[Editors' Note: In both Western and Chinese culture, the principle of karmic retribution, that is, being held ultimately accountable for one's own actions, is widely accepted. The fundamental teaching of Falun Gong is the characteristic of the universe, "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." The universe will reward actions that are in harmony with this principle, while actions such as beating, torturing and murdering people will incur karmic retribution. Stated another way, good deeds will be rewarded with good, while evildoings will meet due retribution. Articles such as this one are meant as a compassionate reminder of this principle to those who would commit wrongdoing. While many of those who persecute Falun Gong are merely "following orders," the universal law requires that they, too, be held responsible for their actions, and that only by reversing their course of wrongdoing may they escape retribution.]

Two police officers get cancer as their karmic retribution

Chengdu City Gaoxin District Xiaojiahe Police Station policewoman Liu Wei (in her thirties) actively participated in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. In the residential area where she is in charge, there is an elderly Dafa disciple who firmly practices Dafa. Liu Wei frequently searched her home, took away her Dafa books and materials, or verbally abused and threatened her. Once, Liu Wei sent the Dafa disciple to a labor camp herself. The labor camp said that the she was too old and refused to take her. Liu Wei insisted that they keep her there, and did not leave until the labor camp accepted her. In the second half of last year, Liu Wei was found to have developed breast cancer. She is too sick to go to work now.

Chengdu City Wuhou District Police Department No. 1 Division policeman Xiao Chenggan (in his fifties) was very cruel to Dafa disciples before he retired. He personally sent many Dafa disciples to labor camps or detention centers himself. He frequently verbally abused Dafa, Master and Dafa disciples. Once Xiao Chenggan tried to force one practitioner to call Master bad names. The practitioner refused. Xiao Chenggan said wickedly, "I want to see who will go to hell" and started slandering Master loudly. In May of last year, he was discovered to have cancer of the esophagus. He underwent surgery and chemotherapy, and suffered a lot. Shortly after the Spring Festival of 2004, he died. He was only 58.

Woman suffers karmic retribution from trying to frame Falun Gong practitioners

The elderly Ms. Yang of Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, did not have righteous thoughts about Dafa. She didn't listen to practitioners when they tried to clarify the truth to her many times. In the summer of 2002, she saw Falun Gong truth-clarifying posters in the building where she lived and went to the police station in order to frame a Dafa practitioner based on fingerprints on the poster. She did not see the policeman in the police station and went back home. Several days later, Ms. Yang broke her left arm in a bad fall. She did not repent after this karmic retribution. After a while, she led someone from the local residential administration office to find a Dafa disciple in his home. The disciple was not there. After Ms. Yang arrived home, she happened to walk close to a beer bottle when she cleaned her room, and although she didn't even touch it, the bottle full of beer exploded and cut her leg. Her injury required seven stitches at the hospital.

Bad Person in Chongqing City Suffers Karmic Retribution

Chongqing City Jiangbei District Guanyinqiao Xiaowan No. 1 Village gate guard Chen has always acted as an informer and participated in the persecution of Dafa and Dafa disciples for a long time. He routinely passed on information to the police and abused Dafa practitioners verbally. He often intimidated the family members of Dafa disciples and became a helper for the persecution. Now, he has gone blind in both eyes and his condition is considered untreatable.