(Clearwisdom.net) I learned about Falun Dafa when I graduated from elementary school and was about to enter middle school.

The summer I graduated from elementary school I went to visit my grandmother. Everyone in the room was sitting in meditation while I was playing. I felt embarrassed and, on my own initiative, asked to learn how to meditate. Maybe because I was young, I could sit and meditate very well.

Just like them I was sitting straight with my hands conjoined and my eyes closed. Seeing me there, all the adults said, "He meditates very well. What a predestined child!" Although I didn't understand what they meant, I was full of happiness in my heart.

After I returned home, I asked my mother to teach me the exercise movements. Then I followed them to practice. At that time I was young and not experienced in human affairs, but I obviously understood one point: I also am a practitioner, a real practitioner, and I am one of Teacher's disciples.

When I read "Lectures in the United States," I saw the picture of Teacher on the first page. Teacher was smiling. I looked at Teacher for a long time, and I understood: this is our most respectful Master!

But in July 1999, Jiang Zemin started to persecute Dafa and Dafa practitioners. At that time I couldn't express my feelings in words, but everyday I couldn't find a way to feel comfortable. The ridiculous lies broadcast by CCTV (China Central TV Station) were spread everywhere, even in the air. In spite of this, I had only one thought: I am a disciple of Teacher, and I firmly believe in Dafa. No pressure can shake my heart from believing in Dafa. I also helped my family to be resolute and not be moved by everyday people's lives during the worst hardships.

In 2001, the staged "self-immolation incident" in Tiananmen Square deceived many people. Not knowing the truth, they attacked and slandered Dafa. With great feeling I read the truth-clarifying articles to all the students in my class, which really shocked them. The school organized a signature collection activity: "Oppose Cults, Respect Science." I refused to participate, which caused a stir in the school. They stopped my class to subject me to propaganda and force me to follow their view. But they could not change my mind. To even the most persuasive teacher I explained the facts of the persecution. This teacher instead praised my literary skill.

Later on I entered a key high school. The head of my former middle school reported to the high school that I was a Dafa practitioner. (At present he has been dismissed, and his school was almost closed down). The high school administration asked me to write a statement guaranteeing to give up my belief, to periodically write a "self-criticism," and to accept my classmates' supervision; otherwise they would expel me from school. I thought I was in high school to be a student not a criminal. What ridiculous requirements! I am a real Dafa practitioner and must not cooperate with the evil's demands. I would rather stop going to school than agree to their ridiculous demands. I was forced to leave the school and had to study on my own. Later I was admitted to another school at my own expense. At present I am still studying.

Looking back, past events leap before my eyes. I have been practicing for seven years. Sometimes I was not diligent. But from now on I will be diligent, and I will devote myself to rectifying the Fa and explaining the facts about the persecution to save people and fulfill our Dafa practitioners' historic mission during Fa-rectification.

Let all Dafa practitioners be diligent and devoted!