(Clearwisdom.net) I am a farmer. I would have never dreamed of being so lucky as to have attended the Falun Gong lectures given by Teacher Li Hongzhi.

My home is in a remote, small village in Hubei Province, and I went to school for only a few years. Later, I started practicing Zen Buddhism. Because there was no real Fa to guide me, all I knew was to just sit cross-legged. Having practiced for 18 years, I experienced little improvement, and I eagerly anticipated a sage teacher's appearance.

One day in the first half of 1994, a friend told me that Falun Gong's teacher, Mr. Li Hongzhi, would soon go to Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province to give lectures on the true Buddha Law. Also, I learned that this lecture would be the last one. I realized that this was what I was looking for. There would be no more chances after this class, so I had to grasp this opportunity. Without hesitation, I took a little money with me and packed up two articles of clothing, just a change of clothes. I was then on my way to Guangzhou.

Having entered the Guangzhou lecture class, I found that since this was the last lecture class, many people had come from all around the country. It was very crowded both inside and outside the lecture hall, and many people stood in the hallway. I believe there were more than three thousand people in total. Although so many people attended, there was no noise at all during Teacher's lectures. What I heard was only Teacher's lecture, explaining the profound in simple terms. Teacher spoke in a kind and informal fashion, like a good rain after a long drought, soaking everyone's heart. What impressed me the most was that Teacher pointed out clearly in his lectures that one must cultivate his heart and increase his virtue according to the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" if he wants to increase his Gong. During the time when Teacher was giving his lectures, I saw in person that Teacher always thought of practitioners and the hosts who organized the class, and treated every student and everyone else in a kind father's way. Teacher was never late to the lecture room, and he never casually extended the lecture time. When it was necessary to extend the lecture time, he asked for the hosts' permission. Teacher ate the same kind of meals as the students, and lived in the same kind of room as the students. I felt so lucky that I had attained the Fa that emphasizes virtue. I was confident that this was the Teacher I was looking for. At that time, I started on my journey of practicing Falun Dafa.

There was another thing that I'll never forget. On the last day of the class, Teacher posed for a picture with us. I saw that I was the only farmer among many people from the cities. So, I developed a sense of inferiority, and kept backing up to the rear rows when the picture was taken. It seemed to me that Teacher had seen my heart from a distance, as after the pictures were taken, Teacher came up to me and held my hand firmly, like a kind father, and said to me, "I knew you were from the countryside. To attain the Fa, you have traveled a long way..." I missed all the other words because I was so happy. Teacher's hand was warm. When I held Teacher's hand I felt a warm stream going down from the top of my head and spreading all over my body. At that moment, I realized I had met a person who was from beyond this world and from a very high level of cultivation. My Teacher is so marvelous! I studied Zen Buddhism for 18 years and never once experienced a sensation like this. After this experience, however, I felt more solid in my belief in Teacher and Dafa. I felt very happy and lucky that I had finally found Teacher. Furthermore, I was shaken by Teacher's boundless kindness and down home manner.

Whenever I recall the things Teacher did that moved me, and when I look carefully at Teacher's picture with us, I am choked with tears. Because of my solid belief in Teacher and Dafa, like all other fellow practitioners, I have followed Teacher, and cultivated by enduring any hardships and tribulations in all the years since.