stop the Evil Acts with Righteous Thoughts," the evil force became extremely crazy around the country. Many material sites in different areas have been damaged. Many practitioners have been detained. Some places started searching family by family, which had not happened since the end of the Cultural Revolution. I believe that this is the last crazy struggle of the dark minions, and that it is about time practitioners genuinely use their supernormal capabilities. Whether it is a dream in the human world, or a long dream in the old cosmos, all of the countless stories of brilliant and colorful times, repeated reincarnations, and suffering are just a big dream. "A dream of ten thousand years has finally pulled into shore." (Hongyin) Our god's side should waken now, should totally come to life.

My fellow practitioners, the supreme lords of different cosmic bodies, the gods that Master created by hand, let's revive today after we have slept for a hundred million years. Facing the dark minions' wildness, facing people's expectation, let's use the supreme supernormal capabilities that Master granted us to destroy the dark minions and save the people!


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