I met Xiaoxin (fictitious name), the 13 year-old daughter of a fellow practitioner whose home I visited. She was a lovely girl, smart and pretty. In her I saw a heart that is as pure as a crystal, pretty and noble. Her true belief in Dafa repeatedly moved me, purified me, and encouraged me to work harder in my cultivation.

One day in 2001, Xiaoxin's mom and I made an appointment to go to Beijing together. When I got to her house and saw her, I asked: "Xiaoxin, would you miss your mom when she goes to Beijing?" She said: "How can I not ?" I said: "Then would you let her go?" She said: "Sure. I cannot hamper her validating Dafa just because I miss or need her." I was touched. We are often concerned with our family, work, relatives, etc., when we go out to validate Dafa, and do not know what to do when faced with decisions between validating Dafa and staying home with families, etc. Surprisingly, a child made the right choice by putting aside her own need and helped Teacher rectify the Fa.

Another time, her mother was to donate some money to practitioners for Fa-rectification activities, but did not want her to know. She learned about it, but did not say anything, still retaining her smile. On my way out, she and her mother walked with me. While her mother stayed behind to lock the door, she said to me: "Aunty, I want to donate some money for practitioners to validate Dafa too, may I?" I said: "It is good enough that you have the heart. I am proud of you. But you are too young to make any money." She stuck her hand out and opened her palm with five yuan in it, in small bills. It was snack money that she had saved up. Later I donated this precious five yuan and the money her mother had given to the Dafa information site.

In August 2002, some misguided person reported her mom's activities of explaining the facts about the persecution to the public. The police came to her house at midnight, broke in, ransacked her home, and abducted her mom. They also arrested her and her non-practitioner father, and detained them in the police station for a day. She was not frightened and did not complain afterwards. I tried to visit and console her, but missed her. A fellow practitioner told me, however: "The child was very brave. The most remarkable thing is that she is very clear about what is right and wrong, and what is good and bad, and steadfastly believes in Dafa." She said that the teen-ager had told her: "There is nothing to be afraid of. We just need to send forth righteous thoughts." Once again I was moved. Due to preconceived notions that have long formed in our lives, we often have all sorts of concerns and cannot face issues with proper thoughts, as though we are living inside layer after layer of shells. This child is so pure, intelligent, and mature, and steadfastly believes in Teacher and Dafa.


Baotong is a fine 12 year-old boy. His grandmother and aunty are both Falun Gong practitioners. When he was three, he liked to be with his grandmother and listen to the teachings of Dafa. Once when he was six, he was ill for a long time and could not get well. But he got well the next day when he came to grandmother's house and saw a large law-wheel that morning. During the same day, seeing the picture of the law-wheel on the cover of the book that grandma was reading, he yelled: "Grandma, I saw it this morning. There were big ones, small ones, round, and turning, and they radiated a rainbow of colors." He said: "This time I know what Teacher said is all true!" with his eyes wide open.

After Jiang's regime started the persecution of Dafa on July 20, 1999, the evil spread lies all over the country. Baotong would switch the TV off immediately as soon as it began to show the slander and propaganda. His mother later said: "We did not know much about the government's slandering of Falun Gong after so many years, because Baotong would not let us watch it."

Some students in the school said bad things about Dafa. He told them to stop, and would fight with them if they did not. Later his aunt told him that he should follow the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance" and should not fight with people. So he stopped fighting and began to explain things to the students in a nice way.

Baotong enjoyed making the truth-clarifying materials. He was very serious. He often wrote on power line poles "Falun Dafa is Great." Once someone walked toward them while he was writing. His aunt asked him to wait, but he didn't, and continued to finish his writing instead. Afterwards he said, "I need to do it right now." He really cherished the truth clarification materials. He would pick the materials up when he saw one thrown away or torn, clean it up and post it again.

Witnessing Jiang's persecuting Dafa, he said that Jiang should go arrest bad guys and stop persecuting good guys. He said that he would sue Jiang when he grows up. Practitioners would be the plaintiffs, and Jiang would be the defendant. I thought at the time it was only kid's talk. But it did turn into reality later, as everybody knows.