As we approach the twelfth anniversary of Teacher introducing and spreading the Fa (1), I would like to recount the wonderful times when Teacher was with us personally. I would like to write down a few of these experiences so that my fellow practitioners can share in my happiness.

Teacher's Lecture "Notes"

When the third Falun Dafa class was held in Changchun City, the organizer assigned me the duty of filling up Teacher's water glass. I felt very honored to be by Teacher's side so often. On the first day of the lecture, as soon as Teacher walked into the entrance of the Town Hall everyone stood up and welcomed our most respectable Teacher with thunderous applause. Everyone's gaze was fixed on Teacher as he went up to the podium. Teacher waved at us while smiling, and then he let everyone sit down and listen to the lecture.

While I filled up Teacher's water, I saw him take out a piece of paper from the breast pocket of his suit. The paper was filled with characters of different sizes and all kinds of signs that looked like symbols. I stared at the paper and tried to read it. However, I could not decipher any of it. That piece of paper was the complete "lecture notes" used by Teacher during his expounding on the Fa. During the 10 days of the class, except for the last day when Teacher answered the students' questions, the only notes I ever saw Teacher use to give the Fa lectures were those brief "notes." At the time, I did not understand how Teacher could give such an extremely high-level, in-depth, comprehensive Fa lecture using only one piece of paper as an outline.

Later on, through studying the Fa and cultivating, I came to understand. Dafa belongs to Teacher and the Fa is in Teacher's heart. The "notes" were just one manifestation of Teacher's boundless wisdom.

Overcoming Interference

During one class session, we came across some interference in the form of a power outage. The Dafa practitioner who was taking care of the tape recording suddenly came up with a great idea; he loaded a few batteries into the recorder, and then used it as an amplifier to broadcast the lecture.

The meeting hall held 1,000 people. Everyone was very quiet. Teacher remained very calm and composed. He continued to lecture on the Fa as if nothing had happened. Teacher's voice came through loud and clear and echoed throughout the hall, just as well as before the power outage. Teacher eliminated the interference while lecturing, and about 20 minutes later the power came back on.

The staff of the Town Hall remarked, "The power was down, but the lecture did not stop. By using the tape recorder as an amplifier, the voice was still so clear, and everyone was quiet. This kind of thing has never happened before. It is so amazing!"

Teacher Chooses a Practice Site for Us

Practitioners from Teacher's hometown have received special care from Teacher. This is the great fortune of Changchun practitioners.

After the third Falun Dafa Class in Changchun finished, a few of our practitioners decided to set up a practice site. After checking out several places that we considered suitable, we found that there were already people practicing some other morning exercises there. While we were a little worried about finding a place, our most respected Teacher selected a different practice site for us. The practice site was smooth and flat, the environment was nice, and it could hold more people. After it was set up, the number of people coming to our practice site increased day by day. Within one year, the number of people practicing there increased from a few dozen to a few hundred.

During the first two years that Teacher was introducing Falun Dafa to the public, whenever Teacher was in Changchun City, he would go to each practice site and personally instruct practitioners to study the Fa (Falun Dafa teachings), improve their xinxing (2), and practice the exercises. One morning, while practitioners were practicing their exercises to the graceful Dafa music, Teacher arrived. He watched us as we practiced the exercises. He then gently walked by a few practitioners. He would forcefully grab something at the top of a practitioner's head, and then throw something onto the ground, purifying the practitioner's body.

These are my recollections of the wonderful times spent with Teacher. It was a truly wonderful time!


  1. Fa: Law and principles; the teachings of Falun Dafa.
  2. Xinxing: mind-heart nature; moral character.