(Clearwisdom.net) I was walking down a road not far from Shanghai's Nanchezhan Street after 10 am on May 7, 2004 when I spotted chaos in the distance, as street vendors were running away from law enforcement officers and police. Someone told me that a lot of police had arrived. At first I misinterpreted the situation, thinking that the policemen had come to catch the street vendors, and that was the cause of this great chaos. Later I found out that instead there were many Falun Gong flyers posted along area streets, and after someone reported this, the authorities had dispatched hundreds of police and law enforcement officers.

I hurriedly walked forward to the scene of the chaos, and stood among the crowd. Unfortunately, I arrived at the end of the spectacle, and there were already many police vans as well as dozens of police there. I overheard the conversation between a police leader and his supervisor through his walkie-talkie: "Seven were found at the intersection of Nanchezhan Road and Lujiabing Road, two were found at the intersection of Nanchezhan Road and Dongjiadu Road, and there were also five were found at Huining Road" and etc.

According to an eyewitness, all the flyers were small sticky notes, Some people claimed that the pro-Falun Gong flyers were posted at places as far as Yanan Road, and therefore the police dispatched over 10 vehicles and close to 100 men. There was someone in the crowd criticizing the policemen saying, "You have got nothing to do, mind your own business!"

As far as I know, there are comparatively fewer posters posted here in Shanghai than elsewhere in China. Therefore, when the Shanghai police found out about this incident, they were terrified.

The reason why the Dafa practitioners could post flyers in an upright manner, even at places with heavy traffic, is because they had very strong righteous thoughts, and to the political followers of dictator Jiang in Shanghai, their success must have been quite a shock.