(Clearwisdom.net) My wife and I are both Falun Dafa practitioners, and we have been practicing for five and a half years. Since Jiang Zemin and his political gang banned Falun Gong in 1999, we have thought to write down our experiences and insights gained while practicing. We'd like to let more kind people get to know the truth and also benefit from the teachings of Master Li's Falun Dafa.

I had been fascinated with Qigong for many years. I used to practice many forms of Qigong but I did not grasp the essentials. Also, I didn't know that, to truly practice Qigong, one needs to improve one's moral character.

In the past, when I practiced those other Qigongs, my wife was strongly against it. She did not believe that Qigong could treat illnesses, yet she herself had many diseases. She often suffered from headaches and stomachaches, which were, of course minor ailments. However, the disease that worried me the most was the breast tumor which she had for over ten years. When it became serious, she took some folk medicines and got through it. Yet after her mom died, her tumor became more serious. The hospital formally diagnosed her as having breast cancer and she had to have surgery immediately. Nobody knew what would happen after the surgery, and it was going to cost a lot of money. We did not have enough money at the time, and so both of us were very depressed. I talked to her and suggested that she practice Qigong. She said, "You don't have money to treat my illness and so are trying to take care of me with such a meager method." She refused to go. There were people everywhere on the street, practicing all kinds of Qigongs at that time and we did not know which one we should choose.

I went to a Falun Gong practice site. Every practitioner was so kind to me, and someone loaned me the book. When I read Zhuan Falun, I felt that every single sentence was so true. I continued to read the book at home for a couple of days, feeling that my heart had been opened. I understood many principles and then knew how to walk the road of my life. However, I was still a little bit doubtful. I learned the movements and then, when I got home, I taught my wife to practice. When she started to read the book, she believed some and doubted some, but she followed the instructions in order to cure her disease: she did the exercises and read the book. Miracles happened day by day, and within two weeks she totally recovered. The breast cancer and other ailments were gone. There are no words we could use to describe how we felt then.

Kindhearted people: please distinguish the kind from the wicked, and right from wrong. Millions upon millions of people will tell you, based on their own experiences, that Falun Dafa is good!